If your boat deck started to fade and lose its grip, perhaps it’s time you repainted it and restored its former glory. More importantly, the best paint for the boat deck will also make your deck safer by adding a slip-resistant layer.

When choosing the right paint for your boat, you should think about a few things. The paint needs to be easy to apply, adhere well to the surface, resist weather conditions, and give you good traction whether it’s wet or dry.

In this article, we’re going to help you narrow down your choices. Our boat deck paint reviews will give you an insight into the best boat deck paints that will work fantastically on any deck surface. And, in the buying guide, you’ll learn about everything you should look for in high-quality paint.

How To Choose A Boat Deck Paint – Buying Guide



While it doesn’t have much to do with performance, color is very important for most of us. Simply put, we want the deck to look nice and blend in. As you’ve had the chance to see, most manufacturers offer paints in many beautiful colors so finding the one you like is easy. If you are deciding between a color and a white deck, ask yourself if you want to be able to walk barefoot on your boat. A white deck will stay cooler in the sun and not burn your feet like a dark deck on a hot day would. If you are planning on a color, also look into getting some really good boat shoes in our other list.


An important task for the paint is protecting the deck surface. This includes everything from foot traffic in your boat shoes to blocking out UV rays. With this in mind, look for tough but flexible paints that won’t peel or crack (especially if you’re not using a boat cover).

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Water Resistance

Since a boat deck comes into contact with a lot of water, the paint needs to be water-resistant. Regular paint would quickly wash away, so we advise that you always buy specialized paint that can withstand weather conditions.

Non-Slip Coating

Providing good traction when walking is the most important job of your non-skid deck paint. Furthermore, it will make using accessories like deck chairs more enjoyable too. Regarding slip resistance, two things play a role – paint formula and texture.


The painting process isn’t particularly enjoyable, and most boat owners don’t want to do it every year. Paying attention to the aspects we mentioned will guarantee that the paint will last for many years. Good paints are water and slip-resistant, don’t peel or crack, and look fantastic even after many years.



Q: How Should I Prepare My Boat Before Painting?


Before you paint, make sure to remove all the imperfections from the surface (chips and peels). Afterward, degrease and clean the surface and let it dry. Doing this will make your painting job easier and make the result much better.

Q: What Other Accessories Will I Need Besides The Paint?


While most paints we featured are a one-party system, some paints require a primer to improve adhesiveness. Of course, you’ll also need a brush or roller to apply the paint. Lastly, you can use a boat polish to give your vessel some shine once the paint dries.

Q: How Long Does It Take For The Paint To Dry?


The paint should be dry to touch in around 1-2 hours, depending on the type of climate that you are in. However, it’s probably the best idea to avoid walking over it for 24 hours so you don’t ruin the coating.

Q: Can I Paint Over Gelcoat?


Yes, you can paint over gelcoat. If it’s not completely covered with large cracks, you can get fantastic results. However, it requires a bit more preparation that includes a thorough cleaning, using epoxy primer, and sanding the surface.

Q: How To Paint Fiberglass Boat Decks?


Painting fiberglass boat decks is fairly easy if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here’s what you should do:

  • Clean the deck (remove debris, rinse with fresh water, leave to dry)
  • Apply masking tape (mark the area that you want to paint)
  • Paint the deck area
  • Leave to dry (up to 7 days before you return elements).

Globo Surf Overview

Painting the deck is an important part of boat maintenance, even though you won’t do it often. Not only does it make your boat look like new, but it also gives you secure footing so you don’t slip. With the boat deck paints from our list, you’ll get that extra safety and enjoy a great-looking deck each time you set out.

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