Traveling to different areas that have new waters is always exciting; bringing your boat along with you makes it even greater! No matter your type of boat, there’s something amazing about experiencing a new body of water from the top.

Whenever you travel with your boat, you’ll want to protect it. You can do this simply by getting a boat cover that’ll keep your boat safe while you’re traveling or while you’re docked. Boats are expensive and create memories, they’re important to protect!

With the internet, there’s so many options out there for boat covers that it can be hard to sift through all of them. However, this guide will help you look at the best boat covers in 2020 as well as provide you some key things to look at when choosing your own boat cover!

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How To Choose The Best Boat Cover – Buying Guide


Material Combination

When you’re looking to buy a boat cover, one of the most important things to look at is the material combination. The material combination is what really keeps your boat protected from the elements, so you’ll want something strong, similar to getting a pool cover.

Most of the best boat covers say that they’re marine grade polyester, or 300-600D. The higher the number, the better the fabric, so any of these things work great. 600D is the better option, since you want to be prepared for anything to happen!


While it sounds silly to have a waterproof boat cover when boats go on water, it’s very important in two ways. First, you don’t want water coming through the boat cover and being trapped in your boat. That defeats the purpose of a boat cover.

You also don’t want water trapped in your boat; it’ll cause mildew and mold to start forming. This smells bad and is bad for both your boat and your health. If your pool cover isn’t waterproof, then you’ll end up hurting your boat instead of protecting it.

Size Varieties

Like stand up paddle boards, boat covers vary in sizes. The best boat covers always vary in size because they’re made with the size of your boat in mind. Boat covers that think about your boats size are tailoring their protective aspects to that size boat, making them safer.

Boat covers that don’t worry about the size of the boat aren’t near as protective. The idea is that you can tailor them to your boats size by using elastic cords and buckles, but that’s not as protective as it should be. That stretches the fabric, making it less effective at protecting your boat.


The seams are important when you’re buying a boat cover since they can be the weakest point of the fabric. This is where your boat cover could possibly start to break down or let the elements through, so you want to ensure that the seams are put together well.

Seams are also the place that boat covers can start unraveling some. This can cause the entire boat cover to come apart, and no one wants to spend that money on a new one because the one they bought didn’t work well. Make sure you ask how the seams are kept together!

Tying Cords

Tying cords are another important part to buying a boat cover. Tying cords are what allows you to keep the cover on top of your boat, even if you’re pulling it. There’s elastic cords and buckles. You’ll want to think about what’s easiest for you so that you can cut your preparation time down when you’re headed out somewhere, like the beach.

Elastic cords keep the cover tight by pulling on it and keeping it securely on your boat. Buckles do the same thing by locking a strap into place so that your boat cover won’t slip off. Both of these are great ways to keep a boat cover on, so pick whatever is easiest for you!


Boat covers need to be durable. Considering the point of buying a boat cover is to protect a boat, you definitely don’t want the cover to be so bad that it doesn’t even protect itself. If a boat cover doesn’t last for very long, it probably won’t protect your boat for very long either.

There’s also the fact that boat covers can be epensive. You’re going to want to make sure that you don’ot need to buy a new one a few months after you buy the first one, so you want one that’s durable. Wasting money is never fun.

You’re also going to want to think about the conditions that you’re boat is in when it comes to durability. If you’re someone who lives where it snows a lot, that boat cover is going to be different than someone who lives in a tropical environment. By tailoring your boat cover to your conditions, then you can increase how long your boat cover will last!



Q: How do I clean a boat cover?


There’s several different ways that you can clean a boat cover. Like with hot tub covers, it’s extremely important to clean both sides of your boat cover. Leftover water or condensated water is bound to be there when you’re using a boat cover, and even little amounts can cause bacteria to grow, so you need to clean them often.

Most all boat covers can be cleaned with warm soapy water. The fabric is supposed to be durable and protective, so soap shouldn’t harm it. However, you’ll want to make sure that your boat cover can be washed like that whenever you buy it. Some extremely light boat covers can even go into a washer, so check for that as well!

Q: How do I put on a coat cover?


Boat covers can be put on in a couple different ways, depending on who you have with you to help, if anyone. If you’re by yourself, a boat cover can be a little more difficult to put on, but it’s feasible.

With two people, you throw the boat cover on the boat and each of you secure it on opposite sides of the boat, working your way around to where they started securing the cover. This will let you both be able to pull as tightly as you need to when you’re putting it on.

With one person, you’ll want to throw the boat cover on the boat and gently secure it to make sure the boat cover doesn’t slip off. Then, when the whole thing is gently secured, you can go back around to get the tight fit that you’ll need for protection.

Globo Surf Overview

The best boat cover in 2018 is the MSC Heavy Duty 6000 Waterproof Boat Cover. With the wide variety of color options and size options, this boat cover will provide you with a perfect and stylish fit for your boat. With a double PU coating that keeps it and your boat protected from UV rays and mildew, you’ll be set to go with this boat cover.

It’s also got the option to get support poles with it, so it works perfectly no matter where you live or where you’re taking your boat. With a three year warranty, this boat is perfect for your next adventure.

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