The weather does not at anytime have to limit your child’s fun and activities. Even, when it’s snowing outside, your child can still enjoy playing and with the existence of snow toys, this totally removes the head ache from parents and care givers. There are a variety of toys, each equipped and designed for a specific purpose, either to play with or to learn and explore with.

From kids sled to plastic floaters, the choice is yours and your kids – what we guarantee is they’ll never stop feeling like they are in toy heaven. I’ve listed below the choices for the 10 best snow toys in 2020 and they guarantee to take your child on a whirlwind ride full of adventure, exploration and fun.

How To Choose A Snow Toy – Buying Guide



Most snow toys are designed for to be as they are winter toys that make play time in the outdoors easier during the cold season. Some of the best toys for snow are designed with more versatility for use during both winter and summer seasons. Snowball maker toys for example can be used during winter to mold snowballs whilst the same kit is used during the summer to make sand balls at the beach.

Their construction is also designed to accommodate their flexibility; incorporating features such as weather proofing and flexibility to accommodate different textures such as snow and sand. Additionally, the perfect outdoor winter toys are designed to be durable and re-usable for a long time. Thus, investing on all year round saves money, increase versatility of your child’s toy and always offers your child with an alternative to play with.

Another group of toys includes toys that work both indoors and outdoors such as the perfect Life ideas snowball fight toy. They are designed to fit your child’s activity process whether they play inside the house or outside. Some of such toys can even be used during other seasons as they are not weather restricted.

It is also good to pair toys so they work together in unison or complement each other. Thus, when choosing the toys to get your kid, the place they are supposed to be used is a key factor to consider.

Child Age

Age appropriateness for toys is a crucial issue to consider however, thanks to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), this issue is already taken care of for you. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible for determining age guidelines for toys and games by considering child development and toy characteristics. Thus, the only thing to look for when shopping for your child’s toys, all you have to take note of is the recommended age.

Key age grouping for toy appropriateness is babies under, toddlers at 1 to 3 years, pre-schools at 4 to 5 years old and children at five years old and above. Each group has its own limitations that should be avoided and thus, prevents a toddler say to play with toys that bear recommended age of 5 years old and above.

Toys for babies or infants have guideline that pretty much limits even the tiniest details on their toys due to the defenseless stage of growth, they are at. Some of the key limitations include toys with longer strings or cords, sharp-edged toys, battery operated toys, PVC material made toys and many similar details.

The next group toddlers have a less strict yet still limiting guideline. However, some of the limitations for infants have been lifted as toddlers do start to develop their motor skills and mental abilities. Some of the limitations are listed above on the infant baby section as well as toy with small part, lead-based paint or stuffed animals with loosely sewn in parts.

Kids aged 4 -5 have few and more serious limitations such as Electrical toys, remote controlled toys without supervision of an adult or toys with tripping hazards. As the age increases after this group, at ages 5 and above, limitations evolve. Additionally, limitations don’t only apply to what comes with the toy as some toys might have extremely safe material and parts however, their functionality might be hazardous to younger ones such as an inflatable toy, which might be unsafe for younger children.

Though, age use is sometimes underrated and overlooked, it is highly important to follow the recommended weight on the toy to ensure your child is safe.


Toys for snow have a variety of use and some have versatile functionality and uses. Well, we all know the number one use of now toys is to simply have fun and enjoy the cold winters. Snow toys come in variety of sizes, shapes and make -ranging from a large inflatable toy to a small snowball mould. It all depends on what kind of fun activity your child wants to partake.

With age considered (another reason why you should always check the recommended age), some toys are used for child development and are normally designed with a certain age group in mind. Toddlers and pre-scholars, even in school, engage in different activities that help improve their motor and cognitive skills. These activities are normally done in a range of ways, one of them being through playing with toys. Toys such as Perfect Life Ideas Snowball Fight do a good job at manipulating kid movement and concentration.

Another use of toys for the snow is for learning and educational purposes. Although kids are out playing and enjoying, their innocent curiosity and intrigue is thoroughly incorporated in the design of the toys and thus, they are able to learn as they do. Information as complex as the principles of physic are simply narrowed down to making the child understand that weight, pressure and accurate position can affect the momentum of a moving object for example. A piece of information which yet complex, is simplified and synergized in their world.

Lastly, the concept of playing with toys, no matter the season cannot be emphasized more. For a child, playing with toys also enhances their imagination, creativity, their interpersonal skills (when playing with others) and at the end, they are very happy people, and who doesn’t want a happy child?!



Q: What Are The Best Snow Toys For Toddlers?


The perfect snow toys for toddlers should be a little big but not too large in size. Toddlers should avoid snow toys that require a lot of energy or movement to avoid the risk of slipping and falling or getting their selves wet and cold. You also want to go for toys that improve the child’s motor skills development as they are at the stage whereby they are very curios and imaginative, so if you get them a toy that works their movement and thinking, you are sure to bring out the best of them.

Below is the criterion of snow toys ideal for toddlers;

  • Sorting and nesting toys
  • Larger snow or sand molds
  • Snowshoes or stompers
  • Toddler appropriate sleds
  • Snow tube
  • Snow friendly scooters

However, when picking snow toys for toddlers, avoid details such as small objects such as marbles, battery-operated toys, sharp edger toys and objects with questionable coating or paintings such a LED-based paint.

Q: What Are The Best Snow Toys For Kids?


Choosing snow toys for kids is a much broader activity as ages range between 4 to 12 years old. This range itself is grouped and features a lot of categorization and age-appropriateness. However, there are various snow toys that can accommodate this age group and even toddlers, the possibilities are endless.

Snow toys for kids will incorporate a lot of designs with a variety of purposes – play, development, and learning. A toy meant for a 10-year-old may be confusing or difficult to partake for a 4-year-old. Whilst some fun outdoor winter toys such as snow friendly scooters may be ideal for all ages, you just need to get the right size.

I’ve listed below some of the top-rated snow toys for kids; just remember to follow the recommended ages;

  • Snowman kits
  • Various sizes of snow or sand molds
  • Kid-friendly snow scooters and snowboards
  • Sleds
  • Artsy toys such as snow markers
  • Snow-tube
  • Snowball guns
  • Sliding inflatable toys

It also a good idea to research more complex toys, read snow toys reviews about the product if you have to, to understand their safety and functionality amongst your child’s age group.

Globo Surf Overview

Key point to remember is a kid needs toys to play with no matter the seasons, be it at the beach over summer or at your back yard during winter, for a variety of useful and practical reasons. What we don’t talk about so often is how they also enjoy doing playing with their older loved ones, be it parents, siblings or care takers – so it’s a plus to stock up on snow toys that are age friendly.

The snow toys reviews above showcase the best outdoor winter toys and indoor ones that are bound to have your child’s hand full – from small snow painting markers to large inflatable igloo like sliding toys; you can’t miss any option for your child from the the list of outdoor winter toys above.

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