Mermaid tails are all the rage when it comes to fun swimming accessories in 2023. Now, imagine taking a mermaid tail and mixing it with swim fins; we present to you the swimming monofin!

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How To Choose  Swimming Monofins – Buying Guide



You don’t want your monofin to be too small; it’ll be extremely difficult to move around if the blades aren’t pushing much water. In general, you’ll want a bigger fin that can move around enough water to push you forward when you’re underwater.


Make sure to pay attention to what the foot holder is made out of. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while using your monofing; that ruins the experience! A soft rubber is perfect for monofins and other water footwear in general.


You’ll want your monofin to fit your foot perfectly, that way it won’t come off when you’re swimming. A lot of monofins come with adjustable straps, so it’s great to fit it tight to your foot!


Monofins are a great source of enjoyment, but they can also be used in water training. You can learn how to balance underwater with them, and your legs will tone up as well!


There are different blades with different textures, all doing different things to the water you’re displacing. Make sure to pay attention to the blades on whatever monofin you’re buying!



Q: What Is A Monofin?


A monofin is a great pool accessory that can be paired with a mermaid tale to create a fun look while you’re out in the water! They’re for both kids and adults, so you can pick one up for you and the whole family. They’re also great for swimming training, teaching you how to balance underwater.

Q: Which Blade Stiffness Should I Choose?


You’ll want a mix between a stiff and a loose blade. A super loose blade will be extremely difficult to use as it won’t help you much underwater. However, a really stiff blade will be heavy and weigh you down more, which is great for exercising but not casual swimming. You’ll want to get a balanced monofin!

Q: Should I Choose A Larger Or Smaller Foot Pocket Size Compared To My Actual Shoe?


Smaller. You don’t want your foot to come out of the fin while you’re swimming! That’s annoying and will cause you to dislike using your monofin.

Q: Which Is Better, Fiberglass Blade Or Carbon Blade?


Carbon blades are much better, conserving your energy more and lasting much longer than fiberglass blades do.

Globo Surf Overview

The Mahina Mermaid Classic Swim Mono-Fin is the best monofin being sold in 2023. The beautiful colors really stand out and make for a fun day in the water. The blades are also great for displacing water, meaning that you’re going to get the best workout with them as well as go the fastest with these! The ribbed edges push water behind you, making it easy for your body to swim!

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