Duct tape is an essential must have that comes in handy to help out to patch just about anything from boxing up old stuff to send to the attic to patching together a damaged are in your tent.

This typical sturdy and highly adhesive material, however, serves best if chosen right to go with the activity it will be used for. This is when waterproof duct tape jumps into the conversation. It is highly vital to have duct tape with strong waterproof properties if you intend on using them in the outdoors especially for water sports enthusiasts.

Good waterproof duct tape is able to be attached to anything even wood and bricks. Choosing a good and guaranteed brand of waterproof duct tape may sometimes be challenging. Knowing the factors to look at may be even more challenging especially for first times. Below we have listed down the 10 best waterproof duct tapes in 2023 and each outlines why they stand out – their features and factors considered to make the best. So sail along and discover your ideal go-to material to always have with you in your outdoors adventurous escapades.

How To Choose A Waterproof Duct Tape – Buying Guide



Good waterproof duct tape will be able to stick to and hold fully for a long time in wet areas without preventing moist or air from penetrating through. When looking for duct tape to use in the outdoors or for water gear, the first feature to look for is waterproof abilities.


Some of us tend to OCD neat and clean so even the smallest of imperfections drive us nuts. If markings left behind by duct tape bother you, it is then a good idea to look for duct tape leave minimal marking or those that leave markings that are easy to remove from either your wall or the fiberglass material of your surfboard.


Most duct tape is made of plastic, rubber or vinyl material, however, properties such as strength/sturdiness and adhesiveness may differ. If you are looking for duct tape to use in the outdoors, on a camping trip, backpacking or in your backyard, always go for sturdy, adhesive and waterproof duct tape.


When considering size, think of what you will be using your duct tape for. Duct tape comes in narrow, wide or medium size. So choose the right size to ensure a proper seal and convenience (you don’t want it sticking to your body).


Duct tape used for the outdoors should be stronger than regular duct tape because they are used in more hostile environments.


When choosing the right duct tape, go for material such as rubber and vinyl as they tend to be more adhesive. The more the adhesiveness the better the performance – strong adhesive duct tapes tend to hold on much longer to the surface.

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Factors such as material and strength determine durability. Thus, you want to buy duct tape with the best material that is suitable for its function and of course, very sturdy duct tape. Size may also affect durability in the sense that, if the right size is not chosen, it may not hold for long.


There are different types of waterproof tape, some of the common ones include;

Rubber tape – used for household purposes such as taping together holes and crack. It holds well to material such as metal, drywall, ceramics, etc.

Drywall tape – also for drywall works such as repairing holes

Mounting tape – to mount different items to the wall in place of screws, etc.

Plumber’s tape – for plumbing work

Vinyl tape – waterproof and electrical resistant, ideal for household electrical work.  



Q: How Waterproof Tape Works?


Waterproof duct tape works by completely sealing the surface it is stuck to, to avoid water, moist or air from seeping through. This, in turn, holds the tape and prevents it from slowly peeling over a period of time.

Q: Can A Waterproof Tape Stop A Leak?


Yes. If the right waterproof tape is used then yes, the leak will be fixed. For example; if trying to fix a leaky pipe, go for good waterproof plumber’s tape.

Q: Where Can I Use A Waterproof Tape?


Depending on the purpose it was made for waterproof tape can be used for patching together outdoor gear, household items to covering wounds (medical tape).

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We have again proven why it is important to always have good waterproof duct tape in your person – whether stored in your tool kit at home or your backpack when you are on one of your outdoor trips. These lifesavers really come in handy whether you are trying to patch your slightly torn tent or leaky pipe with pulsating water pressure in your basement. With the right factors put in mind, you are sure to find a companion form the above 10 best waterproof duct tapes in 2023.

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