If you’ve ever been on a long paddling session without a good pair of gloves to protect your hands, you probably know how important having the best kayaking gloves is. Paddling raw handed can leave your thumbs and palms with blisters and sores. Since you will need special protection while paddling, regular gloves won’t do.

You need strategically padded gloves that will give you a good grip on your paddle and keep blisters at bay. To maintain dexterity and control, the best gloves for kayaking should also leave your fingertips exposed. The best paddling gloves we’ve reviewed below meet these criteria and are top rated for kayaking. Our buying guide further down outlines the considerations to make so you can find the best kayaking gloves for your adventures. 

How To Choose The Best Paddling Gloves – Buying Guide



Water gloves for kayaking can be made of neoprene or nylon. Neoprene waterproof gloves are the best cold weather kayaking gloves, as they will keep your hands warm. When paddling under the hot summer sun, on the other hand, lightweight and breathable nylon gloves are better than waterproof kayak gloves.

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Glove Thickness

Whether you’re looking for warm winter kayak gloves or the most flexible gloves for kayak fishing, gloves for paddling should protect without compromising dexterity and control. Due to this, the best waterproof gloves for kayaking are made of a 1.5mm thick neoprene, while the best kayaking gloves for summer are padded on the key pressure points only. 

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Proper Fit

Kayak paddling gloves should provide a snug yet flexible fit. To ensure you get properly fitting gloves, measure around the widest part of your palm, and pick the corresponding size. Beyond this, the best kayak gloves feature a stretchy lycra/spandex on the back, which enables them to fit like gloves.  


When it comes to kayak paddle gloves, you want the ultimate protection without sacrificing dexterity and control. For this reason, the best kayak gloves feature a fingerless, half-finger, or 3/4-finger design. This protects the hot spots while still ensuring you can handle delicate tasks. 

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Q: Do I Need Kayak Gloves?


Absolutely yes. When paddling a kayak, your hands are subjected to moisture, UV rays, and friction. Paddle gloves are essential to save your hands from all these elements. Without protection, your hands will get sore and develop blisters and calluses. 

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Q: When To Use Kayak Gloves?


To protect your hands, you should wear your kayaking or canoeing gloves whenever you’re paddling or stripping the fishing line. It’s best to keep them on at all times, as the flexible and fingerless design gives you great control so you can even tie knots with gloves on.

Globo Surf Overview

When it comes to the most important kayak accessories, gloves are right at the top of the list. Whether you need waterproof paddling gloves or breathable non-waterproof gloves for hot weather paddling, we hope our best kayak gloves reviews and guide will help you find the best kayaking gloves for your needs.

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