We all know how important it is to wear clothes that are good quality and fit for purpose when engaging in any sports activity, particularly when you are out and about all day long. This is especially true when it comes to snowboarding, as you will spend entire days on the mountain.

You’ll need gear that keeps you warm in extreme conditions, while also allowing your skin to breathe so you don’t overheat when the sun is shining, and to avoid chaffing. You also need to make sure that your gear does not restrict your movement so that you retain full control of your board!

Picking the right snowboarding pants is a very important and delicate process because they can determine whether you spend the entire season snowboarding confidently, or constantly falling down. To help you with your purchase, we have compiled a list of the best snowboarding pants reviews on the market to make your decision easier and faster!

How To Choose A Snowboarding Pants – Buying Guide


When deciding on the best snowboarding pants to buy, it is important you look for a few key features. This will ensure that your purchase does not need to be returned, and the product will give you the best value for your money. It is important to get good pants that are specifically designed for whatever activities you will be using them for. Whatever imperfections are in your snowboard pants will affect whatever you want to use them for, be it snowboarding or even walking your dog on a particularly cold day. The right kind of pants can keep your legs safe from extreme weathers and from gnarly scrapes and cuts if you happen to fall while you’re on the slopes. But you also want them to be comfortable and even waterproof, breathable, and adjustable at the waist and boots. Some other great features include cargo pockets and advanced materials, while others have very affordable prices. Each pair may have one feature or both; it is up to you to choose.


When you are about to pick out a pair of of the best snowboarding pants, you need to think about your personal style and body type as you choose between slim fit, regular, and relaxed.  Slim fit pants are fitted and have more of a sleek street style but they have less room and will feel tighter and possibly restrictive especially if you want to layer them. Relaxed fit may feel too baggy unless you have a big and tall body type. Regular fit usually gives the best compromise of freedom of movement and ability to wear layers without restricting movement.

When picking out the perfect snowboard pants, we would recommend that you focus first on the waist measurement. Remember you’ll probably be wearing tights underneath so take that into consideration. Get the waist measurement right and your pants will stay in the right place.

No beginner or professional snowboarder would want to spend all day on the hill with their gear falling down and constantly pulling it up with your already occupied hands. If you happen to buy a pair of snowboard pants without elastic or belt holes, it is always best to find the right fit so that you can avoid distractions that lead to accidents. Long inseam measurements and the high quality of your snowboard pants may not really matter much as long as the pants themselves stay in place.

Snowboarding pants come in several sizes and shapes, according to your body type. Just like jeans with their relaxed, baggy, tight and straight fits, snowboarding pants follow roughly the same groupings. While picking out the best snowboard pants, you’ll need to be more careful about picking out a slim fit rather than a loose fit. Always make sure there is a solid return policy, in case the pants you purchased do not fit you as perfectly as expected.


Snowboarding pants should always be the perfect length, if they are too short there will be uncovered skin left. If they are too long, they will drag on the floor and let the snow and cold in. Snowboarding pants must be the exact length of the owner; you cannot have such an important part of snowboarding having imperfections. This might ruin your experience of the sport.

For most people, sizing doesn’t present a major issue. However, it comes to light specifically in these products because some end up being so tight. If you get the wrong size, it either won’t fit or won’t be as tight as you want it. If you want to be extra cautious, you can look at size charts if they’re available and do some measurements. Always make sure that the store you are getting your snowboard pants from has a return policy to prevent regretful situations.

You likely won’t have as many choices of inseam length as you might find in a normal pair of pants.  In some cases, you might find only small, medium, and large.  Although many manufacturers do carry extra-small and extra-large, the key is to check the manufacturers sizing charts for the corresponding inseam length. The mistake most people make is to assume sizes are uniform across brands, most times, they are not.  For example, if you wear medium pants while using a specific brand, do not assume that you will wear the same size as a medium when you buy another brand.

Waterproof And Breathability

Hand-in-hand with breathability are venting features. Many snowboard pants will feature venting panels along the inner thigh inseam. This allows you to unzip things and dump heat when you get a little too hot. Technical mountaineering pants will often feature full-length side zippers for ultimate heat control.

Water resistance is a big deal when it comes to snowboard pants. Pants with fully taped seams will be more expensive because the manufacturing process is more intensive. Every single seam is robustly crafted to promote durability and water resistance. Pants with critical seams taped means only the seams likely to see the most wear and tear are reinforced as opposed to every single seam. When snowboarding, you need good moisture ventilation and waterproofing properties. Finding the right fit along with the features you want in your budget may be a bit of a challenge. The pants you eventually choose should be able to keep your items as secure as possible, especially if you have a phone, or battery powered car keys in your zippered pocket. Even though it is not advisable to take them with you, because you might fall and that might damage your phone, you would not want the water to ruin them. Snowboarding pants should be designed to be able to handle significant amounts of snow and cold during winter. Make sure you check the features of the product to see if your pants are waterproof or water-resistant and pick the ones that best fit your needs and price range.


There will be no point to snowboarding pants if they did not keep you warm. In order to keep you warm, any pair of pants you pick must offer great insulation with heat retention properties.

Much of the warmth factor will be dependent on the type of snow pants you buy. For example, insulated, thick snow pants will do best on super cold days while softshell pants will perform best on warmer days. Most people think that since they will be gliding on snow, then the jacket and pants need to be warm. Well, this is not entirely true; how warm the pants are should vary from one person to the other. This is why some pants have microfleece lining for extra insulation and others don’t. You see, when snowboarding, the most significant part to keep warm is your core.

However, if you are the kind of person who gets cold easily, then you should wear mid and base layer thermal leggings for extra warmth.


When you are in the market for a pair of snowboard pants, your biggest concern and consideration should always be the quality of the material it is made from. Sometimes the quality of the material can really increase the price tag. So if you are interested in high-quality materials and you are okay with spending a little more money, it is better to make sure you get the best product for your cash. It is always wise to do very in-depth research into whatever material you are about to purchase.

Nylon and polyester are the most common and preferred choices. This is because nylon is durable and when woven in the right patterns, it is waterproof, and it could be windproof as well.

However, polyester is also a great option. Though it does not last as long as nylon, it is functional and serves its purpose. Since it hardly absorbs moisture, it is not the best material for those looking for snowboard pants with a high waterproof rating.

We first looked at was the materials used and how the company went about making the product. Now, this information can be typically found in the product description or in the specifications and details of the product. However, as a responsible consumer, it’s a good idea to cross-reference a manufacturer’s claim. To assess the quality of the materials used, we’ve scanned through many different customer reviews so that you get the best information without having to do all the research.


Buying a pair of pants and having them fall apart only after a few uses can be a disaster. It is always best to buy high-quality products so that they can last for a long time.

With this in mind, we knew that each product must be evaluated based on its durability. The best companies usually have some type of warranty. Additionally, to further measure the durability of a product, each product on the list has been thoroughly researched and verified with previous customer reviews.


It should be every snowboarder’s top priority to be comfortable in their snowboarding gear. Being comfortable on the slopes is very important, to enable maximum flexibility and to reduce the risks of accidents.

While evaluating each product for this list, we carefully looked out for features that enhance comfort like adjustable straps, flexibility, the softness of the materials, and padding. We also checked to see if the manufacturer highlighted these important features. Most times, when a company does not talk about features that enhance comfort it is because it wasn’t the focus of their design.



Q: How To Clean And Store Snowboarding Pants


The snowboarding pants you purchase can cost you a lot of money, more important than that, they offer you great protection from the intensely cold weather. You want to take care of it very well so that it can last you a long time and you can get your money’s worth. When your Snowboarding pants are exposed to too much water the material loses its quality and it rips over time. Every pair of snowboarding pants has a water limit (the amount of water it can sustain).

Most of the snowboarding gear listed above can be washed with a washing machine. The best thing you can do is carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to make sure to keep your pants clean and in good condition. Since all pants are made of different materials, they might have different cleaning instructions.

Q: What Is The Ideal Thickness Of A Pair Of Snowboarding Pants?


Whenever a consumer is interested in buying a pair of pants, they should always look at the breathability aspect, the thickness of the snowboarding pants does not matter. Some snowboarding pants material can look flimsy and still keep the warmth in. Typically, snowboarding pants do not come built with ventilated materials or breathe-ability infused into the seams. This is simply because of the nature of these pants. The goal of snowboarding pants is to minimize the release of heat and keeping you warm while shredding the slopes.

You may need to read the manufacturer's product description thoroughly and look at what the previous customers have said about whatever design and brand of snowboarding pants you choose.

Q: How To Choose Snowboarding Pants


Pants are the workhouse of your snowboard outerwear gear. At least, they need to be made of the right materials that can keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

In particular, if you are a snowboarder, you may spend a lot of time on your butt (hopefully not in the middle of the run). So you should pay extra attention to the waterproof rating of your pants so you don’t end up with a cold wet behind. If you’re in the learning stages of snowboarding and falling down a lot, the wrong pair of pants could mean snow getting in places you don’t want it. The bottom line is that your snowboarding pants must be able to take a beating. The best snow pants will keep you warm, keep the snow out, and perhaps even win some style points in the process.

Some of the features to look at when shopping for snowboarding pants are the fit, length, waterproof, breathable, must have top quality Insulation, the design must suit your purpose and personal style. The material must be top quality; the quality must be enough to last for a long time (durability). It must be made with a comfortable material, as comfort is very important while snowboarding for the prevention of accidents. The snowboarding pants you choose must be effective enough to be flexible, and flexible enough to be functional.

Globo Surf Overview

Buying a pair of snowboarding pants should be seen as an important investment for any winter activity. Getting properly fitted high-quality snowboarding pants will not only ensure that you are more comfortable but it will also keep you warm and safe while snowboarding or just taking a walk. When snowboarding, your pair of snowboarding pants should provide lots of mobility while keeping you warm during intensely cold weathers either it is layered or not.

Remember when picking out your pair of snowboarding pants to always consider the fashion trends, time of year, location, and likely snow conditions for the area you’ll be boarding.

These factors, along with with your personal preferences, and the cool factor make up your decision. When all else fails, pick the pants that seem like the most functional and are of top quality.

Snowboarding pants are great for skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling, running or jogging in the cold, playing sports like tennis or basketball during cold months or doing any sort of outdoor work. If they are to be used for milder activities, they can be worn on their own. For the activities done in the extreme cold, they need to be used as a base layer.

Buying the best pair of snowboarding pants will ensure that your Snowboarding experience is as comfortable and safe as possible, making it that much more enjoyable and memorable.

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