Whether it be your home, office or boat, ever so often you’ll need to repaint your surfaces to bring them back to their former beauty. For a boat though, there’s more to it than just the look, which is why getting the best boat deck paint is important.

Protection, water resistance and non-slip qualities are all going to be important in choosing the best paint for boat deck. Here we will dive deeper into those key features and have also completed boat deck paint reviews on the best products out there for you.


How To Choose A Boat Deck Paint – Buying Guide



When choosing any paint, color is going to be very important as you want to make sure that what your painting looks great and also that it is going to match the surroundings that it is in. With deck paint, most people have a certain color in mind depending on your boat.

Most of these products are available in a few different colors which tend to be earthier in color. There are others though who have a wider range of colors which is great for those who are looking to do something a little different.

The best color for you is going to depend on your personal preferences and what you want your boat to look like. This could simply be a replacement for the existing color or looking to do something new with the space that you have.


There are a few aspects that boat deck paint needs to excel in when compared to other types of paint and the protection that it will give is going to be one of those key qualities. You want to be able to protect your deck to ensure that it lasts for the longest possible time.

All the paints that we have featured here are going to be able to give you a great level of quality in that regard. Not only is the paint going to be protected from the foot traffic from your favorite pair of boat shoes but also other aspects such as UV rays that will shine too.

With these paints, you not only want to have protection from the actual boat deck but you also want the paint to be protected from anything that might damage it. The paints that we have looked at here are highly durable and are going to be able to cope with a lot of punishment. Another good way of protecting your deck is by getting a boat cover for when it is not in use.

Water Resistance

It seems an obvious point to make but the boat deck is obviously going to come into contact with a lot of water. A lot of regular paint would quickly wear away after contact with water and therefore this is another area that these paints need to excel.

For deck paints, this is going to be a given as without this they would be totally useless and your boat deck would just be a swirling mess of wet paint after you have gone through your first rain shower or have crashed over a few waves.

If you were ever thinking about using regular paint on a boat deck, then this is a good reason why that is going to be a bad idea. Getting specialized deck paint is going to be a wise choice for many different reasons, including the water resistance.

Non Slip

Perhaps the one aspect of deck paint that really puts it apart from many different types of paint is the fact that it needs to be able to give you a large amount of resistance from slipping to give you confidence when walking over it or setting up a deck chair.

As we just mentioned there, boat decks getting wet is a certainty and therefore you want to give yourself the greatest level of protection from any accidents happening. A high level of slip resistance is a vital element of what makes great deck paint.

Some will do this simply by the paint itself while others will come with a specialized brush in order to give you a textured finish to the paint. For some a textured finish isn’t the most beautiful kind but it is one that will keep you safe.


As we have seen here, there are a few different aspects of what makes good deck paint. For most other types of paint, the end goal is simply for them to look good but deck paint has to be more than that as it needs to tick more boxes.

Those aspects of protection, water resistance and slip resistance are all vital and they are aspects that won’t be found on cheaper paint. That’s why buying quality is going to be important to not only making your boat look great but also keeping you as safe as possible.

Balancing those two aspects is difficult but the products that we have listed here do that remarkably well. In terms of deck paint, it’s always a good idea to get a product that is of a high enough quality to be able to tick all of those boxes.



Q: How Should I Prepare My Boat Before Painting?

A: It’s likely that you are going to be painting your boat deck as the existing point on the deck is starting to look tired or it could be peeling off. It’s important to sand the deck properly to remove any imperfections in the deck and also give you paint a good surface to stick too.

After this, it’s a good idea to clean the deck in order to remove any grease that is sitting on the surface but also any stains or dirt. This will leave you with the perfect surface for you to begin your painting process.

Q: What Other Accessories Will I Need Besides The Paint?

A: One of the paints featured can be used as a one-paint solution but it’s usually a good idea to use a primer before applying your deck paint. This will act as a blue between the deck surface and the deck paint that you are going to be using.

In terms of painting, it’s going to be the best idea to use a roller to paint the deck and a lot of the time this will be supplied by the company you will buy the paint from. This will make the painting process easy but also give you the right texture. Once you have finished painting then giving the boat a new polish will make it look like new.

Q: How Long Does It Take For The Paint To Dry?

A: The paint should be dry to touch in around 1-2 hours depending on the type of climate that you are going to be in but it’s probably the best idea to avoid walking all over it for around 4-5 hours after you have finished the painting process.

Globo Surf Overview

Deck paint is an important part of boat maintenance as you not only want to protect the surface of your boat but you also want it to be as safe as possible, by using a paint that is going to be resistant to any water, will be highly durable and will also give you a surface that you are not going to slip on.

Hopefully this guide has been able to give you the information that you need to buy a great deck paint that is going to be able to tick all of those boxes. Once you have painted your surface, your boat will look like new and you will have peace of mind knowing you are safe and protected.

Globo Surf Boat Deck Paint Reviews

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