Kids love to play in the water. They love the beach; they love the swimming pool, they love rivers, and any other water they can play in. What else do kids love? If you think back to being a child, then I am sure that at some point, you dressed up as something. A mermaid tail combines the two. Your child will love dressing up, and looking like, a real mermaid while having the option to use the tail to propel themselves through the water.

The best mermaid tails are bright and colorful, made from high-quality materials, and functional. They make your child look like a mermaid but more importantly, they make your child feel like a mermaid. We have done the hard work for you and scoured the internet for the top-rated mermaid tails for your child. Take a look at our list and find the perfect tail for your kid.

Here are our top 10 mermaid tails for kids in 2023.

How To Choose The Best Mermaid Tail For Kids – Buying Guide


Tail material

There are many fabric tails out there, and they give a look and feel similar to what a mermaid tail would look like. Spandex, nylon, and polyester are the most popular materials which are used for making mermaid tails. Fabric tails are light and are easy to move around in, making them easy to swim in. It is also easier to get in and out of them, which is a big deal if you want to get them on at the beach quickly. The fabrics used are also inexpensive, and this makes mermaid tails accessible for most people. It is easy to wash fabric mermaid tails and take care of them.

Child Sizes

For the best experience, you want to make sure that you get a size which properly fits your child. Child sizes are different from adult sizes, and the fit is different too. A tail which fits your child correctly will make it easier for them to swim through the water and will also be more comfortable for them. All of the tails on our list are available in children’s sizes, but check reviews from other customers to find out if the sizes fit bigger or smaller compared to your regular stores.

Adult Sizes

If you want to swim with your child when they have on their mermaid tail, then you can buy one too. There are many adult size mermaid tails, and you can join your child in the pool. There are some people who see mermaid tails as just costumes or toys, but they are increasingly becoming a way of life for people around the world. There are many options out there for adults, and the entire family can wear and enjoy mermaid tails.

Washing Your Mermaid Tail

When you are looking at mermaid tails, you should be aware of how to wash them. Most fabric tails are machine washable, and machine washable tails will make your life a lot easier. Children typically need their clothes washed more often, and mermaid tails are no exception. When mermaid tails are in chlorinated water or salt water, they need to be washed after. If chlorine or salt is left on the fabric, then it can begin to degrade it and wear it. If you take care of your child’s fin, then it will last them for a long time.

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You need to take care to ensure that both the mermaid tail and the fin with fit properly. The tail is the colorful part which fits over your legs. It is usually made from a stretchy fabric, and there are fewer size options as a tail will fit over most legs and stretch to fit as needed.

Monofins are designed to fit onto the end of a tail and for your feet to fit inside. It is more important that you get a great fit with a monofin as you need the fin to be comfortable for swimming through the water. Find your child’s foot size and then look for a size of fin which matches. Not all tails will fit, and if you get the wrong size, then it can rub on your child’s feet and cause blisters. If a fin is too loose, it can fall off when in the water and get lost. A well-fitting fin will allow your child to swim safely while looking and feeling like a mermaid.


If you know anything about mermaids, then you know that the tails are extremely colorful. The same goes for the tail which you will buy for your child. Of course, you can buy a mermaid tail in a muted color (and even in plain black), but children love fun colors, so you will most likely want to buy a colorful design for your child! Mermaid tails come in all the colors of the rainbow, both for adults and kids.



Q: How Do Kids Wear Mermaid Tails


The first thing to know is that you should always be there to help your child put on their fin and take it off. You should always be close to them in the water too. If your child should get tired when they are wearing the tail and fin, then it can be hard for them to get back to the side of the pool safely. Their legs and feet are joined together in the suit, and it can be difficult for them to swim if they are tired and worried about getting back to safety. As long as your child is careful and you are watchful, you will have no problems.

It can be difficult to get the tails on and off for your child. Once the tail is on, it can be hard to bend their legs, and they may need some help getting the fin on.

There are two stages to getting the tail on (if you have a tail with a monofin). The tail is the part which goes on first. This is the colorful fabric part which will cover their legs. Mermaid tails should only be used for swimming by older kids who can swim. These kids should be able to put the tail on by themselves. If younger kids are wearing a tail, then you may need to help. Younger kids can wear tails, but it should be for dress up and not for swimming.

The tail will pull up over the legs and up to the waist. The bottom of the tail will sit around the ankles. The tail should not be too loose or tight, and your child should be able to wear the tail without it falling down when they stand up.

Once the tail is on, the monofin can be put on. This is the part of the process where you may have to help your child. Your child will need to sit down to put the fin on. If they are flexible enough, then they may be able to reach down and put their feet in the tail. They can then strap themselves in if needed. You may also need to help them in. The other option is to stand up and place their feet into the tail in a standing position.

Q: What Are Mermaid Tails


Mermaid tails are designed to make you look and feel like a mermaid. The tails are made from colorful fabric, and there is a fin which makes your legs and feet look like a mermaid tail. The best tails are made from high-quality fabrics which are printed with high-quality images which look like real scales. The colors are bright and vibrant. The tails are also made from high-quality materials. The fins allow your child to propel themselves through the water at speed.

Globo Surf Overview

A great mermaid tail will have your child looking and feeling like a real mermaid. When you add a monofin, they can swim like a mermaid too! The greatest mermaid tails have your child looking like a mermaid on the sand, and feeling like one as they swim through the water.

Children like to dress up, and this is the ultimate in imaginative dress up. Using their imagination is a great way for a child to grow and develop. It can also be a super magical way to make your child fall in love with the water!

Find a mermaid tail from our list and you are guaranteed that you are getting the very best. The only problem you are going to have now is getting your child to take it off!

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