Beginners kayakers are often eager to pick out the perfect kayak, but they may be forgetting about another crucial piece of gear. Paddles are just as important as the kayak and it is important to take the time to find a design that suits your needs. 

Not all paddles are built for the same purpose and different designs are suited to various types of kayaking. The best kayak paddles for beginners will help you learn the basics of controlling and steering your kayak, so you can feel confident when you head out on the water. 

To help you in your search for the best beginner kayak paddle, we have highlighted ten quality products and outlines the features your kayak paddle needs to keep you afloat.

How To Choose The Best Beginner Kayak Paddle – Buying Guide


Blade Shape

A top-rated beginner kayak paddle needs to be the right shape to prevent you from getting fatigued as you paddle. In the past, kayak blades were symmetrical in shape, but those designs have fallen out of favor. Asymmetrical dihedral blades are now the top choice amongst kayakers because they are convenient and allows you to invest less energy with each stroke. 

In addition, the best kayak paddles for beginners have a rounded shape to give them less resistance in the water. The gentle curve of the blade makes it easier to push into the water and it creates less drag as you bring the blade out of the water. 

Size and Length

For beginner kayakers, it can be difficult to determine the right size and length of your paddle. Kayak paddles for beginners should be sized based on the height of the kayaker and the width of your kayak. Taller kayakers and wider kayakers mean that you need a paddle that is longer in length. 

Many brands will include a size chart with their product, but you can also check kayak paddles for beginners reviews for sizing advice. Most paddles will be available in different sizes, with the longest paddles measuring in at 96 inches. 


Kayakers should also consider the material used in the shaft of their paddle to determine the quality and performance of the design. Aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon are the three most common materials used in the construction of the best kayak paddles for beginners. 

Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material, that is also affordable. However, the most affordable material is fiberglass. With strength and rigidity at the forefront, fiberglass paddles can be a hassle to use because of their heavier weight. The lightest kayak paddles for beginners will be made of carbon fiber. This is an excellent material that is also known for its durability, but the downside is the high cost of the paddle. 


Kayak paddles for beginners also come in two designs with a straight or bent shaft. Straight shafts are easier to use and the best option for beginner kayakers. However, kayakers with a little experience out on the water will find that a beginner paddle for kayaks that features a bent shaft will be more comfortable. The slight angle integrated into the shaft means that your hands rest in a more natural position, which reduces stress on your joints to prevent paddling fatigue.

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Q: Why Do I Need A Beginner Kayak Paddle?


While paddles may seem like a straightforward piece of gear, there are a lot of features that can be added to fine-tune and adjust the performance of a paddle. For beginner kayakers, using a paddle that is designed for advanced kayakers can be frustrating as you struggle to find the correct paddling angle. For this reason, you should use the best beginner kayak paddle to get started in learning how to kayak. With the right paddle, you can advance your skills and learn how to properly control your kayak.

Q: How To Choose The Right Paddle For Myself?


When it comes to choosing a kayak paddle for beginners, you need to consider the blade, length, material, and price of the paddle. Beginner kayakers do not need many of the features included on advanced paddles and blades, which means a straightforward design would be the best choice to suit your needs. Our guide is designed to help you choose the right paddle, so you don’t feel lost at sea.

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Paddles are essential for kayakers and finding the right entry level kayak paddle can mean the different between a fun or frustrating day out on the water. The best kayak paddles for beginners will be designed to help kayakers learn the basic skills of kayaking without being overwhelmed by too many features. With our article, you can find reasonably priced paddles to help you get started on your kayaking journey.

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