The best waterproof drones have their electronic components completely sealed off and frames watertight and impervious to water. They can withstand not only splashes but also full submersion in water without suffering any damage. You can fly them in the rain or snow, land them in water, use them to explore, film and photograph the underwater world and use them when fishing, kayaking, surfing, and boating.

The challenge in finding the best waterproof drone for your needs is that not many professional drones on the market are equipped to withstand water damage. Luckily, there are some manufacturers who have gone the extra mile and made waterproof quadcopters. Below, we’ve reviewed ten drones that you can confidently use around and in water. They range from fun RC quadcopters, professional-grade waterproof drones with cameras to fully submersible underwater drones.

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How To Choose A Waterproof Drone – Buying Guide


Professional level waterproof drones don’t come cheap. They’re a valuable investment that you folk money out for expecting reliable performance for years to come in return. To ensure you choose a really waterproof quadcopter that meets the requirements for the kind of use you want it for, here are the factors to consider.

Registration and License

You’re usually not required to register your drone if you’re just a hobbyist who flies for fun and exploration but a professional drone requires registration. If you plan to go beyond enjoying drone flying as a hobby and profit from it, you will need to acquire a¬†drone pilot license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). You can learn more about this¬†commercial drone¬†license¬†requirement on the FAA website.¬†

Waterproof drones vs. Water-resistant drones

Not all drones are waterproof and it is important to note that water resistant is not the same as waterproof. 

Waterproof drones have their internal components completely sealed watertight and can be fully submerged in water without suffering any damage. 

Water resistant drones are often not completely sealed tight. They have some basic level of water protection or splash proofing and can stand exposure to light drizzles or the occasional splash without an issue. Full submersion in water though will damage them, as the increased water pressure as depth increases will force water through the seals. 

If you want one of the best waterproof drones for photography, filming or fishing or any other use around or in water, you will need to get a waterproof quadcopter. If you fly in clear days over solid ground, a water resistant drone will be sufficient.  

Check the drone’s spec details, item description, and user reviews to ensure it is really waterproof not just water resistant.

Depending on your intended use of a waterproof quadcopter, it is important to check whether the quadcopter is equipped to land and take off from water or equipped for saltwater use. 


Apart from being waterproof, you will want to ensure the drone you get has the features you need for your intended use and offers you a good flying experience.

If it is your first drone, user-friendly features like return-to-home key that enables your drone to return to its starting point, ability to operate in headless mode without the drone’s nose having to face the direction of flight and beginner friendly drones axis such as the 6-axis gyro for ease of launching and handling and flying stability will make your flying experience pleasant.

GPS capability is a very important feature for professional drone pilots. If you want one for photography and filming, you need a waterproof drone with camera or an underwater drone GoPro compatible one so you can capture high-quality shots and videos. Some drones will allow you to attach your own waterproof camera with the specs you need. 

If you want a drone for fishing, you will want to pay attention to its payload capacity and release mechanism. 

Range and Flight time

Now that you’re getting a waterproof quadcopter to overcome the challenge of water damage, the limiting factor you will face will be range and flight time.¬†Check how long the drone’s battery life will enable you to fly before you have to recharge the battery or use a spare.

The flight time gets shorter when your drone is carrying a load or flying in difficult conditions such as in water, rainy and windy conditions. This means that you can expect the actual flight time to be shorter than stated. Also, check how far your drone can go without going out of range of the remote signal.



Q: How To Care For My Drone?


Once you’ve done your research and acquired the best water resistant drone, proper care will keep it in good condition so you can benefit from it for years to come.

When you first get your drone, you will be eager to get it going and give it a spin but it is important too, first of all, go through the user instructions and manuals that come with it before you assemble and fly it.

When flying your drone, adhere to the limitations and restrictions regarding flying conditions, weather conditions, and terrain that the manufacturer has set. This will ensure you use your drone right and don’t break regulations or damage your drone voiding the warranty.

Before all flying sessions, take time to first preflight your drone to ensure the motors and propellers are clear of any obstructions and debris.

Avoid flying in congested areas with power lines, crowds, near aircraft, and unauthorized operation in restricted areas such as airports and national parks

After salt water use or exposure, always rinse your drone thoroughly with fresh water to avoid potential corrosion, as salt water can cause even corrosion-resistant drones to corrode.

Q: What Can I Use A Water-resistant Drone For?


When you have a water-resistant drone, the possibilities are endless. Waterproof drones are truly versatile drones you can use on all surfaces and weather conditions. They are used by hobbyists, professionals, and there are some designed for industrial applications.

You can use a drone to film your activities as you fish, kayak, boat, surf, or sail. You can use it to explore, film, and photograph the underwater landscape.

If you love fishing, you can not only use a drone to scout fishing spots and search for fish, you can use them to drop your bait in hard to access but prime fishing areas.

Professional grade waterproof drones are used in search and rescue missions to deliver life vests quickly in hard to access areas. Like this mountain climber who was presumed dead but was luckily rescued after a drone spotted him clinging to the side of the Himalayas.

Globo Surf Overview

Waterproof drones are some of the best pieces of modern technology. By investing in a water-resistant drone, your flying won’t be limited to sunny days and dry ground. You can use your quadcopter in water bodies and fly them in all kinds of weather conditions. Even if you prefer to keep your flight in the sky over¬†solid¬†ground and fly when the weather is bright and clear, having a waterproof quadcopter can give you peace of mind that you won’t lose your valuable investment in case of an accidental landing in water, heavy splashing, or sudden downpour.

Right now, the only limitation is that the number of professional drones that are waterproof is still small. The good news is the number is rising gradually. Our reviews feature top-rated drones that are of good quality and well made to deliver reliable performance. Ensure the drone you go for is waterproof enough for your needs by paying attention to the specs. If the ability to float and take off from water is important to you, check whether the drone is capable of landing as well as taking off from the water.

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