There’s no going on a hiking or camping trip without a reliable flashlight in your backpack. It’s simply mandatory to put one on any list while getting prepared for your next adventure. But a regular flashlight won’t do; you need one which is better equipped for the exact type of outdoor adventure you’re embarking on.

There are a ton of situations for which you need a source of light, whether for getting yourself out of a tight spot, for playing camping games in your tent or for tinkering with the camp set-up. If you need to keep the flashlight in your car, then you need to look into some of the best tactical flashlights. But if you’re going on a water sports adventure, then you absolutely need your flashlight to be waterproof. You wouldn’t want a few drops to ruin it.

We’ve presented the best flashlights currently on the market before, but now we’re following up with this guide on the best waterproof flashlights to consider. We’ll start with a list of the top 8 picks and why we think each of them deserves a spot here, and we’ll then get into the main things you need to look at when buying a flashlight. Here we go!

How To Choose A Waterproof Flashlight – Buying Guide


Waterproof Rating  

You will notice different ratings mentioned on the labels of the best waterproof flashlights, usually starting with IP followed by a number. Here is what every single rating means, so you get a better idea about what you’re buying:

  • IP65 (lowest) means the tool will resist water jets (like rain)
  • IP66 means your tool will resist even powerful water jets with no damage
  • IP67 (highest) means your flashlight can also resist immersion in water up to 1 meter.

If you’re looking for a flashlight that will be able to function while or going through the rain, then a rating of IP65 or IP66 are enough. If you’re looking for one you can actually use underwater for photography, look for a rating IP67. If you’re kayaking or doing other watersports where your flashlight might be dropped in the water but you don’t need to use it beneath, then look for a floating flashlight.

Shockproof Or Impact Resistant

The best waterproof flashlight options are also much more resistant than your usual flashlight for home use. They are designed to withstand shock and being dropped from a great height, even onto a hard surface, such as a rock. You can definitely use such a flashlight while hiking or rock climbing with no need to fear that you’ll damage it should it fall.

Durability And Housing

The best water resistant flashlight models on the market come with clear guarantees and predictions about their expected average life. This refers both to how many hours the LED lights have in them (throughout all the recharging cycles, also), and to all of the other components of your lighting tool. As long as you respect the manufacturer’s recommendations, you don’t need to worry about the flashlight leaving you high and dry.

Such good care recommendations will also include how to store away your flashlight when you’re not using it. Keeping it wrapped up in a soft fabric is a great place to start for most of the best waterproof flashlight models. Some even come with their own holsters for this purpose.

Functions For Emergency Purposes

A good waterproof tactical flashlight should come with emergency functions as well. This means it can emit very bright rapid signals that let the rescuers know where you are.

If you have a model in your sights and you’re not sure if it provides such an emergency function, just ask. Most of them do, though, so you can rest assured that if you find yourself stranded, your flashlight can help you out of the tight spot.

Strobe Function

The strobe function is intended for self-defense, and it was first used by police flashlights. It is meant to confuse the person it is pointed to, and therefore deter your potential attacker long enough for you to escape. A waterproof tactical flashlight usually also includes a strobe function in its specs.

Mode Changing

Good flashlights come with a few different modes, so you can adapt it to the distance you plan to illuminate. As you reduce its distance, the beam gets narrower and more focused.


Most of the best waterproof flashlight options come in a black casing, and some of them are silver or camo colored.


The figure you see next to the lumens specification indicates how brightly the flashlight can shine. The higher that number, the brighter your new streamlight waterproof flashlight is.


The zooming function is something each top rated water resistant flashlight is able to do. It means you can switch the light beam into a more focused one designed to illuminate a particular object better.



Q: Can I Use A Waterproof Flashlight For Underwater Photography?


If the waterproof rating on its label indicates that the flashlight is submersible for long periods of time and to a reasonable depth, then yes. Some of the best underwater shots get captured with the help of such a flashlight.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular And Waterproof Flashlight?


This is a most obvious difference. No matter how highly performant the regular flashlight is, it will get damaged by water and will cease to work if it comes in contact with it. Sometimes it may even get damaged beyond repair, and often times a little rain is enough to break it. That’s why finding the best waterproof flashlight is essential before an outdoors trip.

Q: Which ANSI Rating Would Be Considered Water Resistant And Which Is Waterproof?


The ANSI ratings can be a little different from the IP ratings. The IPX4 rating would be water resistant, the IPX7 is waterproof and you can even submerge the flashlight temporarily, and the IPX8 is submersible for long periods of time (up to 4 hours).

Globo Surf Overview

We hope our guide made it easier for you to choose a top rated water resistant flashlight. Whether you need a small one, also known as a pocket flashlight, or a bigger one that can fit in your car or motorcycle gear, our guide above has a little something for everyone. Fans of LED flashlights and those who favor EDC flashlights will be able to find a suitable waterproof model here as well.

Just browse through, make sure you read the rest of the guide to understand what characteristics you should be aiming for. Keep in mind the type of trips you are most likely to go on with your new waterproof torch or flashlight. Then, picking the right choice from our list of the best waterproof flashlights should be easy. Now that you’ve found the perfect match for you, it will accompany you on many exciting trips to come. Happy camping!

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