Boating is a great way to have some fun and spend time on the water. If you love spending time on your boat, installing a set of speakers and a receiver will help you maximize the fun. They will provide you good sound quality on your trip, but you may notice that the volume seems to always be turned down.

With the best boat amplifier, you are able to boost the signal without sacrificing the audio quality of the stereos. But when it comes to choosing which of the best marine amplifier options would best suit your needs, there are a few different features that you should take into consideration before you make a purchase.

Depending on your needs, there are different models available and not all marine amplifiers have the same features. Our buying guide can help you determine what you need and what would best suit your needs so that you can get back out on the water and get the party started and change your tune from clammy to crystal clear.

How To Choose A Marine Amplifier – Buying Guide


The Models Available

There are many different models available in our marine amplifier reviews. Not all the best marine amplifiers are equal and not all of them are the same. In general, you will want to ensure the model you invest in is durable enough to withstand exposure to the elements if it won’t be housed inside a compartment. All the best marine amps should be made to ensure you get multiple years’ worth of trips out of one marine amp.

Also, different models have different driving power. This means that some models may feature different watts and power ranges. The watts RMS of the device stands for the continuous power range and normally, the higher the rating number is – the better the speaker will sound at its peak power.

You will need to match the model of the amplifier to your speakers. If you have a set of speakers with a lower power range, you need to be sure that they can accommodate the addition.

Choosing the Right Type

With all the different models of waterproof amplifiers, there are also different types of amps. All of the options will boost the signal, clarity, and volume of marine speakers, but there are differences between the designs.

Some types of amplifiers have cables that extend from the amplifier that can then be connected to your marine speakers. Most marine amps will need to have additional cables that will connect it to your sound system and marine speakers. Other types of marine amplifiers will have different controls and setting abilities, and there are Bluetooth marine amp options too.

It is important that you determine if the additional features of the design will suit your needs and speakers. The best marine audio amplifiers should always be compatible with your sound system and the marine speakers.

Number of Channels

The number of channels featured will determine how many speakers it can power. There are mono channel and multi-channel options. Most multi-channel designs come in the numbers of 2, 4, 5, and 6 for powering multiple speakers. Mono channel designs can only power one speaker and often are used to power a subwoofer.

Most speakers come in pairs, which means that you will likely need to invest in a multi-channel option. If you have more than 2, be certain that you correlate the number of channels to the number of speakers that you wish to power.

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Ease of Use and Installation

All marine amps should come with the provided manufacturer’s instructions, information, or a guide. However, the top-rated boat amplifier should be straight forward to use and easy to install. Generally, buttons and ports for cables will be labeled on the device. This makes it easy for you to change the settings or attach any cables. They really only do one job, which is increasing and clarify the quality of the sound, so they shouldn’t be confusing to operate.

Most boaters can also install their own amp simply by following the manufacturer’s provided information or installation guide. Most installation procedures will require that you secure it to your boat and then connect the cables to your sound system and speakers. It is best to follow the provided manufacturer’s instructions for installation. However, keep in mind that not all of the amplifiers come with the necessary installation kits. Most of the amplifiers will have an installation kit provided or available for purchase so that you can install the amp yourself.

It’s also important to remember that it will work off of your batteries, which run other electronics like your GPS. You may have some supportive features like battery boxes and battery chargers too. All these can keep your marine amps running.

High/Low Pass Filters

Most amplifiers will give you the ability to control and change settings in regard to the quality of the sound and frequencies. By adjusting the settings, you can eliminate problems like distortion.

The best marine amplifier will have high/low pass filters which can enhance the audio quality. Filters for a high pass will redirect low frequencies away from your speakers and low pass filters will redirect high frequencies away from your speakers, which eliminates distortion.

Bass Boost Functionality

A bass boost functionality works well with a subwoofer or speakers, but it can lead to distortion. If you choose to have and use a bass boost functionality, you will want to be sure you have high/low pass filters to help eliminate any distortion.



Q: What are the uses of a marine amplifier?


 It works with the subwoofer or marine speakers to enhance the clarity and volume of the sound on your boat. For boaters who like to listen to music on the boat, marine amps help boost the level of their music and make it less clammy. Depending on the model and the type, they can be used with multiple speakers to ensure you have an all-around great sound on your boat.

Q: Why add an amplifier to my boat?


If you are ever frustrated with not being able to hear the music on your boat or you simply want a louder sound, marine amplifiers are a quick fix to that issue. Marine amps enhance the quality and volume of the sound on your boat, which can be a great addition to any day on the water. They are a great way to boost the music on your boat and bring it to a new level of fun. By investing in a model, you can make the sound on your boat better and stronger.

Q: How many channels do I need?


This will be dependent on your set up. If you own a small boat with a pair of speakers, a 2 channel design would suit you well. However, if you are ever thinking of adding more speakers or have more speakers, you should get one with more channels. In general, the number of channels it has should correlate to the number of speakers that you wish to power. If you want to power speakers and a subwoofer, it would be best to go with a 5 channel marine amp or more.

Globo Surf Overview

When it comes to choosing the best marine amplifier, you shouldn’t feel lost at sea. The best boat amplifier will boost the clarity and volume of your speakers so that you can blast the music. If you know exactly what you need and want you can save time and money.

We’ve worked over researching the models available and collected the top options for you. Together with the buying guide available you can easily pick a model that will match your stereo and bring you fun during the summer days.

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