Kayak camping is one of the best types of camping but it comes with its own difficulties. Space is obviously going to be a critical issue but durability and stability are going to be important too. Due to these challenges, getting the best kayak for camping is essential.

For you to choose the best camping kayak, we have developed this buying guide to analyze what to look for. We have also completed kayak for camping reviews to show you the best products that are out there in order for you to have the best possible camping trip.

How To Choose A Kayak For Camping – Buying Guide



The balance of your boat is going to be an important part of your camping trip, especially if you are traveling on a river. The balance will not only be important for paddling but it’s also going to play an important role for a safe kayak launch and landing.

Any well-designed boat will have an impressive level of stability as this is going to be affected by the design. It’s also important to not overload the weight of your boat by placing too much weight in one specific area as this could dramatically affect the kayak.


The stability of the boat through the water is important and will be determined by the design of the hull but also the size and shape of the fins that are underneath the boat. This will refer to its tracking ability which you want to be as high as possible.

The tracking refers to the kayaks ability to stay in a straight line when it’s paddled. The straighter, the better and this is going to affect other such areas like the balance and the speed. A well-designed boat is going to be able to overcome these challenges.


The speed of the kayak will be determined by the amount of drag through the water. While this will be improved by good design and fins, it is also going to be affected by the size of the hull. This generally means the more stable a kayak, the slower it will be.

The reason for that is due to the fact that a wider base would be required and therefore more drag. A balance has therefore got to be struck and if you are taking camping gear, then you probably want to err on the side of a more stable kayak.

Storage Options

Properly preparing for your kayak camping trip is important, you need to know that the kayak is going to have a great level of storage. You are going to have to travel light anyway but you should still be able to take all of the gear that you are going to need.

A large rear well is going to give you a lot of space and a large front hatch will be useful too. The gear stored in the hull will be items you don’t need while traveling and the items stored on the deck will be what you will use during the way. A good roll top backpack can also give you some great extra storage.


If you’re heading off on an adventure then you need to know that your kayak is going to be able to stand up to any rough treatment that it might have. There is always going to be a balance here between the weight of the kayak and how durable it is.

If you are thinking of doing a camping trip with an inflatable kayak then it’s a good idea to know your area and find out if you’ll be docking on any sharp rocks. Inflatable kayaks are very tough but it’s a good idea to ensure you have enough segments and know about inflatable kayak care and repair.

Length Of Trip

The length of your trip is going to be important to the type of kayak that you need but also the amount of extra kayak gear and camping gear that you need to take. It’s important to have a camping checklist beforehand so that you can be confident with what you are doing.

If you are going on a longer trip then you are going to need a higher level of storage options. This can potentially mean that you need a wider and more stable kayak to have this storage but that will have a negative impact on the speed of your kayak.

Place For Camping

As we mentioned there, it’s important to have a plan for your camping trip and know the area you are going to be camping in. If you are only ever going to make ground over bushes and rocky stones, for example, then knowing the inflatable kayak safety tips is going to be important.

Knowing where you will be camping will mean that you are going to be able to go on your trip with the greatest level of confidence in what you are doing. It will also let you know exactly which type of kayak you’re going to need to take.

Maximum Load

It’s important to know the maximum load of your kayak in order to ensure that you stay under it. One key mistake that people often make is that the maximum load doesn’t just refer to the weight of the human that is going to be on the kayak.

The maximum load is the culmination of all of the things that are going to be on there, including all your camping gear. This is why it’s important to know roughly how much all of your items weigh in order to make sure that you are not exceeding the maximum load of the kayak and it’s also important to pack light, such as getting an ultralight tent.


While there are plenty of other categories that are going to be important, you still want your kayak to be comfortable otherwise you’re not going to be able to have a nice journey. Having a padded seat is a good way of making sure that you have a high level of comfort.

Having a level of adjustability will also be able to add to your comfort too. Inflatable chairs are also going to be able to give you a comfortable seat but it’s important to check they are the right size for you. This is going to increase in importance the longer your trip is going to be.


Performance is one of those words that can mean different things to different people but for many it’s the ability for something to excel in how it performs. For a kayak that is having a great balance of all of the key features that are important.

One great way to check this is with the user reviews that a product has. This will be able to show you what people think about the product who have used it for a long time. That will give you a great idea of the long-term performance of the kayak and whether or not it’s going to be suitable for you.



Q: Is Kayak Camping Safe?


As with any type of adventure that is going to be on the water, you have to be able to appreciate the dangers that there are. As long as you do that though, then kayak camping is going to be perfectly safe where you will be allowed to go on a great adventure.

It’s important to get the right safety gear which includes getting the right kayak life jacket as well as kayak helmets along with anything else that might be relevant. As long as you are sensible in terms of getting the best gear, then you are going to be perfectly safe.

Q: What Are The Best Tips For Kayak Camping?


Preparing for your kayak camping trip is important and it’s good to know the kayaking essentials and one thing that you are going to want to do is make sure everything is waterproof and a great dry bag can help with that. Placing items in convenient locations will mean that you are not spending a long time looking for individual items.

It’s important to make sure that your kayak is flipped well over during the night and kept well away from shore. Also using carabiners and clips will help to ensure that nothing is lost. It’s always important to never underestimate the water and this involves getting the right safety gear and always wearing your safety life jacket.

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While kayak camping can be a wonderful experience, it’s not something that you want to go into without being prepared as otherwise you could end up putting yourself in a dangerous situation or not being able to enjoy the experience. Therefore, planning an overnight kayaking trip is important.

That all starts with choosing the right kayak and you want to make sure that it’s of high enough quality for your needs. The type that you need depends on your personal preferences and needs, as we have looked at in all the sections that we have gone through here. It’s a good idea to create a checklist of the features that are going to be most important to you.

Once you know exactly what you want, then you will be able to purchase your new kayak and begin to get excited about your adventure ahead. Once you have all the gear that you need, you can look forward to your kayak camping trip and the new experience.

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