Swimming snorkels are wonderful water accessories for many different things! They’re perfect for letting you focus on your training and posture instead of trying to breathe as well.

Swimming snorkels are also fun to use in open waters, letting you look at the underwater scenery underneath you. With a swimming snorkel, you can transform your water activities and add sightseeing to them.

With so many different kinds of swimming snorkels, it can be really difficult to figure out what the best swimming snorkel is for your money, and that’s where we help out.

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How To Choose A Swimming Snorkel – Buying Guide


Sprout Size

There’s different scenarios where you might want different spout sizes. Your sprout size has a lot to do with how much air you’ll get, which affects how you breathe with your swimming snorkel.

If you’re doing any kind of swim training, you’ll want a smaller spout size so that you’ll be training your lungs as well. A smaller spout restricts the amount of air that can come through your snorkel and with less air, you’ll be training your lungs to work without as much air. This is important if you’re planning on doing any kind of competitions as well since you won’t be able to use a snorkel in them.

 If you’re just snorkeling in open water, you won’t want your airflow restricted, so you’ll want to get a bigger spout. A bigger spout will allow you to breath more like you typically do, which is important when you’re freely snorkeling. You don’t want your breathing restricted as it can be dangerous if you find yourself in a stressful situation; it’s also just more comfortable to not have to focus on your breathing.

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Headpiece and Strap Construction

Some snorkels have extra padding on the head strap, which provides more comfort. The padding doesn’t hurt anything, so it’s great for everyone!

No matter what you’re doing, you’re going to want a comfortable headpiece. If you’re training then having an uncomfortable headpiece will distract you from your training. The padding will keep your head comfortable and lets you focus on your training instead.

If you’re snorkeling or just swimming around in your pool, then comfort is always the preferable option. Padded swimming snorkels are perfect for this and will let you and your family have a great time whether you’re looking at fish underwater or playing with your loved ones.

Snorkel Tube Length and Strength

You’ll want a snorkel that’s curved and has a longer shape. This helps prevent water from entering the tube, which is great in every situation.

If you’re training, you’ll definitely not want water coming in through your swimming snorkel. Inhaling water can be dangerous and cause emergency situations that you don’t want to deal with. Besides, if water does come in then you’ll have to stop your training. With a long, curved shape, you won’t have to focus on adjusting your swimming snorkel.

A longer shape on your swimming snorkel will also let you focus on your training by helping you keep better posture. You’ll be helping yourself and your training with a long, curved swimming snorkel shape.



Q: How do I use a swimming snorkel?


Most swimming snorkels attach to your head and have a mouthpiece that lets you breathe while you’re swimming underwater. Simply attach it to your head and go!

They can be used in swim training or for recreational use. Swimming snorkels are great for swim training as they let you focus on your posture, practice, and lung training. With restricted airflow, you’ll learn how to breathe underwater better.

Recreationally, swimming snorkels are used in snorkeling and in regular swimming pools. With a swimming snorkel, you can focus on looking underwater and seeing the aquatic life. If you use a swimming snorkel in a regular pool, you can look underwater and play underwater pool games.

Q: How do I clean a swimming snorkel?


Swimming snorkels are typically made of durable material that you can easily clean, making them easy to maintain.

It’s best to make a soapy, warm water mix to run through your snorkel tube. Simply run the mixture through the tube and rinse thoroughly (again with warm water). Warm water will protect the swimming snorkel tube and will clean it gently and well.

Leave plenty of time for your swimming snorkel to dry before using it again. It might be tempting to hop right back into the water, but inhaling water can be a very dangerous situation that no one wants to experience or see someone else go through.

It’s important to clean your swimming snorkel every time you use it to stop any kind of bacterial growth. No matter what kind of water you use your swimming snorkel in, it will breed bacteria. Even the chlorine-filled water of your own pool can easily cause bacteria to grow, and while inhaling water is a bad idea, breathing bacteria into your lungs can have immediate and long-term effects.

Q: What is a swimming snorkel?


A swimming snorkel is a device that people train with to help improve posture and swimming motions without having to consistently coming up to breathe. They can also be used to look underwater and observe the wildlife that’s there, whether you’re in the lake or in the ocean.

Swimming snorkels are also used by families everywhere to play underwater games and play in the pool. They can be great to use with kids that are just learning to swim so that they aren’t scared to go underwater!

Q: Why should I use a swimming snorkel when swimming?


Swimming snorkels help you get a better posture and let you practice your swimming motions without having to come up for air. They also help keep you stable, helping with training as well.

Besides training reasons, snorkels can be extremely fun to play around with! In the pool, people use them quite often to play games underwater or to simply play around. Swimming snorkels are great in the wildlife too.

You can float out on lakes or the ocean to see fish and other kinds of wildlife with a swimming snorkel. You won’t have to keep coming up for air so you can watch for as long as you like and not have to keep looking up to breathe. There’s a lot of wildlife in the water that you don’t get to see very often, and a swimming snorkel can let you see that in any waters!

Q: How does swimming with a snorkel help?


The best swimming snorkels will help you stabilize when you’re swimming, which helps with swim training as well. They’ll also let you focus on your swimming posture and motions without you having to focus on your breathing.

Swimming snorkels are tools used to let you focus solely on your swim training. While they help with your posture, they do so without you even noticing. When you take the swimming snorkel off, muscle memory will help you swim just like you did with the swimming snorkel on. 

Globo Surf Overview

The Kraken Aquatics Swimmer’s Snorkel is the best swimming snorkel out there! With a curved tube and silicone mouthpiece, you’ll be able to focus on your environment and swimming posture without having your snorkel get in the way.

The adjustable head strap makes sure that the snorkel fits as best as possible, working with the silicone mouthpiece to create a comfortable feel for you. This snorkel actively works to make sure that you won’t know the snorkel is there as best as possible. This will keep your mind free so that you can effortlessly use your snorkel in water activities.

With the Kraken Aquatics Swimmer’s Snorkel, you’ll have the best experience snorkeling than with any other swimming snorkel. Go grab one before you head out to the pool or lake!

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