For all mountain snowboarding, the choice of snowboard matters the most as all mountain snowboards are designed to tackle different weather conditions and are constructed with features that are easily adaptable for different mountain structures. 

If you choose the right snowboard by keeping in mind the size, length, shape, and couple it with the right technical features such as profile edge and construction, you can be sure that you will feel the best snowboarding experience. However, it is not an easy task and can take you a great deal of time in finding the best all-around snowboard with the right blend of features.  

To help you in picking the best all mountain snowboard, we took a deep dive into the subject and created a list of the 6 Best All Mountain Snowboards In 2023 outlining their features and why they stand out. We have also added a comprehensive buying guide at the end of the article which further helps in filtering the right choice for you.

How To Choose An All Mountain Snowboard – Buying Guide



One of the key features that need some serious consideration while picking the best all-mountain snowboard is the amount of flex it has to offer. It simply means how stiff or soft your snowboard is. As with the best snowboards for all mountain, a medium flex will give you the best results – a balance between softness and stiffness.


The size of an all mountain board simply means the length of the snowboard. Though, the final choice of size may vary with your size, weight, and experience, in general pick a shorter one for a park or freestyle ride and a longer one for all mountain, powder, backcountry, and free riding. 


Just like size, you need to think of weight and height when it comes to the length of a snowboard. Additionally, it is also wise to consider your level of riding, the conditions in which you expect to snowboard, and style preferences. An all mountain board that has a length that’s equal to the height from the ground to your nose/chin level is a suitable option in most cases. Also, keep in mind that a longer board is faster and designed for free riders whilst shorter boards allow for maneuverability and controlled speed.


The ideal width of your snowboard depends on your boot size, and the best snowboard for all mountain allows the hanging of toe and heel over the edge. Choosing the right width of the snowboard is important as it affects the performance of your snowboarding especially during carves.


Rocker is one of the three most common profile options that snowboards have – the other two are camber and flat. The rocker profile constitutes a smile like design with the nose and tail sides raised upwards to point away and avoids contact with the ground. If your utility requires floating in fresh and deep powder, you can consider a rocker profile. 


The shape is an important factor to consider when choosing the best snowboard all mountain. Best all mountain snowboards are constructed with a variety of different shapes either directional, twin, directional twin, asymmetrical directional asymmetrical, or twin asymmetrical, and each work as follows:

  • Directional: They are useful for both powder floating and carving down hardpack. 
  • Twin: They are great for forward and backward riding and work excellently in parks.
  • Directional Twin: They are designed for forward riding and can easily accommodate tricks and jibs.
  • Asymmetrical: They are best suited for carving down hardpack.
  • Directional Asymmetrical: They often require power and the aggression of expert riders and are better suited for groomers.
  • Twin Asymmetrical: They are normally favored for freestyling.


Best all-mountain snowboard offers incredible versatility. As snowboards are an expensive piece of equipment, you should look for a board that allows you more and restricts you less. This can also help you in growing according to your strength as you can go through freestyle, casual, free riding modes and pick the one that suits you the most.

Ability to Float in Powder

Float in powder is an important factor to snowboarding motion as a whole which depends directly on the profile of the snowboard. In general, the rocker profile is more suited at breezing through powder making it easier to turn and anticipate trouble, so it should be your choice if you are not looking for anything specific. 

Edge Hold

An edge hold acts for stability and firmness that the rider has when riding on extremes such as firmer and deep snow. Different manufacturers use different styles to achieve the efficacy of the edge hold. Further, different riding styles require different levels of edge hold, as well. That is why one of the best ways to deal with Edge Hold is to consider the best all mountain snowboards reviews. By doing so, you can pick the one that suits your style the most. 

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The stability of the snowboard matters a lot as a board that is not stable can cause a lot of problems. If a snowboard has a high level of stability, it ensures that you can build your confidence, make turns without much hassle, and improve your skill level immensely. 


A high degree of responsiveness from your snowboard is important for control during motion on different terrains and conditions. If you are a beginner, this becomes more important for you. Generally, a lightweight snowboard is more responsive thus should be preferred by beginners. 


One of the thrills of snowboarding sport for riders is jumping and popping. To deal with the pop, once again you need to check the profile of the board. Camber profiled snowboard has a higher pop ability than rocker profile. Additionally, blended profiles such as the camber-rocker-camber also work well at magnifying power and increase the snowboard’s pop ability.



Q: What is an All Mountain Snowboard?


All-mountain snowboards are revolutionary spin-off snowboards that work on any terrain on the mountain whether in the park, off trails, or on trails.

Q: What Is The Main Difference Between All Mountain And Regular Snowboard?


The major difference between all mountain boards and regular mountain boards is that the all-mountain board is versatile and can be used on parts of the mountain including backcountry and park while a regular snowboard is designed for specific terrains and is not as versatile.

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Q: Is There A Difference Between Male and Female All-Mountain Snowboards?


Yes. A Female All-Mountain Snowboard is shorter than a male one and thus suits more the body type of a woman.

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The journey through the all-terrain snowboard reviews has certainly been enlightening and just as virtually fun as snowboarding itself. Though the list provides you with 6 of the best All-Mountain snowboards available in 2023, it also highlights important factors to consider when choosing the right snowboard. We hope that after reading this article you have got enough knowledge to pick the right all-mountain snowboard that can make your upcoming snowboarding way better. 

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