Gili 10′ Mako Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Review


lifestyleThe Gili Mako Inflatable stand up paddleboard is considered one of the strongest and most durable, thanks to its advanced Fusion dual layer technology. In fact, this design makes it the lightest iSUP in the Gili fleet. The paddleboard is built using poly vinyl chloride material, further reinforcing its ruggedness and stability on the water.

The 10 foot paddle board’s construction and size allows it to cater to riders 5 ’10 and under, including younger children aged 12+ years old. Additionally, this durable construction allows it to survive various conditions while the choice of paddles allows you to further customize your experience. 

You can choose the fiberglass paddle for a basic, midweight option with nylon blades. Alternatively, if you want an even lighter and stiff paddle with a carbon shaft and nylon blade, the carbon/nylon will do. The Mako series also features a full carbon paddle for an extremely light, stiff, and high performance carbon shaft and blade. 

But, this means that going for the full carbon blade will fetch a slightly higher price than the carbon/glass or fiberglass options. In fact, the fiberglass paddle combo is the cheapest of the bunch. 

While some people consider the Gili Mako 10’ iSUP slightly smaller, it still offers sufficient features to make your rides meaningful. The iSUP integrates up to 18 D-rings; you can attach various gear and accessories you’ll need. You can even attach a kayak seat and instantly transform your paddleboard into an inflatable kayak. 

Additionally, the paddleboard features an integrated paddleboard holder to securely store your paddle when moving the board or chillin’ on the water. An over sized 6-point front bungee and removable rear bungee allow you to fit in larger gear. To capture your adventure on the water, 5 action mounts are included on the board, allowing you to set up your camera, or even fishing rod holders and your soda can holder.

Here are other essential features you will enjoy on your paddleboard:

  • Grooved and diamond traction pad for improved comfort and traction
  • 9-inch easy snap in  center and side fins
  • Front rear, and center carry handles
  • 2-stage high pressure pumps for instant inflation and deflation
  • Integrated coiled leash
  • 5 action mounts
  • 6-point front and rear bungee points for extra gear storage
  • 18 D-rings to attach gear and accessories
  • Integrated paddle holder


specificationsDimensions (LxWxH) : 10’x 32’x6’’’’ 

Weight: 20 lbs.

Color options: Green or blue

Paddle: Fiberglass, carbon/nylon or full carbon

Accessories: Paddle, dual action hand pump, backpack, coiled ankle leash, 9-inch snap-in center fin, and snap-in side fin pair

User Experience

user_experienceUsability: 99% – The Gili 10’ Mako inflatable stand up paddleboard offers excellent usability. First, its moderate size and hybrid design caters to a wide range of riders. The paddleboard accommodates riders 5’10 and under, including adults and kids 12 years and over. The paddleboard’s size and hybrid shape also makes it easier to maneuver and tread the waters.  The paddleboard is also the lightest on the Gili series to make handling on and off water pretty easy. Before you even hit the waters, the paddleboard is built with usability in mind. Its portable design makes transportation and storage easy, while the dual action hand pump it comes with makes it easy to inflate and deflate it in about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Durability: 98% – The Mako paddleboard is built with unmatched durability. The combination of its polyvinyl chloride material and dual layer fusion technology boost its ruggedness. This construction allows it to also survive various water conditions, including choppy, flatwater and surf. On the other hand, the polyvinyl chloride construction protects the paddleboard from dings, dents, and other similar types of damages. The iSUP’s construction gives it an ultralight profile, yet, it maintains a reasonable weight capacity. At around 20 lbs, the inflatable paddle board delivers a load capacity of up to 260 lbs. But, the paddle can also support riders up to 290 lbs, who are more skilled at riding.


  • Ultralight profile – the lightest paddleboard on the Gili fleet
  • Dual layer Fusion tech boosts the strength and durability
  • Portable paddle breaks into three pieces for easy travel and storage
  • Can be used by adults and kids-alike
  • Very stable and easy to maneuver on the water
  • Generous accessories included
  • Reasonable load capacity


  • Not a budget friendly option

Overall Rating

Usability: 99% The Gili Mako iSUP does an excellent job when it comes to its durability. Its combined construction material, design, and features make it pretty convenient and easy to use. While the dual layer Fusion technology improves its ruggedness to tackle different water conditions, it also makes it lighter for easier riding on the water. Like other Gili iSUPs, the Mako also features a hybrid shape which helps to boost its maneuverability, stability, and balance on the water. When riding on the water, you’ll love the grooved diamond traction deck pad which improves your grip on the board. In fact, the surface even makes it easier to access either end of the 6-point bungee for gear you carry with you on board.

Durability: 98% – The paddleboard’s construction improves its durability significantly. The PVC material improves the ruggedness while its pairing with the dial layer Fusion tech protects the board from possible damage. This design also makes the board light, yet, its high tensile finish allows it to support heavy loads without snapping. 

Price: 96% – The Mako 10’ iSUP isn’t the cheapest on the market. So, if you want a budget friendly board, this is probably not the best option. Nonetheless, the paddleboard still offers excellent value for your investment.  The board features a mid-range price tag but packs numerous features and a highly durable design, making it worth the investment!

Overall: 98% – Overall, the Gili 10’ Mako inflatable stand up paddleboard is an excellent investment when it comes to its construction, durability, and features. Whether it’s the durable dual layer Fusion tech, multiple storage options, or the stability promoting hybrid shape, the paddleboard guarantees the best performance on the water. Plus, it’s an excellent family friendly investment, catering to both adults and kids aged 12 years and older. 

Globo Surf Overview

The Gili 10’ Mako inflatable SUP paddleboard is a great option for riders looking for a family-friendly board. Since the board is built for kids aged 12 years and older, you can use it as a starting point for your child’s SUPing journey. It’s the perfect board for transitioning into the sport and improving skills. Yet, its hybrid design and useful features also accommodate adults 5 ’10 and cater to both beginners and advanced riders-alike.

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