An above ground pool wouldn’t be much use without a pool liner. They will keep the water inside of the pool most importantly but they will also allow you to easily clean the pool to keep it looking great at all times.

The liner will cover the whole area of your pool and because they are a flexible lining, it allows you to choose from a whole range of different designs which allows for a lot of personality. Before that though there is a lot of different aspects to consider before you can get the best above ground pool liner.

Here we explain all the options available and answer the key question so you can make an informed decision on the best above ground pool pad for your pool. We have also looked through the above ground pool liner reviews to come up with a list of the best products on the market.

How To Choose The Best Above Ground Pool Liner – Buying Guide



When it comes to above ground pool liners there are a few different types that you need to consider but two main ones and they are overlap or beaded. Most come in an overlap design which is simply draped over the edge of the wall and then held into place by plastic coping and a top rail which is then placed on top.

A beaded liner is one that has beads which run on the inside track of the pool so offer a different solution. This means that you don’t have pool liner hanging over your pool’s wall but does mean that you need to be more precise with your measurement and water can also seep between the liner and the pool wall.


It seems obvious to point out but size is the most important aspect to get right when it comes to your liner but a surprising amount of people will get this wrong and end up with a liner that is either too big or too small.

The pool height is measured from the ground up to the top rail of your wall and the size of a round pool is measured from wall to wall through the center of your pool in order to work out its diameter. It’s best to do this in a couple of spots in case there are slight variations with the numbers.


Pool liners have to be made out of a very tough material due to the consequences of what can happen if they were to get damaged. This could lead to at least an intrusion of dirt and a dangerous edge but at the worst it could least to major water loss with your pool.

All liners featured here are made out of vinyl but you will see some which are made out of virgin vinyl which offers a different level of quality. Virgin vinyl is not made from any recycled plastics which means that it is completely new and offers a higher level of material.


One of the best things about getting a pool liner is that you get to choose the color and design of the liner and add the extra bit of personality to your pool. There are standard designs to be found to add a more classic look but there are also more fun designs too such as a shark or a dolphin. This comes down to personal preference and whatever will suit you and your pool.


If you want more texture to your pool rather than a smooth surface then getting a product which has a pattern on it would be a good choice as this would add more of a feel you’d get with a traditional pool and it’d be a less slippy option. All vinyl liners though feel good under your foot so this isn’t something to worry about too much.


As with any product, a warranty not only acts as insurance should anything ever go with it but it also gives you more confidence if you’re buying a product with a warranty as it makes you feel as though a company has faith in their own product.

It’s important to check your warranty to make sure that it covers everything that you need and it’s also important to inspect your product as soon as you get it to ensure that there aren’t any flaws in it. Most companies though offer a very long warranty as the product will be a quality one.


When it comes to the material thickness they come in ‘gauges’ with the higher number being a greater degree of thickness. It goes without saying that the higher the number, the more durable your liner is going to be but that extra thickness comes with an extra cost and with it being thicker, it’s also hard to install.



Q: What Are Pool Liners For Above Ground Pool?


While there are some above ground pools which are made more like regular pools with hard surfaces, above ground pools generally refer to a more simple and sometimes temporary solution which is a lot more basic than in ground pools.

They are built with an outer wall and that outer wall needs something attached which is able to hold the water, which is where the pool liner will come in as this will act as a barrier between you and the outside of the pool.

Q: Why Do I Need Pool Liners?


Most above ground pools are made from a fixed wall that will be installed securely into place and they will be centered around the middle of the pool which before its covered will most likely just be dirt. Therefore you need something in the center of the walls in order to keep the water in and the dirt out.

Without the pool liner you simply wouldn’t have a pool as the water wouldn’t be able to stay in the walls. In effect, your pool liner is your pool and the walls are there to simply keep it into place. Therefore getting the right pool liner is vital if you want a good looking and safe pool environment.

Q: How To Clean Pool Liners?


Due to their two different material types, cleaning an in ground pool is a lot different from cleaning an above ground pool. With an in ground pool you can be a lot tougher as the walls will be made of ceramic or some other strong material.

Vinyl though is tough in its own way and you have the option to either go with a manual pool cleaner or opt for an automatic one. A manual cleaner is a good option and one which will leave you with a clean pool after a little bit of effort. There are automatic pool cleaners though with being able to be used on above ground pool which can make the cleaning process a lot easier.

An automatic pool cleaner can just be left to do its thing in your pool while you do other things and when you come back you’ll have a nice clean pool. With vinyl pools as well you want to ensure that you are keeping an eye on the PH level of the pool to ensure the safety of everyone inside and to protect the vinyl materials.

Q: Why Do Different Companies Have The Same Pool Liner Patterns With Different Names?


When it comes to pool liners there can be many slight differences when it comes to the product with the main two being with size and gauge. It’s important therefore to fully read through the product descriptions to ensure that you are getting the product that you need.

You need to be sure that you are getting the right material, thickness and quality that is advertised and if you don’t see the important figures that you need to see, then you need to move on to the next product as it might indicate that not everything is as it’s meant to be.

Globo Surf Overview

You couldn’t have an above ground pool without having an above ground pool liner as it is essential to the structure of the pool. It essentially acts as a big bowl as it keeps all the water from getting out and makes sure that nothing harmful can get into the water.

While blow up swimming pools are great, above ground pools offer something different as although their structure isn’t as solid as an in ground pool, they offer an experience which is a lot more similar as you can be in a large pool which can contain a lot of water.

Cleaning your pool is important as there can be a build-up of material at the bottom over time and other such factors like bacteria growth can start to become a problem as well. Thankfully there are many great cleaners out there which can do a great job of keeping your pool fresh.

Whether opting for one of the above ground beaded pool liners or an overlap solution can come down to aesthetics as an overlap liner might show the edge of the liner on the outside of the pool but it does ensure that all the water stays in the pool. A pool liner for above ground pool with a beaded installation might look slightly better but can leave a small gap for water to go between the liner and the wall, but this isn’t much of an issue.

When looking for the top rated above ground pool pad other consideration come into effect as well. Thickness is a big factor as you want to ensure that you are getting a durable material and you need for this can depend on how much it’s going to be used and how much sunlight it will be exposed to.

When you’ve taken all the key aspects into consideration then all you need to worry about is picking your favorite design which is one of the fun parts. Whether you’re looking for replacement above ground pool liners or simply installing one for the first time, you get a lot more design choices than you would with a traditional pool.

Once you’ve ticked all your boxes and made sure the product meets all your requirements then you can select the best pool liner for you and enjoy splashing around in the pool. Once you’re all set up then you can think about what type of pool floats you should buy or how you want it to look at night and enjoy yourself in your new above ground pool with your stylish and durable pool liner.

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