Fishing for pike is one of the most enjoyable experiences that an angler can have, they put up a good fight and catching one can give you a big sense of achievement after winning the battle. Catching a pike is a challenge, so therefore getting the best pike bait is crucial.

In order to do so you need to make sure that you’re getting the right lure for the conditions, which includes making sure you know what works at that time of year, at that time in the day and knowing how each type of lure works in every scenario.

Here we have looked at the pike bait reviews and have listed the best lures on the market along with a buying guide to answer all the questions you have. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know what the best pike lure is for you.

How To Choose The Best Pike Bait – Buying Guide


Time Of Year

You can catch plenty of pike for most of the year but it’s important to know which type of baits to use during the season to give you the best possible chance. In the spring, pike tend to be around sandy areas of rivers and streams as this is where they are born and like to take shelter near the shore in the safety of the reeds or shallow water.

As the weather heats up and the weeds and vegetation grows the larger pike tend to move further out from their birthing area and more towards the center of the bay and the pike will generally get smaller to further you move into the center. In the fall, the presence of pike can be determined by muskies as if there are few available, they can venture deeper down into the water.

Time Of Day

Time of day is important for pike too and one key thing to know is that pike don’t eat in the dark, so one of the best times to find them is early in the morning just as the sun is rising. Big lures work very effectively at this time as the calm moving waters attract the bigger fish to the lure.

After their early morning feed pike can often just relax in more weeded areas and during these times trolling can be highly effective. As they don’t feed at night, they also want to eat just before the sun goes down so fishing at sunset will be another perfect time to try and get yourself a pike.

Types Of Lures

The reason that so many different types of lure work for pike is that they don’t really care what they eat. Live bait can be effective at catching pike but if you’re using a great lure then you probably don’t need to go to the trouble of doing this.

Crankbaits cause an attractive disturbance through the water which can be very attractive to pike and spinners can also be very attractive to pike with their motion but are generally used for catching smaller pike. Spoons attract pike with their shine and floating lures are great for shallow water and weedy areas.

Type Of Fishing Line

It’s important to get a high quality fishing line with pike as not only can they grow to be a very decent size but they also can put up a fight as well. Your line will need to be strong and braided is probably the best option in regards to this and the color required depends on the color of the water that you are fishing in.



Q: What Are Pike Lures?


Most of these lure mentioned can be used for multiple different types of fish but all of them are perfect for pike too. Pike aren’t fussy eaters which mean they are attracted to a large range of lures so you have plenty of options available to you. These pike trolling lures we have looked at here all have a great record when it comes to catching pike and can be used in other situations too.

Q: Can I Reuse A Lure?


This all depends on the type of lure that you have, how durable it is and whether or not it has received any damage. If you have used it and it is damage-free when there’s nothing stopping you from using the lure again but if it has been damaged then you need to judge its effectiveness. As you can imagine, hard baits generally last for a lot longer than soft baits which is something that you might want to bear in mind when it comes to reusing your baits.

Q: What Is The Best Size For Pike Bait?


The size of your bait needs to match the size of the pike that you want to catch. If you’re going to be in shallower waters where there are a lot of weeds then it’s likely that you’re only going to be able to catch a pike that are on the smaller size whereas throwing out a top lure in the deeper waters probably isn’t going to be successful.

You need to take into account the time of tear and the time of day and use that knowledge to know what size of pike you’ll be aiming to catch and then you can adjust the size of your lure accordingly.

Globo Surf Overview

Pike fishing is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience but if you’re throwing the wrong type of bait into the water, then you are going to have trouble being able to attract them to your line. Thankfully pike will take to many different types of bait but you still need to know what the best lure to use is and when the best time to fish for pike is.

You to be able to have the best fishing equipment available whether that is having the best camelbak backpack on the market or spending time choosing the best rod and reel for you. All of that though can be irrelevant if you don’t have the right lure so it’s worth spending the time to know what you’ll be getting.

Pike generally stay closer to the shore during the spring before venturing out further as the year goes on. They don’t feed at night so the best times to fish for them are sunrise and sunset although they can be tempted all throughout the day. They can also be ferocious with sharp teeth as well so getting the best fishing line that you can is important for keeping them on the end of your line and securing the catch.

Once you have all the knowledge you need for pike fish lures, you can select the top rated pike lure for you and head out onto the water knowing when and where to look for the best pike spots. When you do, you’ll have a terrific set of lures with which to secure your catch.

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