Despite all the fantastic possibilities they offer, most drones are very sensitive to water and even a splash can cause serious damage. So, if you plan to fly in the rain or take photos and videos around water, you should consider getting the best waterproof drone.

When buying a waterproof quadcopter, you need to make sure that the interior is completely sealed and that it can land on the water surface. To help you make the right choice, this article will explore all the important aspects when buying and take a look at the best waterproof drones currently on the market. This way, you’ll be able to fly your drone everywhere regardless of the surroundings and weather conditions.

How To Choose A Waterproof Drone – Buying Guide


Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Drones

Since you’ll come across these terms often when reading product descriptions, it’s important to explain what each of them means as they offer very different levels of water protection. Waterproof drones have their internal components completely sealed, so you can fully submerge these drones in water without receiving any damage. 

On the other hand, water-resistant drones are not completely sealed. Instead, they have a basic level of water protection that allows them to withstand light rain or an occasional splash. However, full submersion will certainly damage them, as the increased pressure will force water through the seals. 

So, if you plan to fly the drone on clear days over solid ground, you can go with a water-resistant model (it’s usually cheaper). However, if you wish to use it for fishing or photography on the water, we advise that you look for the best waterproof drones with a camera (like the Splash Drone 3 Plus or the PowerEgg).

Before you make your decision, always check the specs, item description, and user reviews of a particular model to see if it’s really waterproof or just water-resistant. In addition, make sure to check if the waterproof quadcopter is designed for fresh or saltwater and whether it can safely land on the water surface.

Additional Features

While water protection is the main thing to look for, you still want your new drone for water to have other features that will make it more enjoyable. These include a drone waterproof camera, well-made controllers, and advanced functions that will make the flying experience even better. 

If you’re buying your first drone, look for features that make it more user-friendly (return-to-home, headless flying, or 6-axis gyro). The return-to-home option on the remote sends the signal to the drone that it needs to come back to the starting point, and it does that completely automatically.

The headless flying mode is a feature that makes controlling the drone much easier for inexperienced users. To sum it up, it allows you to move the waterproofing drone in the exact direction you press on the remote regardless of the drone’s current position in the air. In relation to this, a 6-axis gyro makes positioning and handling a lot easier. 

In addition to the features we’ve mentioned, GPS capability is very important for professional drone pilots so many sophisticated waterproof drones for water come with dual-navigation compatibility. On the other hand, if you plan to use your drone for fishing and dropping bait, make sure that it can carry items and has a good payload capacity.

As for photography and filming, you need a waterproof drone with a camera or an underwater drone GoPro compatible model, so you can capture high-quality shots and videos. Furthermore, some waterproof drones will even allow you to attach a custom camera with the performance you need. 

Range and Flight Time

Just like any other standard drone, your waterproof quadcopter must have a good range and flight time. This can vary significantly from one model to the next, and depends on two things – battery capacity and controller range.

Depending on the model you choose, the flight time can go from 5 to over 30 minutes. However, keep in mind that this can also be affected by outside factors. For example, if your drone is carrying weight or has to fight strong wind or rain, the flight time will be greatly reduced.



Q: How To Care For My Drone?


If you want your drone to last for a long time, proper care and maintenance are necessary. While it’s perfectly understandable that you want to fly it as soon as you get it, it’s incredibly important that you go through the instructions. This will help you assemble it properly so it doesn’t get damaged, and also give you pointers on how to get the most out of it once it’s up in the air.

When flying your drone, make sure to adhere to the limitations and restrictions regarding flying conditions, weather conditions, and terrain that the manufacturer has specified. This will ensure that you’re using your drone right so it isn’t at risk of getting damaged and subsequently voiding the warranty.

Before all flying sessions, take time to inspect your drone and make sure that the motors and propellers are clear of any obstructions and debris. Of course, like with all other drones, avoid flying in congested areas with power lines, crowds, near aircraft, and in restricted areas such as airports and national parks.

Finally, make sure to always rinse the waterproof drones with fresh water after using it in saltwater. As you certainly know, salt can cause corrosion on sensitive metal parts, which will eventually ruin your drone.

Q: What Can I Use A Water-resistant Drone For?


With a water-resistant drone, the possibilities are endless. Waterproof drones are truly versatile devices that you can use on pretty much all surfaces and in all weather conditions. They are used by hobbyists, professionals, and some are even used for industrial applications.

In addition, you can use your rain proof drone to film your outdoor activities - kayaking, boating, surfing, or sailing. If you get a fully waterproof model, you can also use it to explore, film, and photograph the life underwater.

If you love fishing, you can use waterproof drones with cameras to scout for good fishing spots and search for fish, and you can even use it to drop fish bait in hard-to-access fishing areas. Finally, professional-grade waterproof drones are used in search and rescue missions to deliver life vests to people in distress.

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If you’re a drone enthusiast, having one of the best waterproof drones can really take your flying on a different level. Since these units don’t come cheap, you should pay close attention to the options and specs that each model offers and make sure it fits your expectations. We hope that our guide and reviews helped you do that, so you can enjoy your new drone regardless of the situation or weather conditions.

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