There’s a ton of reason why you might want earplugs for swimming, whether it’s protection from the water or just general comfort. Water in your ears can damage your eardrums and cause infections, which can ruin your summer fun on top of causing you a lot of pain, even if you’re at your own personal pool.

With so many different kinds of earplugs to pick from, it can be a bit daunting to find a pair. This guide will break down the top 10 earplugs, giving you a better idea of which to buy and what features are important for your lifestyle.

These earplugs discussed here at the 10 best earplugs for swimming, and whichever one you decide is best for your life depends on the features you want. Any of these will be great, so make sure to think about your own wants and life when you pick one.

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How To Choose Earplugs For Swimming – Buying Guide



The material of your swimming earplugs is an important factor when it comes to buying some. Depending on your allergies, you may be allergic to certain pairs, and nothing ruins a day out in a newly-cleaned pool than an allergic reaction to your earplugs.

Most swimming earplugs are made out of silicone or foam so that they can mold to your ear specifically. These two materials are both waterproof and are very malleable, so they will contour to your ear easily and quickly, keeping moisture out as it fills in every possible entrance.

Despite the majority of these swimming earplugs being made from silicone, there’s a heard silicone that the SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders, Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs, Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs, JBL Hydro Seals Aqua Plugs, Every Care’s Swimming Earplugs, and Swim Elite’s Swimming Earplugs offer. This material doesn’t mold to your ear, but instead has seals that stop your ear from filling with water.

The softer silicone that Putt Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs and Start Smart’s Moldable Ear Plugs feature molds to the ear when used, making for a much tighter fit in your ear that prevents water from coming in.

There’s also the foam earplugs that 3M and Howard Leight sell that are put into your ear and expand to fill any gaps on the edge of your inner ear to prevent water from sneaking in. These are quick to insert and use as they take no time to fit.


When looking for water ear plugs, you want to make sure they fit correctly. With the foam and soft silicone swimming earplugs, you don’t need to worry about this as they fit specifically to your ear whenever you put them in.

The harder silicone products will require you to look into different sizes to get the best fir for your ear. Similar to earbuds or headphones, you’ll need to figure out the size of your ears to make sure they’re actually waterproof. The size of the seals that prevent water from entering your ear will vary by size, so it’s important to get your right size if you want your swimming earplugs to be affective.

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Noise Reduction

Anytime you’re looking for earplugs, you’re going to want to see how much they reduce sound. When you’re in the water, you don’t want to have noise reducing earplugs; it’s a safety hazard. You’ll want to pick earplugs that don’t reduce sound, and if they do, then reduce sound minimally.

Finding earplugs that don’t completely cut off your hearing can be a challenge. Since their main goal is to stop water from entering, most brands will make it so that nothing can enter, including sound waves, so any noise you’d hear would be muffled.

The SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus address that issue and come with a filter cap that can be removed from your swimming earplugs to allow clear hearing. With the filter cap off, you can still hear and swim without water flooding your ears, providing a mix of comfort and safety that none of the other swimming earplugs can compete with.

Reusable or Disposable

Another big question to ask yourself when you’re buying swimming earplugs is whether you want reusable or disposable earplugs. While disposable earplugs sound like an easy idea, reusable earplugs are the way to go and are much easier to carry around in your waterproof duffel bags.

Disposable earplugs always sound like a great idea; you don’t have to keep up with them and if anything happens to them, who cares, they get thrown away anyway. However, because they’re disposable, the quality of them is tarnished. They might be able to be tossed away, but they won’t keep water out of your ear near as well as reusable ones will.

Reusable earplugs will save you money in the long run as well as keep your ears better protected. All the hard silicone ear plugs are reusable and also have multiple backups in case any water slips through; that’s enough proof that they hold out water better than the disposable swimming earplugs.


Q: Are earplugs comfortable while swimming?


Most swimming earplugs can barely be felt! They’re similar to earbuds, so you’ll be able to tell that they’re in your ear, but they aren’t uncomfortable and you’ll forget that they’re there within minutes.

The foam and soft silicone swimming earplugs are barely felt, which is what makes them so good for kids and those with sensitive ears. They’re extremely soft and won’t irritate you, making them perfect for kids.

If you’re sensitive to materials such as silicone, the Start Smart Moldable Ear Plugs and the JBL Hydro Seals Aqua Plugs are hypo-allergenic, so you’ll be able to swim comfortably in those. Nothing ruins a day out in the sun like breaking out from an allergy, but these two brands will keep you safe and happy.

Q: How do I put in earplugs for swimming?


Swimming earplugs are easy to insert, but vary slightly depending on the kind you get.

The soft silicone swimming earplugs are made to mold to your ear, so you have to push them in your ear and let them mold to the entrance of your ear to stop any water from coming in your ear.

The foam earplugs are very similar. You have to push these into your ear to let them expand to the size of your ear to keep water out.

The harder silicone swimming earplugs are similar to headphones. You simply push them in. While the outside of them is made of a harder silicone, the seals are a bit softer and will easily be pushed into your ear, touching the inside canal of your ear in multiple places to protect it from gathering any water.

Q: Why do I need earplugs for swimming?


Swimming earplugs are important for your health, and they make swimming more comfortable as well. It’s easy for water to get trapped by ear wax in your inner ear, a place that you can’t see, let alone clean without going to the doctor.

If water gets trapped in there, it can cause you to feel funny and give you ear infections. Still water breeds bacteria that will make you sick. There’s no point in ruining a few weeks of summer by getting a painful ear infection when an easy solution is available!

Swimming earplugs are also great for anyone who has consistent ear problems or tubes in their ears. Going underwater can cause a lot of peoples ears to pop, which becomes uncomfortable after a while. There’s also a lot of water pressure that can cause you ear pain if you enjoy swimming underwater or doing underwater activities.

Because of underwater ear pain, swimming earplugs simply provide comfort as well. Similar to how goggles help your eyes, swimming earplugs will help your ears. If you enjoy swimming underwater or doing any tricks (including jumping in), swimming earplugs will help you be comfortable while doing it all. You won’t need to worry about any ear pain or the threat of an ear infection if you have swimming earplugs.

Globo Surf Overview

The SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus are the best swimming earplugs. These offer almost every feature of the other earplugs mentioned on top of the filter cap that only they offer.

The cord on these earplugs will protect you from losing them considering that they are reusable and don’t float. They have a sleek look that outdoes any of the other earplugs and makes for discrete wear that will cause you no discomfort while you’re wearing them.

With the multiple points of contact and secure fit, you’ll be able to swim without any worry of water getting into your ear. They won’t fall out with their seven locking points, and they’re quick to insert despite that. Simply put them on like you would earbuds and they’ll automatically lock onto your ear, providing you with a seamless swimming experience.

They’re also easy to keep up with as they aren’t extremely tiny and the cord is easy to see. You have multiple choices in color, whether you want a sleek look or a color that matches your personality. They can also be worn in any other situation where you may want earplugs besides swimming, so the versatile use is a major advantage.

The SurFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus are the safest option for swimming earplugs with their filter cap that allows you to still hear crystal clear while in the water. This will allow you to be able to hear the world around you, which is especially important in the water.

If you’re swimming with others, you need to be able to hear if they call for you. Water accidents happen many times every year, so you need to be able to hear if anyone calls for you. This is extremely important if you have kids with or around you.

These are great swimming earplugs for kids as well; they’ll be able to hear you if you call for them to come out of the water. They’re also extremely secure, so no amount of fidgeting from the child will loosen them. The strap is also a plus with kids in the event that they do fall out.

The SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders offer ever benefit of swimming earplugs and then some. Look into getting some before your next swimming excursion!

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