With all the advancements in technology in the last few decades, we’ve become reliant on electronic devices even on outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, not all of these great devices are waterproof and might get damaged if they get wet (which can happen easily).

One of the best ways to protect your electronics (or anything else) from water is to place them in a small dry box. These waterproof storage cases are the way to go if you want to prevent any moisture from reaching your valuables. Additionally, a top rated waterproof box will also protect against drops and shocks.

With so many waterproof storage cases to choose from, finding the best dry box may seem like a hard task. But with the help of our product reviews and buying guide, you’ll easily pick out a reliable waterproof gear box that you’ll enjoy using every time you go out.

How To Choose A Dry Box – Buying Guide


When looking for the best dry box, you should make sure that it’s resistant to water, shocks, and dust. In other words, a top rated waterproof box will provide the ultimate protection to your gear. Whether you’re in search of a small dry box or a full-size dry cabinet, here’s what you should pay attention to.

Choosing the Size

Waterproof gear boxes come in a wide variety of sizes. From small to large, you can truly store just about anything in them. If you need to protect some larger gear like a camera, handheld GPS and other electronics, it’s best to go with a bigger product like the Plano extra large.

On the other hand, if you only need to protect your wallet, keys, and smartphone, a small dry box will do the job just fine. The advantage of getting smaller-sized models is that they are much easier to transport and handle.

Durability and Warranty Coverage

It is safe to say that most waterproof storage cases are incredibly durable. Since they will be used outdoors, they are made to withstand much more than just water. In fact, a top rated waterproof box will also be shockproof and resist any damage from dropping, falling, or even crushing.

In relation to this, the best waterproof boxes come with generous warranties that will vouch for the product’s durability. Many manufacturers offer full coverage on defects on their waterproof gear boxes, so you can safely store just about anything when going on the water.

Materials and Weight

Most dry boxes are made from impact-resistant plastic like polycarbonate. Some tougher models even use co-polymer polypropylene for additional strength in harsh conditions. The best thing about these plastics is that they offer impressive strength while keeping the weight very low.

While we’re on the weight topic, it’s also an important factor when choosing the box. Since small dry boxes are meant to be taken on a variety of adventures, you don’t want a model that is going to add to your already heavy gear.

Construction Quality and Intended Use

In terms of construction, the main goal of dry boxes is to prevent moisture from reaching your gear inside. For this reason, most models come with an O-ring to seal the box off and protect it from water.

Keep in mind that these protect from splashes only, and not from submersion. If you expect it to end up in the water, you’ll need a fully waterproof gear box like the Otter dry boxes.

Regardless of your activity, you’ll be able to find waterproof storage cases that will keep your gear dry. For example, you may find a specialized dry box for rafting, a scuba dry box, and even floating dry boxes that will remain on the surface if you drop them. 

However, the intended use is not just about the activity, but also about what you plan on putting inside. Like we mentioned when discussing size, a small dry box may be much more convenient to take with you, but doesn’t have the capacity for larger items. On the other hand, a dry cabinet has plenty of space for larger gear but isn’t handy to transport.


Q: What is a dry box?


A dry box is a specially designed container created to keep the content inside dry. It usually does this by having a watertight seal on the lid – an O-ring gasket or a tongue-and-groove design (or both). Some higher-quality models even actively remove the moisture by using various desiccants.

Q: Why use a dry box?

A: You should use it to protect your gear from water, dust, and drops. A top rated waterproof box will keep your gear safe in a variety of harsh conditions.

Q: Are dry boxes 100% waterproof?


This depends on the model, but most are only water-resistant (not waterproof). Still, if you need a scuba dry box or a floating dry box, you should make sure that the model is fully sealed and won’t leak even when submerged.

A top rated waterproof box like the Otter model is certified to stay underwater for up to 30 minutes. Keep in mind, however, that even the best waterproof boxes have their limits, so don’t leave them underwater too long or they may start leaking.

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When it comes to protecting your gear on your outdoor adventures, you’ll need a top rated waterproof box to get the job done. A waterproof gear box will keep all the moisture out so your electronics and valuables can stay completely dry.

Whether you’re looking for a small dry box or a more spacious one, we hope that the info from this guide has helped you find it. With the best dry boxes, you can have peace of mind be free to take all your gear out in the nature.

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