If you’ve learned how to paddle a stand up paddle board and fallen in love with the sport, you may be interested in investing in your own best bamboo paddle boards. There are various types of stand up paddle boards, but if you want to get back to the root of nature, a stylish bamboo paddle board could be the design for you. Owning a board is a lot more than just picking the best design that will match your preferences, and in order to help you, we’ve put some work on finding the best options available on the market.

Bamboo is a durable natural fiber that has the highest strength to weight ratio. It is also lightweight and extremely buoyant, even while supporting weight, which is excellent for every paddleboard lover since those things are very important for everyone that enjoys water sports.

A top-rated bamboo stand up paddleboard will serve you throughout multiple trips to a variety of locations. Here you can go through the best bamboo stand up paddle boards, and choose the best one that will help you enjoy using it in the water!



North 2 Boards Bamboo Paddle Board

North 2 Boards Bamboo Paddle Board

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If you are a beginner looking for your first paddleboard, the North 2 Boards bamboo paddleboard should be the best option for you. This is a great beginner Natural Bamboo Blue Stand Up Paddleboard. It is 11 feet long and is also great for SUP yoga poses to achieve your inner balance with a yoga session. It has great balance because of the large square tail and it is also extra thick to keep you floating above the water. It has a level lock that is adjustable and a fiberglass SUP paddle and leash are included.

The board has a strong construction that is a mixture of epoxy, fiberglass, and natural bamboo. Together, the three materials make this board extra durable. It will float well in the water and ensure you have a great time!

  • What Makes This Bamboo Paddleboard Stand Out
  • Great beginner board
  • Large square tail for extra balance
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Great for paddleboard yoga
  • Deep ledge carry handle

Product Dimensions: 11 feet x 33 inches x 4 ¾ inches
Weight: 27 pounds

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How To Choose A Bamboo Paddle Board – Buying Guide


ll beginners should be aware that once owning the right paddleboard, it would be easy for you to learn the best techniques and become good in a shorter amount of time. If you want to get on your feet, a bamboo stand up paddleboard can give you the support you need.

There are still a few different bamboo SUP designs, so it can be difficult knowing which design you should choose. A stand-up paddleboard bamboo design can have different sizes, which will ultimately affect how well you are able to balance and paddle.

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There are a variety of lengths available in most bamboo stand up paddleboards. The length of the board will ultimately affect how you move through the water, how easy it is to maneuver the board in water, and how well the board tracks in the water.

The longer the board is the easier it will glide on the surface of the water. However, a longer board will be harder to maneuver in turns versus a shorter board. A shorter board will have a better turning radius and take less energy to paddle the turn, and on the other hand, longer boards will track better in the water.

It is important that you correctly size your board, just like you correctly size your paddle. For beginners and intermediate paddleboarders, boards that are about 10 feet to 12 feet or longer are the best design.


Just like there are different lengths, there are a variety of widths available too. The wider a board’s design is, the more stable it will be. However, this also means that the board will drag more in the water. The drag in the water will make the board slower or faster. Skinnier boards will move the fastest through the water.

For beginner and intermediate paddleboarders, wider board designs are better because they offer more stability. With a wider board, new paddleboarders can easily learn how to properly balance the board and get to their feet. A wider bamboo stand up paddleboard could also be used for different types of paddle sports, like paddleboard yoga.


The overall size of your board should be larger, perhaps even larger than you expected. The size of your bamboo SUP can make it hard to carry when out of the water. It can be helpful for you to learn all the parts of a stand-up paddleboard so that you aren’t overwhelmed once received.

It is important that you learn how to maneuver your water both on and off the water. You should learn how to store your bamboo paddleboard and how to transport your stand-up paddleboard. This can ensure that both you and your board are safe. As well, learning how to care and manage the size of your top-rated bamboo stand-up paddleboard will keep it in its best shape to ensure it is a long-lasting investment.



Q: Why choose a bamboo paddle board?


One of the first reasons why paddle boarders are attracted to bamboo SUP boards is visual design. Bamboo is an attractive material and most people have designs that are made of fiberglass, plastic or are inflatable paddle boards. A bamboo SUP is entirely unique, made from a material that won’t be harmful to the environment.

Bamboo stand up paddle boards are eco-friendly because bamboo is a natural material. This means that the majority of your board is made with a durable and strong, natural fiber. Bamboo is also a material that rivals the synthetic stand up paddle boards. Bamboo can give you a strong and reliable performance for paddleboarders of any level.

If you are struggling to decide if bamboo is the right choice for you, it can help to learn the differences between plastic and fiberglass boards, as well as the differences between fiberglass and inflatable boards. Ultimately, bamboo SUP boards are still a large investment. They can be just as expensive as fiberglass and plastic paddle boards. If you are looking to save money, cheap paddle boards would be best.

However, you should remember that what you invest can determine quality. Bamboo SUP boards are expensive, but they are made of high-quality materials. A bamboo stand up paddleboard should last you for a long time. Even with the price, many bamboo paddle board reviews rave about the design. Other paddle boards have fallen in love with this natural fiber and it is quickly becoming the go-to material for paddle boards.

Q: Are bamboo paddle boards safe and sturdy?


Yes. Bamboo is a lightweight, but extremely durable natural fiber. A top-rated bamboo stand up paddle board that is made with quality materials will have a sturdiness that rivals the hard synthetic materials like fiberglass and plastic. While still being sturdy, bamboo is also extremely buoyant, which means you will easily float on top of the water.

The best bamboo paddle boards are also safe for any paddle boarder to use. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or paddle boarding with kids, you can safely use a bamboo SUP. However, there are some things that you should never do, which can ensure your safety while paddleboarding.

Q: How to care for a bamboo paddle board?


There aren’t any different or special steps to take care of bamboo SUP boards than any other paddleboard. To keep your top-rated bamboo stand up paddleboard in the best shape you should ensure that you don’t leave it exposed to the sun, store it fully dry, store it properly, transport it properly, and that you go on your adventures with everything that’s on your gear and equipment checklist.

You may also want to make additional investments to keep your board safe. There are a variety of paddleboard accessories that can help keep your board safe and clean. As well, looking to invest in SUP board bags can help ensure that your bamboo SUP is always kept safe for storage and transportation.

If you are worried about a specific feature of your board, you should check for any instructions or guides that were provided with your purchase by the specific brand of your stand up paddle board bamboo design. This can help you ensure you are properly caring for your board and ease your worries.

Globo Surf Overview

There are lots of reasons to try paddleboarding or to invest in a board if you’ve already been hooked on the sport. Paddleboarding is a great way to get out on the water and still get your exercise. A top-rated bamboo stand up paddleboard can ensure that you have a great time paddling the gentle waves.

If you are ready to make an investment and own your own paddleboard, you can choose from the best bamboo paddleboards to satisfy your needs. Not only will you have a durable and sturdy bamboo SUP, but you’ll turn everyone’s heads at the beach. Bamboo stand-up paddleboards are strikingly attractive and will ensure that you look entirely unique in the water.

If you know exactly what you want or are looking for, you can find the best bamboo stand-up paddleboard that suits your needs, so that you can get out on the water faster.

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