All kayaks are going to have a maximum weight capacity and for some, this figure is a lot higher than others. For heavier people, this can make it hard to find a great kayak, but thankfully, here will make finding the best kayak for big guys as easy as possible.

In order to find the best kayak for big guys, weight capacity is going to be important but other features matter too. In our buying guide, we will go through those key features and we have also completed a list of kayaks to show you the best products on the market.

How To Choose A Kayak For Fat Guys – Buying Guide


Weight Capacity

When thinking about the weight capacity you need to consider not only the weight of you as an individual but also the weight of the gear that you are going to carry too. It’s important to add this together in order to stay under the weight limit.

The weight capacities can vary quite a lot from one kayak to the next and therefore it’s also important to check to ensure that you are getting a weight capacity that is going to be able to give you comfort on the water.

Weight Of The Kayak

How much does a kayak weigh is also going to be an important issue, but the relevance of this will often depend on how you will be transporting your kayak. Inflatable kayaks are often lighter and very easy to transport making them an ideal option for many different users.


The materials are going to hugely affect the durability of the product. If you’ve got an inflatable kayak then you will want to make sure that the material is going to be very quick but if you’re using a regular kayak then this is mostly going to be made out of high-density plastic.

Getting high-quality materials will not only prevent any accidents from occurring but it will also mean that you’re going to be able to use your kayak for a very long time in order to enjoy many great trips out there on the water.


A kayak can often give you a cramped amount of space and therefore if you are big and/or tall, then you want to know that you are going to have enough room. It’s a good idea to have more than enough room in the footwell and also that it is wide enough too.

The comfort is also going to be highly affected by the seat that you are going to be on. Making sure it is wide enough and has enough padding will mean that you’re going to be able to spend all day out there on the water.


The portability is going to be important and as we mentioned earlier, the weight of the product is going to play an important role in that and this is where there is a big advantage of inflatable kayaks, but you also have to be careful with kayak care and repair.

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If you plan to launch and land a kayak, then grab handles are going to be important. For the heavier kayaks, you want to make sure that they have enough handles for you to be able to take them to the water.


In choosing a kayak, you need to decide if you want an inflatable model or a regular kayak. The disadvantages of an inflatable kayak are obvious but if you follow the inflatable kayak safety tips then you’re going to avoid any punctures.

You also need to decide whether you want a sit on top or a sit in kayak. This is going the usability of the kayak but it can also be a matter of personal preference and getting the right option for you is important.


The width of the kayak is going to affect it in a number of different ways. Firstly, a higher width is going to be able to give you a higher level of stability to make traveling on the water very easy and secure.

The increased width will also mean that there is an increased surface area with the water. This will affect the speed of your kayak and mean more effort is going to be required from the user.



Q: What Happens If A Kayak Capsizes?


It’s important to know how to execute a kayak self-rescue but if you take the appropriate steps then it’s not going to be anything to worry too much about. You want to make sure that you are able to right your kayak and make sure all your key valuables are safe.

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The primary thing that you need to check is whether or not the kayak has a weight capacity that is going to care for your needs. After that, you want to check that your feet are going to have enough space and the cockpit has a wide open design.

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Kayaking safety is very important as there are dangers every time that you head out on the water. If you are sensible and get a high-quality kayak with the best equipment, then you are going to be very safe while you are out there on the water and enjoying your adventure.

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There are many health benefits of kayaking and it’s a great activity to do. You want to make sure that you are using the best equipment though as otherwise, you could be making life a lot harder for yourself or not giving yourself the level of safety that you need.

Hopefully, this buying guide has given you all the information that you need in order to choose the best kayak for big guys. Once you have, then you will be able to head out onto the water in confidence that your kayak is going to be able to support your needs and give you a lot of enjoyment.

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