Every hunter knows that having the right gear can make or break your day. This is also true of duck hunting – the best duck hunting kayak ensures you won’t struggle during the day and will have an excellent time on the water.

The best kayak for hunting and fishing will have everything from rod holders to extra storage space. They will also have a noticeable increase in stability and maneuverability over regular kayaks. Kayaks allow you to reach places that normal boats struggle to get to. They sit higher on the water and can skim over weeds and tree stumps with ease.

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How To Choose The Best Kayak For Duck Hunting – Buying Guide


Before deciding on the best option for you, be sure to read up on the many duck hunting kayak reviews. This will help you get a better idea of what others are saying about your boat.

How to Buy a Duck Hunting Kayak

There are a couple of main points to look for in your duck hunting kayak. The most important is how easily it can camouflage. You will also want a durable and stable boat that offers a good amount of stability.


A kayak without storage won’t do you much good, especially when waterfowl hunting. The more storage you have on your kayak the better. This will allow you to bring absolutely every piece of gear you need for the day.

But it also has to be easily accessible. Top-rated kayaks for waterfowl hunting come with at least one dry storage option. This usually involves a hatch that secures against water. It will store your gear below the outer skin of the kayak so you have a place to store all of your sensitive gear like a cell phone or fish finder. If this is in a place you can’t easily access it’s almost not worth having. For example, if you have to get up and go to the opposite side of the boat to get a piece of gear you will be much less likely to use it.

Most boats also come with a bungee system. This is a great option for people with a waterproof backpack. You can simply strap your bag to the rigging and it will stay there. Also, if you do some fishing you will want a couple rod holders. The best hunting kayaks come with at least two of these. They are great options that make your kayak versatile.

Beam Width and Tracking

The width of your kayak will play a huge role in its stability and turning ability. A larger boat will be much more stable but be worse at turning in the water. This is ideal for duck hunting as it will allow you to move around your kayak without tipping it. Also, your boat will be less affected when firing your gun. The recoil will be more absorbed which won’t tip your boat as much as a more narrow option.

That being said, a narrower boat will be much more maneuverable in the water. This is ideal for people looking to use their kayaks in the ocean or in tighter waterways.


You are going to want to use your boat for more than one day before it breaks. This means the build quality is one of the most important aspects of an hunting kayak. You will need a boat that can be scuffed in shallow waters. There are some materials that make kayaks more durable. The main type is a UV protected polyethylene. It is designed not to fade, crack or peel in direct sunlight.

Camouflage Ability

The color of your hunting kayak can also affect your duck hunting. It should be a color that blends in with its environment. This can be done through a tan, green, or even a camouflage paint job.

This can vary depending on your location. If you are fishing off a sandy beach you may want a lighter color rather than a dark one. But if you are duck hunting in a swamp a darker boat will suit your needs better. If you hunt in one area the most we suggest tailoring your kayak to suit that area.

Some kayak options turn into a complete duck hunting blind. This is similar to those on land. They allow hunters to stay completely hidden until the last second. If you are serious about the sport you may want to consider a kayak that has this feature. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be a permanent blind. Being able to break it down and set up when you get to your location will make it much easier to paddle.



Q: Why use a kayak?


Kayaks are ideal for hunting for many reasons. The main of which is that they are quiet. Kayaking allows you to get out onto the water close to your prey with minimal to no sound. Ducks are often quite used to sharing the water with paddlers which makes them not fly away.

Kayaks for duck hunting are also very easy to maneuver which contributes greatly to how desirable they are for this purpose. The small size of this style boat allows you to easily get yourself into smaller coves and other tight areas your prey may be sitting in. Kayaks are also incredibly easy to transport which makes them an ideal way to get out onto the water.

Q: How to setup your kayak to blend in with your environment?


Just like when you’re hunting on dry land you will want to be camouflaged on the water. This can involve getting scent reducers and using paddles instead of a motor. You will want to do everything you can to make yourself as quiet as possible when on the water to not scare away your prey.

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Kayaks are incredibly versatile which is what makes them so desirable. Many people would not think of using them for duck hunting but are pleasantly surprised their first time out on the water. The beauty of having a kayak for your hunting trip is you can easily transfer this to many other uses. Go on a weekend camping trip or do some fishing as well, these versatile boats will go where you go.

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