If you’re looking for the best kayaking gloves then you want to make sure that they are both durable and comfortable. For anyone who has been out on the cold water for a long period of time without gloves knows how essential they can be.

Planning your adventure without the best gloves for kayaking could leave you open to blisters and sores which will make it painful to move your kayak and it could ruin your trip. That’s why we have created a list of best paddling gloves on the market.

So if you want to keep your hands warm and give them the protection they need, read on to find out which is the best kayaking gloves for you.

How To Choose The Best Paddling Gloves – Buying Guide



The material you need depends on your use and when you’ll be kayaking. Under the sun then you’ll want to be looking for a nylon/spandex gloves which will be light and allow your hands to breathe. There are thicker gloves for when you’re in colder waters and these should be neoprene waterproof gloves.

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Glove Thickness

There is a balance here as on a kayak you want to be able to still have full control over your hand but you also want the highest level of protection. If it’s cold then you will have no option but to wear thicker winter kayak gloves, but when in warmer weather you’ll want your hands to stay light and loose. If your hands are particularly vulnerable to getting sore, then you’ll want some extra padding.

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Proper Fit

Unlike most other gloves where you can get away with them not fitting you perfectly, paddling gloves need to have a perfect fit so that your hands remain flexible, but they also remain protected. An uncomfortable fit will give you blisters and cause soreness. When buying gloves, double-check what size hand you are.


A lot of gloves come finger-less and others come with a full finger. This can be a case of personal preference, but the main consideration here is the weather. Most people would want the extra control that having your fingers free can bring, but if you’re in colder weather then take the safe option and opt for the full finger.

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Q: Do I need kayak gloves?


Quite simply, yes. When you’re in the kayak you are using your hands all the time to do everything. If you’re not paddling then you’re tying knots or casting out a fishing line. Very quickly you will find that your hands get sore and you start to develop issues. Your hands need that protection. If you’re in colder weather then they are essential to keep you warm.

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Q: When to use kayak gloves?


Some people don’t like wearing gloves, where others feel comfortable wearing them all the time. If you can only tie knots when your hands are free then it’s fine to take them off, but whenever you’re paddling, you’ll need that protection. It’s best to keep them on at all times as they can be used for everything and not only protect your hands from constant abrasion, but also from sharper objects.

Globo Surf Overview

There are many important kayak accessories out there that you should have, and having the best gloves for kayaking should be at the top of your list. When you’re out on the water waterproof paddling gloves are essential in order to keep your hands protected. The main consideration is the temperature of the air and the water that you will be in and how much protection that you have on the palm.

Once you know that then you can go through the buying guide and choose the best kayak gloves for you. The last thing you want to do if get out there and have your trip ruined by not having the best clothing and not buying the best kayaking gloves, as anything less could leave your hands in pain.

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