Winter weather doesn’t have to limit your child’s activities outdoors. With enough warm clothing and the right selection of toys, the fun in the snow can be limitless. The great thing about snow toys is that there is a truly large selection regardless of the child’s age, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your kid.

To help you do this, we’ve presented the best snow toys on the market for different age groups, from toddlers to older kids and teens. In addition, our buying guide takes a close look at the snow toy design and construction, so you can easily find toys that your kids will love.

How To Choose A Snow Toy – Buying Guide


Child Age

Like any other toy, snow toys also come with age ratings that show you whether a particular item is suitable for your child or not. We suggest that you pay attention to this, as it can impact both the safety and the performance. For example, toddler toys will be boring to older kids, while toys for older kids might be dangerous for toddlers.


Finding the right set of winter outdoor toys for your kid also depends on where they are going to use them. Some (like the snowman decorating kit) are more suitable for your backyard, park, or similar sites, while others (ski scooters and boards) can only be used on the slopes.

On the other hand, some toys (like the snowball makers) can be used pretty much anywhere which is why they are a great choice if you need something universal.


While the main purpose of snow toys is pretty obvious (having fun on the snow), many of them can only be used in certain situations. For example, some are used for sliding, others for building, and some are used for decorating.

Similarly, some require your child to be more active (a toy snowboard) while others are a bit more laid-back (sprays and stencils). Choosing the right one depends on the previous two factors we’ve mentioned (age and location) as well as your child’s interests.

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Q: What Are The Best Snow Toys For Toddlers?


The perfect winter toys for toddlers shouldn’t be too large or too complicated to operate. Furthermore, toddlers should avoid snow toys that require a lot of energy to move and use because this could lead to injuries.

On the other hand, you want to go for toys that can improve the child’s motor skills and boost their imagination during snow play. Here are some of the toddler snow toys top picks that your little one might like:

  • Sorting and nesting toys
  • Larger snow or sand molds
  • Snowshoes or stompers
  • Toddler-sized snow sled and snow tube
  • Small snow scooters

Q: What Are The Best Snow Toys For Kids?


Choosing the ideal snow toys for kids depends on their interest and what they enjoy doing in the snow. Unlike toddlers, they can take part in more complex activities on a snow day, and have a developed sense of what they like and dislike. Here are some of the most popular winter toys for kids according to the snow toys reviews:

  • Snowman decorating kits (hats, scarfs, buttons)
  • More complex molds for building snow castles
  • Kid-sized snow scooter or snowboards
  • Various types of kids sleds and snow tubes
  • Snow markers and stencils for drawing
  • Snowball molds and launchers

Globo Surf Overview

With the right selection of toys and accessories, your child will love spending time outdoors whether it’s the beach or a snow-covered yard. We hope that our snow toys reviews helped you find the best outdoor winter toys that will make winter adventures more fun and more active for your kids.

The snow toys reviews above showcase the best outdoor winter toys and indoor ones that are bound to have your child’s hand full – from small snow painting markers to large inflatable igloo like sliding toys; you can’t miss any option for your child from the the list of outdoor winter toys above.

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