Snowboarding is a rush creating and super fun sport, however, to enjoy and get the most out of it the rider should always be comfortable and confidence. These key traits are achieved through skill, proper equipment and clothing. A cold weather sport, snowboarding requires a rider to be properly insulated. Gloves are key components of insulated clothing and go all the way to keep a rider warm and thus, comfortable and able to fully perform.

Because gloves have to accommodate hand movement and coordination, extra attention is to be taken to choose the right kind of gloves, to keep both warm, enhance comfortability and allow agility. We have compiled the 10 best snowboard gloves in 209 to provide you with an array of top rated choice outlining why they stand out and why you should definitely invest on one of the pairs this year.

How To Choose The Best Snowboard Gloves  – Buying Guide



When choosing the best snowboarding gloves to purchase material used is an important factor to consider. Additionally, you have to understand how the material contributes to the gloves’ effectiveness. Yu can simply ask yourself question such as does the material offer good thermal and insulating qualities? Is it water proof or water resistant? Is it durable?

There are a number of good materials to look out for in order to purchase top rated gloves. You have to consider the thermal and insulation properties as the number one goal. The working nature of a pair of gloves is in cold to extremely cold snowy and rainy conditions. So you definitely want material that has the ability to effectively trap body heat keeping your hands warm.

Additionally, you want material with excellent insulation properties to block out cold air and wind whilst using the same barrier to enhance entrapment of body heat inside the glove for warming purposes. Furthermore, you don’t want to have a good thermal and insulating material which lacks breathability and has no waterproofing or at least water resistant properties.

A good pair of gloves is constructed with an excellent thermal yielding material such as wool, cotton or synthetic blend such as nylon or polyester. Other than, their thermal properties, they also boast moisture wicking qualities which allows for breathability and to absorb sweat/moisture out of the gloves.

The thermal material is normally insulated with inserts of material such as 3M thinsulate, either thickened or mixed with more material such as polyester or cotton. A waterproof outer shell especially nylon is normally waterproof or water resistant to further enhance the gloves’ performance.


A pair of snowboarding gloves should properly fit to allow for them to work efficiently, fully and with comfort.  Theses gloves for snowboarding are normally either designed to be specifically fitting for men, women or children – boys or girls. Howvever, they can sometimes be interlinking with the size range being able to fit both women and men.

It is good to research more on the fit of the gloves you want to purchase. Most manufacturers provide a sizing chart explain the sizes, fit and whim the gloves are deigned for. In general, men have larger palm and hand sizes than women thus, this is why gloves are sometimes made to fit specific gender, smaller sizes are made for women and larger for men.

Additionally, in terms of overall fit, manufacturers customize their gloves to be more functional. Pre-curved fingers are normally fitted on gloves, especially those designed for activities such as skiing or driving, to fully give your hands freedom to move, maneuver, securely hold on to things and prevent fatigue due to strained movements.

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Waterproof gloves completely repel snow or water. For some waterproof gloves, you can go as far as dipping your hands in water without worrying about being cold or wet. This feature is ideal for gloves especially designed for sports. This is because you spend more time in outdoors during sports in the winter time than when say commuting from work to home. You are more likely to come across rain or fall down and get into contact with wet conditions when in the outdoors for sports.

However, as most other features, always watch out for this when choosing gloves for snowboarding. Some gloves are fully waterproof but may be fitted with air vents or zippered pockets that are not So if you have your little iPod shuffle housed in your non-waterproof zippered pockets of your waterproof gloves and dip your hands into a puddle of water to pull out fish when ice fishing, you may risk damaging your music gadget.

Waterproof qualities are sometimes confused with water resistant qualities. Well, waterproof material completely repels water whilst water resistant material will simply repels snow and water splashes or rain showers however, they will not fully protect your hands when submerged in water or when the weather gets to cold and wet – and we all know in a matter of seconds, wet gloves turn into very cold hands in cold weather conditions.

A perfect fit ensure errors are avoided such as ice or water seeping through the wrist cuffs or accelerated overall wear and tear because the gloves do not it well.


Like the overall fit, choosing the proper size is highly vital t ensure proper fit and guaranteed performance. As stated before, most manufacturers provide their sizing charts to guide you through picking the right size.

Additionally, size is normally determined by measuring the circumference of the area below and around the four fingers. The figure then determines the size category and value. An example is outlined below on the manufacturer’s unisex sizing guide;

5.5 – 6.5” circumference/ XXS/ Size 6

6.5 – 7.5” circumference/XS /Size 7

7.5 – 8.5” circumference/ S/ Size 8

8.5 – 9.5” circumference /M/ Size 9

9.5 – 10.5” circumference/L/ Size 10

10.5 – 11.5” circumference/XL/Size 11

11.5 – 12.5” circumference/ XXL/Size 12


Comfort is a key factor that incorporates all the rest. If you are thinking of using your snowboarding gloves for an activity such as skiing or motorcycle riding, you want them to be comfortable – allow movement without strain or fatigue on hands, keep warm but not trap moisture to make hands wet, sticky and smelly.

Thus, when evaluating whether your gloves will be comfortable or not, it is imminent to keep material – is your lining soft for our hands and thermal enough to keep you warm? Construction design – will you be able to easily grip something and also the condition you will be using them in.


The quality aspect of your gloves examines both materials used and how effective they are. Think of MCTi G-Type Gloves which use a mix of polyester material and 150 heavy 3M thinsulate material for high thermal and insulation properties. In this product, a lot of focus and design was put towards the material in order to achieve unbeatable insulation properties.

Other good gloves, combine material with design to achieve the quality and thus, functionality of the product they want. For example, light weight gloves for snowboard which is ideal for mild weathers and for travel. Or the common used of the famous GarTex in insulating membranes to achieve the most waterproof properties.

Material integrity and genuineness is also important to maintain quality. Make sure the material used is durable and sturdy enough. Read enough of snowboard reviews to understand quality if necessary. Sometimes senses such as touch, can tell you a lot about the material of the product and thus, the quality.

Activity Level

Not all gloves are made to function in an identical capacity and weather conditions. Some gloves are designed for highly active and extreme sports whilst some are designed for activities so regular that you can shovel or drive whilst wearing them.

The intended activity for the gloves will normally be specified however, eve the physical appearance can give you an idea. Pre curved gloves with defined fingers and articulated palm and finger designs for secured grips are designed for activities such as skiing and cycling. Thicker gloves with enhanced windproof and weather proof qualities are designed for fast-moving activities such as riding which require wind repelling.

Furthermore, weather conditions also play a role in activity level. Thicker gloves with higher thermal and insulating properties are designed to be worn in extreme conditions whereby it’s too cold and wet. This is where waterproof properties also play a key role.


Insulation is probably one of the most important functional factors when it comes to choosing the right gloves. Insulation also increases with quality of material as well as weight, normally measured in grams. So when we compare a 40g 3M thinsulate insulated pair of gloves with those insulated with 150g of 3M thinsulate, the latter pair is more effective at repels off the cold and is better suited for extreme weather conditions.

Some gloves also indicate their working temperature, i.e. the temperature to which they can effectively provide protection. Although,, these values highly reflect the way the manufacturer made the gloves and is therefore, not a universal standard for measuring the gloves, it can still communicate how insulated and effective the gloves are.

Removable Liners

Removable liners are a great manipulation to your gloves to allow for versatility. Being able to remove your liners means that you can effectively care for your gloves – you can let them dry overnight or wash them according to the guidelines, thus increasing their longevity. If you are in a somewhat chilly house, you can remove your gloves and remain doing your chores with just the liners.

Additionally, being able to remove the liners of your gloves allows for them to be used in different occasions and weather conditions. So for example you have thick gloves with fleece linings, this allows for them to used in extremely low temperatures however, once you remove the liner, depending on either other factors such as waterproof/water resistant abilities, they can be worn during the spring drizzles or over the not so chilly autumn period.


Dexterity in gloves simply means how easy it is for small muscles in your hands to coordinate movement – be it holding on tight to your skis or answer a call. Unlike mittens, gloves provide more of thee however, the level differs with each gloves. Pre-curved or gloves with defined hand shapes normally provide more dexterity.

Additionally there are features to look for in snowboarding gloves that indicate enhanced dexterity. For example, gloves that use non-rigid material can easily stretch and follow the hands movement much easier. Snowboard with breathable membranes are also known to have increase dexterity however, keep in mind in most cases they’re are features that in turn are compromised, i.e. waterproof gloves that boast the waterproof membranes tend to have less dexterity.

Furthermore, palms that are treated for softness with material such as leather as well as thin, dense insulation not more than 15o grams provide excellent dexterity because at this stage the material is still able to stretch and fold without strain or damage. Short cuffed gloves also tend to be more flexible than their longer counterparts and provide easier secured grip which means the palm stresses less.


The effectiveness of snowboarding gloves can be evaluated by looking at the whole product – material used, design, weight and functionality. Additionally, effectiveness is achieved by combining the aforementioned features effectively. Imagine a pair of snowboarding gloves with fleece cuffs and wrist drawstrings. Additionally, these highly insulated and waterproof thermal gloves are lined inside with additional fleece material. This design definitely enhances the closure and protection ensuing extra heat is preserved. Now when choosing the right gloves, try to list the features and correlate them, think of why you need them and through that you will be able to decide what kind of gloves you are looking for.

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Q: Is There A Difference Between Water-Resistant And Waterproof?


Many people confuse water-resistant and waterproof as being similar. Water resistant material is able to withstand penetration from water to a certain degree, for example, if you are wearing water resistant snowboarding gloves and it is raining, your gloves will be able to repel the water splashes thus, ensuring the inside of your gloves is dry. However, if you dip your hands into water puddle whilst wearing water resistant gloves, they won’t be much of any help and your hands will definitely get wet.

Water proof material on the other hand is totally effective at keeping water out! Thus, if you are wearing waterproof gloves you can dip your hands in an icy pond and the gloves are sure to be absolutely impervious to water leaving your hands inside the gloves, dry and warm.

Q: Can I Use Your Phone While Wearing Gloves?


Some snowboarding gloves are fitted with touch screen friendly fingertips and as such allow one to answer calls or take photos using their phone whilst still wearing the gloves. However, the construction process of the gloves is meant to maximize on keeping hands warm and protect thus, less focus is put on added on features. This means that, though you are able to perform simple tasks on your phone such as answering calls, you cannot text back and forth for hours comfortably or update your instagram account!

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Q: What Is The Difference Between Snowboarding Mittens And Snowboard Gloves?


Snowboarding mittens are similar to snowboarding gloves; however, their fingers are not separated by fabric as the gloves. Snowboarding mittens include the four fingers together in one shaped section whilst the thumb is separated alone.

Mittens tend to be warmer than gloves because their fingers are not separated by fabric and thus, they generate more heat and favored more by riders. Mittens however, do not offer as much dexterity as gloves but still provide excellent grip on items such as ski poles, or holding on to your snowboard when riding down the mountain.

Thus, when compared mittens offer more warmth and comfort and to certain degree functionality whilst gloves are more dexterous and practical. Manufacturers have recently began producing 2-in 1 gloves and mittens offering both functionality and versatility. You can remove one and remain with the other, increase protection by adding removable liners, all depending on your needs and the conditions you are exposed to.

Q: How To Properly Take Care Of My Gloves?


When purchasing your gloves, cross check with the store attendant or read the care guidelines so you know how to care for them to avoid damage. Most gloves are cleaned by spot cleaning with a piece of cloth, lukewarm water and mild detergent whilst others are machine washable. On the inside, some gloves come with removable liners which can be removed and washed like regular clothing.

Due to its sensitive make never machine dry snowboard gloves instead hang dry in a warm place until dry.  It is advised to dry your gloves as soon as they get wet to avoid bacteria of fungi build up. Store your gloves in a cool, dry place, even in your wardrobe until ready for the next use.

Keep in mind upon washing you may observe shrinking on your gloves, this means that the gloves are not waterproof thus; it is always advised to invest on waterproof snowboarding gloves- to avoid disappointment!

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The snowboard glove reviews above have definitely proven there is a piece for everyone. Whether you are headed out to the nearest grocery store or spring down from the Alps, on either mild winter days or on the most extreme of weathers, we have you covered with the choice of the 10 best snowboarding gloves in 2020.

It is however important to understand the features and the working dynamics of the little helpers so you are able to make an informed choice on the right snowboarding gloves. Plus, you can get one the best gloves for snowboarding at a price lower than US$50, now that’s a bargain!

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