Regardless of age, anyone can enjoy a dip in a swimming pool in the heat of the summer. Swimming pools are a great way to have fun and cool off, but it isn’t always easy or affordable to dig and install your own inground pool. The best alternative to an inground swimming pool is an above-ground swimming pool.

Intex pools have become extremely popular as an alternative because they are easy to install and affordable. With the best Intex above ground pool, you don’t have to worry about costly construction. The best Intex pools are relatively quick and easy to set up.

Due to their popularity, there are a lot of different Intex pool designs. There are oval pool shapes, as well as different sizes of them. It can be difficult deciding which option would work best for you, so we’ve put all the best Intex pools you need into this article.

With our top choices and buying guide, you can be prepared and feel confident investing in a top-rated Intex above ground pool.

How To Choose An Intex Pool – Buying Guide


The Intex Pool Types

There are actually a few different types of swimming pools, children’s pools, inflatable vinyl, vinyl with a steel frame, and vinyl with a premium metal frame.

  • Children’s: Out of all the sizes of Intex pools, these are the smallest design. They are designed with parental supervision in mind and can accommodate a few children. Their overall structure is similar to the large Intex pool designs, but they are often finished with bright colors or patterns that appeal more to kids. Certain designs may also feature fun extras like a built-in slide or water sprayer.
  • Inflatable vinyl: These Intex swimming pools are the easiest to set up out of all the styles. These Intex pools are made of vinyl and only require that you inflate the top ring, so once it is inflated, you just have to add water. The inflatable vinyl pools come in a variety of sizes with them generally accommodating up to 6 people. However, these designs may not be as durable because they lack a durable frame, which also means they are better for a quick dip or light play.
  • Vinyl with metal frame: These Intex easy set designs are more durable than the inflatable vinyl option. This is because there is a metal frame that gives the pool’s structure added stability. It allows you to use the pool for more activities like exercise or water sports, are quick to set up and can often accommodate 8 people or more.
  • Vinyl with premium metal frame: The ultra frame design is the most durable of all the options. The metal frame pool has been treated for resistance to rust and corrosion, while the walls of the large ones are made of triple-ply vinyl. It is still fast and easy to set up, with the ability to fill it with water in about an hour. This is the largest Intex option and is great for vigorous exercise, games, and play and can easily accommodate more than 8 people.

Easy Installation Procedure

All Intex swimming pool designs are relatively straightforward and easy to install. That is one of the great benefits of the design. Inflatable styles will be the fastest to set up and fill, which means you could have a swimming place in your yard in a matter of minutes. The ultra frame pool or any frame design can take longer to set up. You have to assemble the frame before filling it, which can take one to two hours.

Size of the Swimming Pool

These Intex pools come in a few different sizes, as we mentioned in the Intex pool reviews. Size is important in terms of two considerations. How many people you want to fit inside it and how large space you have to house it. However, you can use a general guideline to figure out how many people it can hold based on its measurements.

  • An 8-foot diameter pool with a depth of 30 inches can accommodate 2-4 people.
  • A 15-foot diameter pool with a depth of 42 inches can accommodate 4-7 people.
  • An 18-foot diameter pool with a depth of 48 inches can accommodate 8 or more people.

You should be careful trying to fit more people in a large one than it can accommodate. If you try to overfill it, the frame could collapse and break.

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Material of the Best Intex Pool

The company commonly uses a durable vinyl for all their designs. It will often be thick and flexible. It is also waterproof and should be easy to clean, together with the ground cloth. The frame will be made of metal, determining how durable will it be. The Intex pools ultra frame has metal that is often treated to be resistant to rust and corrosion but overall, Intex strives to use high-quality and durable materials that will last their customers throughout the years.

Creating a Budget for Maintainance

Each option comes with maintenance costs. You can learn all the ways to maintain and clean your above ground pool, but you will need to know basic chemistry. You may also need to learn how to use a pool test kit to check your water.

It is important that you keep your water clean, which may also require investing in pumps. The better you clean and maintain your large swimming surface, the longer it will last. Just remember that it won’t cost as much as an inground swimming place to maintain your Intex swimming pool, but there are still maintenance costs that are important investments.

Taking Care for the Safety

It is always important to have and practice swimming pool safety. If you have children you may want to consider pool alarms, above ground pool ladders, and fences to keep children from accidentally falling in or protecting someone who can’t swim.

In general, an Intex oval pool or the easy installation ones are safe for everyone to use if it has been properly installed and filled. However, as with any swimming surface, you should use caution and children should always be supervised.



Q: How to store Intex pool in winter?


There is a detailed guideline that comes in the package of the Intex pools since storing it on the right way is important for keeping it protected. You should remove all the plumbing from the pool and set it aside to dry, drain the pool completely and deflate the top ring of it.

Sprinkling talcum powder over the pool will prevent damage, and fold it nicely as recommended in the manual. In the end, you should store it in a dry location, where mice and other pests cannot cause damage.

Q: What preparations do I need to do before installing an Intex pool?


You will want to ensure that the place where you want to install it is large enough to accommodate the entire set up. It is important that there is enough space to comfortably set it up, as well as space around it to run around.

You should also consider purchasing accessories like covers and above ground liners. These two accessories can extend the life of your swimming surface.

Q: What chemicals do I use for my Intex pool?


Chlorine tablets are the most common and efficient sanitizer to use in above ground pools. These tablets are compressed so that they dissolve slowly and steadily release free chlorine into your water to wipe out bacteria and keep your water clean. Chlorine also comes in sticks and granules.

Q: Why choose an Intex pool over other brands?


There are other above ground pools that are not Intex brand. It is purely up to your preference, which brand you choose. However, a top-rated Intex above ground pool provides benefits in the expense with affordable designs available. They also have easy installation, easy maintenance, and mobility in their large Intex designs. Intex pool reviews are consistent, with the brand being long-lasting and keeping customers happy. The best Intex pools will outshine the competition.

Globo Surf Overview

With a top-rated Intex above ground pool, you can unlock the fun of summer. In the suffocating heat, a dip in an Intex swimming pool can get your temperature down. No matter your age, you can have fun with an Intex ultra frame pool. As well, there are a lot of swimming health benefits that you can experience with a new pool. If you know exactly what you need, you can save time and money by investing in the best Intex above ground pool.

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