In our experience, kayaking is a summer activity. Although we know that there are some crazy winter kayakers out there, most of us are looking to store our kayak somewhere dry and out of the sun over winter. Did you know that leaving your kayak out over winter can cause damage? There are a number of precautionary measures you can take to store your kayak and make sure that it doesn’t suffer damage. We’ve spent time checking out the best kayak covers on the market in 2023, so read on to find out how to protect your kayak over winter.

How To Choose A Kayak Cover – Buying Guide



There are no differences between kayak covers for conoe covers, the only important thing to do is make sure you get the right size. When it comes to the material of the covers however, there are plenty of things to look out for.

Look for something that is waterproof, and any sign that it can withstand sharp objects and potential rips and tears.

For kayak covers that have zips rather than a drawstring it is important that the kayak rain cover is double stitched and that the seams are lined to ensure that they remain waterproof over time. Not all covers are for outdoor storage, so when looking for this type of kayak covers make sure to select extra durable material.


There are a number of features that kayak covers may have to ensure that it remains waterproof for long periods of time. An initially good sign is that the cover has warranty, this shows that the manufacturers have a strong confidence in the materials. Secondly the material itself should be clearly water resistant. Polyester and Oxford Taffeta are strong materials that are known to hold up their waterproofness over time.

Another important consideration is the tautness of the cover over the length of the kayak. If the kayak storage bag can be strapped down tightly, there is little chance of water pooling on the cover and causing damage. Any extra straps that mean that the cover is tight, and water runs off the material rather than pooling on it helps waterproof the kayak.


The more durable your kayak travel cover the better. Look out for covers that come with specifically designed materials that stop rips and tears. Most storage bags are made from fairly heavyweight material, however stronger materials often come with the compromise of being heavier or more expensive.

UV Protection

UV protection is essential for protecting the paintwork of your kayak. Long term exposure to UV rays can begin to weaken the plastic of your boat and cause imperfections and failures. Top rated kayak covers will always be UV resistant, and we’ve made sure all of the covers on this list will keep your canoe or kayak safe from the sun.

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Clip or Cord

In what way is the cover secured to the kayak? There is no point buying a cover that hangs loose from your kayak or one that doesn’t properly secure it. There are a number of different ways that kayak covers seal, the most common being a drawstring elastic paracord. Another option for closing off the cover are zip seals, which are also highly effective and provide a sleeker more complete style to your kayak bag.

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Q: What are kayak/canoe covers and why would I need one?


When reading kayak cover reviews make sure to check what kind of cover your looking at. There are two variations of cover within this list. Kayak covers, and cockpit covers. Both are important for securing different types of kayaks in the offseason.

Cockpit covers are used to protect the cockpit of sit-in kayaks. This prevents water pooling and causing damage inside the kayak. Cockpit covers also stop small animals finding your kayaking and using it as a dry warm nesting place for the winter.

Kayak storage bags, on the other hand, are used to completely protect your kayak against the elements when not it in use. They are an essential tool for the maintenance and the storage of your kayak and ensure that your kayak will not become damaged while not in use.

When using a cover, it is important to make sure that your kayak is completely dry before attaching it.

Q: Are kayak covers waterproof?


Yes, almost all kayak covers are waterproof. The key two things that cause damage to a kayak are UV rays and water. Kayaks suffer general wear and tear due to exposure to the elements, so kayak covers work by limiting the wear and tear they experience when not in use.

Globosurf Overview

There is a broad range of kayak storage bags available and new designs have entered the market in recent years. We really like how the best kayak covers have a nice sleek fit over the body of your kayak.

If you are less bothered about looks and just need something to put over your kayak in the winter months then any of the options here will work for you. Just make sure to buy the right size and you’ll be able to keep your kayak safe and protected.

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