If you enjoy spending time outside in your backyard, chances are that you also like to share that space with family and friends. You may have a set of patio chairs to relax in, but not have enough for everybody. You may think to pull out your camping chairs or beach chairs, but those won’t be as comfortable as a sofa.

The best inflatable chair can be a great comfortable alternative that you can have to provide all your guests with a comfortable seat. Those chairs are convenient because they can collapse into a fraction of their size for easy storage. They are also versatile and can be placed in any location in your backyard, plus they provide the comfort everyone needs.

It can be hard to choose the best inflatable armchair because there are so many different designs and types, so that’s why we’ve prepared you a review of the top 10 options available on the market, including a buying guide.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Chair – Buying Guide



Durability is important because it would be frustrating to have a chair break on the first use. The top-rated inflatable armchair is also not the same as other outdoor non-inflatable chairs because they can be placed directly on the ground in essentially, any location.

While you don’t want to leave your inflating chair out all the time, you do want to ensure that if a sudden rainstorm comes up, it won’t damage your inflatable air lounger. The best way to ensure your air furniture is durable is to look at the materials from which the inflatable lounge is made. The actual material of the air chair may be a mix of fabric and plastic, but both materials should be overall sturdy enough to hold both the air and the weight.

Inflatable chair reviews can tell you exactly how the chair has withstood the ways it is used and for how long it has lasted, including more about the specific design and features.


It is very important that you consider how much your inflatable chair for adults can support in terms of weight capacity. The average blow-up chair can hold about 250-300 pounds of weight, but you may find designs that can hold up to 750 pounds of weight. The brand should provide information about the design of the chair, which states the maximum capacity that the chair can support.

The higher the weight capacity that air furniture can support, the slower the chair will leak air. Air leaking is natural with all designs of air furniture, so you shouldn’t be worried about a true leak. Over time, your chair will eventually lose a little amount of air because of the pressure from the weight of the person. If you use your chair for hours, you may have to blow it up again to keep it comfortable.


Most inflatable furniture won’t be flexible once it is fully inflated. There may be a few features like armrests or head pillows that can be moved and adjusted, but the actual body of the blow-up chairs shouldn’t really be flexible.

A portable inflatable chair will be flexible when it is deflated because it can be easily folded up and stored away. However, you may feel a slight flex, when you sit in your chair. As your weight applied pressure, your inflatable air lounger may bend and move slightly to accommodate you. This is normal, as it does need a little flexibility to be comfortable.

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There may be inflatable pillows that are similar to camping pillows, cup holders, or even footrests, as included in our top 10 inflatable air chairs. You may also find your own accessories like blankets, that can be safely used with your air furniture.

It will be up to your personal choice to decide how many or how few accessories you want your inflatable seating to have. The portable inflatable chairs may not come with the options you want, because it is meant to be more compact and easily maneuvered.


There are many, many different shapes available for purchase with a product. Some lounge chair designs have a shape that truly resembles a chair and other designs are similar to an sofa. Some designs don’t have a shape that resembles any kind of recognizable furniture. As for accessories, the shape of your inflatable seats will be up to personal choice.



Q: Can I use my inflatable chair in my living room besides the pool/beach?


Yes. Air furniture is extremely versatile and can be safely placed on any flat surface. A top-rated inflatable armchair can be used both indoors and outdoors, while still keeping you comfortable.

If you do choose to use your inflatable chairs indoors, you should check to make sure that they don’t track in any dirt or debris from being used outside. You can easily rinse off and dry your furniture as you switch from use indoors and outdoors.

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Q: What to do if my inflatable chair has a hole in it? Can it be fixed somehow?


Most inflatable chairs can be fixed if there is a small hole or tear with a repair kit. It may be included in the purchase of your air furniture. If there isn’t a repair kit included, most brands will have a repair kit included for separate purchase as an accessory. If you have a large puncture, you likely won’t be able to repair your chair. If a hole is too large, even a repair can change how it supports weight and what capacity it can hold.

Q: How to care for an inflatable chair?


Most inflatable chairs have easy care and maintenance. There should be care and maintenance instructions provided in the user’s information or guide for the lounge chair, that have specific information regarding your specific chair design.

However, the care and maintenance of the inflatable chairs are also rather universal. You should ensure that all inflatable furniture is fully dry before it is deflated and stored away. You can also easily clean your air furniture with water, mild soap, and a soft sponge. You may find that even just a quick rinse with the hose is good enough to clean it up.

Another way to care for your inflatable seating is to ensure that it is always stored out of sunlight. The sun has harsh rays and over time it can degrade and breakdown the plastic of your inflatable chairs.

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When it comes to the top 10 lounge chair options, you want one of the best inflatable chairs. Comfort is important for you and your guests. The best inflatable chair will have you relaxing by the pool, in the garden, on your lawn, or on your porch. The versatility of inflatable furniture means that you’ll always have a comfortable seat for everyone. If you know exactly what you need and want, you can save time and money by investing in the best inflatable air chair.

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