For the adventurers who like to explore remote places and go off the grid, an easy way of communicating even without the availably of cell service is through walkie talkies. No matter what element you are facing, these waterproof walkie talkies can do more than ease your mind about communicating with your party.

The best waterproof walkie talkies will enhance your adventure by ensuring communication with your party, as well as provide you with up to date weather alerts. In any weather conditions, these waterproof walkie talkies will make any outdoor adventure better and safer by providing constant communication.

There are many different features you should take into consideration when looking to purchase a walkie talkie pair or set. This guide can help you choose the features of the best waterproof walkie talkies that suit your needs for a rugged outdoor adventure.

How To Choose The Best Waterproof Walkie Talkie – Buying Guide


When you are deciding which waterproof walkie talkie to buy, it is important to consider these key features. These key features are what make a great walkie talkie and ensure your safety on your excursion into the wilderness.

Range and Clarity

Range and clarity are extremely important when it comes to deciding what waterproof walkie talkie you choose because they are base functions of your device. When buying a waterproof walkie talkie, the range should always be given with the most common being around 32 miles, but some can be up to 42 miles of available transmission. However, the estimate given by companies on their websites or packaging of the product is often based on a straight, uninterrupted line. In the real world, especially those using the walkie talkies in the city or on mountain ranges, the true range is a lot less. Be prepared to expect a drastically smaller range in real-world settings. Clarity will also be affected. The further the distance between the walkie talkies and clarity may go down. Clarity is the best and most accurate when used within the range of the device.

Rechargeable Battery

Most waterproof walkie talkies come with a minimum of two ways to charge the devices. Usually, you are given a choice of using a charging dock or cable for rechargeable batteries or you can use standard AA or AAA batteries. If you need a rapid charge or quick use, having a waterproof walkie talkie with the ability to use standard batteries can be a huge benefit to you. Otherwise, you would have to wait for the devices to charge. However, rechargeable batteries mean that you won’t always have to carry around an extra set of standard batteries. For emergencies, the two-power system is great as you can always place standard batteries for functionality, even when a power outlet is not available.

NOAA Weather Alert

If you are looking to buy a waterproof walkie talkie, then it can be safely assumed you will be facing any kind of wet weather condition. Your walkie talkie may be resistant to the harsh conditions, but for your safety, it is important to be aware of the weather and receive emergency alerts. Alerts by the NOAA can not only warn you of weather, but they can tell you where you should head for safety.


While the design may seem arbitrary if you are choosing between colors of your walkie talkie, it can be a very important consideration. If you are looking at extended treks into the wilderness, the difference between an ounce can add up to something for you. Along with the weight, the actual size of the device can also factor into whether it will be worth packing and carrying with you. However, most of the best quality waterproof walkie talkies are heavier than they are lighter. Most walkie talkies now, come with two ways to charge them either through rechargeable or standard batteries. In terms of the actual design of the walkie talkie, a rugged design with rubber grips or bumpers could be a better choice if you plan on taking it to rocky terrain. As well, the waterproof functionality of the walkie talkie may be a deal-breaker for you. Some will come as splash resistant and others fully submersible. If you plan on using the device around water or heavy rainstorm conditions, it is best to get the highest level of waterproofing available.

Emergency Features

If you are buying a waterproof walkie talkie you are most likely looking for the security of a stable communication. While it is important to be able to communicate with your friends, it is also important to be able to connect to emergency weather channels. The NOAA provides 7 channels for emergency weather and natural disaster alerts. Some waterproof walkie talkies even provide an emergency call button, which can immediately go to the emergency alert channels and update you on current information. If you want more safety features, some waterproof walkie talkies come with built-in flashlights, sirens, and beacons.

Compass or GPS

A waterproof walkie talkie can provide constant communication within your group of friends or emergency calls out of your group. While most walkie talkies can scan the NOAA emergency alert channels, what they can’t do is guide your direction. To ensure that you are heading in the right direction, without getting lost, it is best to invest in the purchase of either a compass or a GPS. A compass would be the more basic device that is used without worry for a power source. A compass is able to tell you what direction you are heading or need to go. A compass can point the way. However, if you are looking to carry a digital map or have the ability to pinpoint your exact location, a GPS would be better suited for you. A GPS is a device that can tell you exactly where you are located and provide the local area map to show where you may want or need to go. It is more exact than a compass but does rely on a power source. No matter which device you decide, both are a good investment to ensure you are not lost if you are heading out on open water or remote country.



Q: Where will you use your radios?


Walkie talkies are extremely versatile devices. You may choose to use them in an urban setting or the remote wilderness. They can be used around the neighborhood, the campsite, on hiking trails, or open water. It is important to take into consideration the features of the waterproof walkie talkie and where you will be using it.

In an urban environment, you probably would be safe with a splash-resistant walkie talkie, but in the rugged outdoors you will need a fully waterproof device. For open water use, some walkie talkies have the ability to float or be submerged for an extended amount of time at a specific depth. It is best that you plan accordingly in regard to where you want to go, what elements you might face, and what device to take with you. All these factors can determine what best suits your waterproof walkie talkie needs.

Q: What is the purpose of your waterproof radios?


The purpose of a waterproof walkie talkie is to guard the actual device, the radio, from water damage. An electronic device cannot function when wet or waterlogged, but devices that have the capability to protect themselves against water ensures that you can communicate with your friends in any weather condition or terrain. If you are planning on using a radio on a boat, it is especially important to factor in a level of waterproof protection to ensure that an accidental splash or drop does not ruin the device.

Q: Do you actually need a marine radio?


The most common differences between a two-way radio and a marine radio is the level that the device is waterproofed to and what the walkie talkie can actually do. Marine radios often come with the highest level of waterproofing, offering devices that are fully submergible and can float. This feature can be very important for somebody taking the device out on open water.

However, marine radio also has the ability to hail or call out on a specific channel. Most commonly channel 16 on marine radios is used to hail another vessel or call out in an emergency. If you are looking to keep communication between your group of friends, the hailing feature may not be necessary. As well, you may not need a high level of waterproofing if you plan on only being exposed to slight rain.

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When it comes to your safety, finding the best waterproof walkie talkie is important. Leaving for an excursion prepared can bring peace of mind. A quality pair of waterproof walkie talkies will ensure that you are exploring and adventuring in any terrain under any weather condition. If you know exactly what you need and what you are looking for, you can save you time and money.

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