Fishing for pike is one of the most enjoyable experiences that an angler can have. They put up a good fight and catching one gives you a big sense of achievement after winning the battle. The whole process is a challenge, therefore getting the best pike bait becomes even more crucial.

Thankfully, we’ve gone through several pike bait reviews and have listed the best lures on the market along with a buying guide to answer all the questions you have. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know how to choose the best pike lure according to your needs.

How To Choose The Best Pike Bait – Buying Guide


Time Of Year

In the spring, pike tends to be around sandy areas of rivers and streams as these are the areas where they are born and like to take shelter near the shore in the safety of the reeds or shallow water.

As the weather heats up and the weeds and vegetation grow, the larger pike tends to move further out from their birthing area and more towards the center of the bay and the pike generally gets smaller the further you move into the center. In the fall, the presence of pike can be determined by muskies. As there are few available, they can venture deeper down into the water.

Time Of Day

Pike don’t eat in the dark, so one of the best times to find them is early in the morning just as the sun is rising. Big lures work very effectively at this time as the calm moving waters attract the bigger fish to the lure.

After the early morning, pike can often just relax in more weeded areas, and during these times trolling can be highly effective. As they don’t feed at night, they also want to eat just before the sun goes down so fishing at sunset is another perfect time to try and get yourself a pike.

Types Of Lures

Crankbaits and spinners cause an attractive disturbance through the water, though spinners are generally used for catching smaller pike. Spoons attract pike with their shine while floating lures are great for shallow water and weedy areas.

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Type Of Fishing Line

It’s important to get a high-quality fishing line with a pike as not only can they increase to a decent size but they also can put up a fight as well. Your line should be strong and braided, as well. The color choice should depend on the color of the water that you are fishing in.



Q: What lures work best for pike?


As long as you choose high-quality northern pike fishing lures that can replicate prey fish well, then you won’t have any problem. Remember, if you use a larger lure, you increase the chances of catching a big pike with sharp teeth.

Q: What colors does pike see best?


A black lure is the most visible color underwater for the fish as it creates the most visible silhouette in clear and murky waters as well as deep and shallow water.

Q: What is the best way to catch pike?


Crankbaits and spinners cause flash and vibration and disturbance in the water and perfect for predatory fish. Spoons are ideal for catching northern pike as they are bright and shiny.

Globo Surf Overview

Pike fishing is a gratifying and rewarding experience, but if you’re throwing the wrong type of bait into the water, then you will have trouble attracting them to your line. The description of the best lure changes from condition to the type of fish you want to catch.

Hopefully one of the northern pike fishing lures we’ve reviewed here is the right one for you so that you can head out onto the water knowing you have selected a terrific set of lures to secure your catch.

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