Every hunter knows that the right equipment is crucial for your hunting success. When going after ducks, this equipment includes a boat that needs to move swiftly and stay as silent as possible (preferably undetected). In addition, the best kayak for hunting and fishing also needs to be stable enough to provide accuracy when shooting.

Choosing a hunting kayak shouldn’t be difficult, as long as you think about the design specifics that we’ve mentioned. To further help you with this, we’ve created a buying guide that explains all these features in detail. But first, check out our selection of the best duck hunting kayaks available, guaranteed to change the outcome.

How To Choose The Best Kayak For Duck Hunting – Buying Guide


Camouflage Ability

The hull color can significantly affect your success when duck hunting out of a kayak – it makes sense that a bright kayak is much easier for the birds to spot and fly away. To prevent this, the kayak color should blend in with its environment. This can be done through a tan, green, or even a camouflage paint job.

From the options we’ve listed, the right choice can vary depending on your location. If you are fishing off a sandy beach you may want a lighter color rather than a dark one. But if you are duck hunting in a swamp, a darker boat will do a better job. So, if you’re usually hunting in the same area, we suggest that you get a boat that blends into that environment.

To further improve the camouflage, some hunting and fishing kayaks can transform into a full duck hunting blind, which is similar to those on land. They allow hunters to stay completely hidden until the last second. So, if you are serious about the sport, you may want to consider a duck kayak that has this feature. That being said, it’s best if it isn’t a permanent blind so you can remove it when paddling and set it up when you get to your location.

Beam Width and Stability

The width of your kayak plays a huge role in its stability and turning ability. A wider boat will be much more stable but won’t go very fast or turn easily. However, balance is more important when duck hunting from a kayak than speed, so we suggest that you get a wide boat with good primary stability.

The best hunting kayak will allow you to move around smoothly without the chance of tipping it. In addition, a wider boat is less affected when firing your gun than a narrow option because the recoil will be absorbed better and won’t tip your boat.


A kayak without organized storage won’t do you much good, especially when hunting for waterfowl. Since you’ll have to bring a lot of hunting equipment with you, the more storage you have on your duck boat kayak the better. In addition, don’t forget that the storage has to be easily accessible.

In relation to this, it’s very good if your hunting fishing kayak comes with at least one dry storage option. This is usually a round storage hatch located at the bow, but other options also exist. It’s very useful for storing your phone, keys, and hunting items that are sensitive to water.

Besides dry storage, all the models in our duck hunting kayak reviews come with a bungee system. It’s a great option for quickly stashing items like backpacks or dry bags. They are perhaps even more convenient than dry hatches, since you can quickly grab everything you need.

Lastly, many hunters also enjoy fishing on occasion. If you want to catch some fish too, you should look for a kayak that comes with built-in rod holders on the sides. Furthermore, it’s a plus if it has extra storage for tackle boxes.


Since you’ll often be moving through shallow waters with lots of plants and rocks, your kayak duck boat needs to withstand hits without taking damage. Because of this, the build quality is one of the most important aspects of a duck hunt kayak. 

While most boats are made from polyethylene, the material quality is not always the same. Look for a kayak that is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) preferably using the rotomolding process. In addition, it’s a big plus if the fishing and hunting kayak is UV-protected so it doesn’t fade, crack or peel from sun exposure.

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Q: Why Use A Kayak For Duck Hunting?


Kayaks are ideal hunting vessels for many reasons. First and foremost, they are very quiet. Because they use paddles instead of a motor, they allow you to get close to your prey with minimal to no sound. Ducks are often quite used to sharing the water with paddlers, so they won’t fly away immediately.

In addition, the best duck hunting kayaks are also very easy to maneuver. The small size of this boat type allows you to easily get yourself into smaller coves and other tight areas your prey may be sitting in. Duck hunting kayaks are also incredibly easy to transport which makes them ideal for getting out on the water quickly.

Q: How To Setup Your Kayak To Blend In With Your Environment?


Just like when hunting on dry land, you want to be camouflaged on the water so the birds won’t notice you. This usually involves getting scent reducers and using paddles instead of a motor. In addition, you’ll want to do everything you can to make yourself as quiet as possible when moving so you don’t scare away your prey.

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Duck hunting from kayak can greatly expand your options when going after waterfowl. Instead of waiting for ducks on the shore, you can get closer to the action and sneak up on them. As we’ve pointed out, it’s important to choose a kayak that is stable, swift, and not easy to spot. We hope that our reviews of the best duck hunting kayaks have helped you decide so you can have a successful hunt every time.

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