If you want to get out on your bodyboard, then you deserve the best bodyboard fins. A top-rated set of bodyboard fins will only make your time in the water more enjoyable.

There is only so much power you can generate with your feet. We are built for dry land, even though we are comfortable in the water too. A pair of fins will add to our already amazing power. Kicking your feet with fins attached will give you more power and propel you through the water with ease.

It can be hard to know what to look for in a good bodyboard fin. We have done the painstaking research, so you do not have to. Take a look at our buying guide and peruse the products.

There is something out there for you.

How To Choose  Bodyboarding Fins – Buying Guide



Why are you wearing bodysurfing fins? To generate more power, right. This is the main reason to add fins, and a must if you are considering which fins to buy. You can only generate so much over with your feet, but by harnessing the shapes and designs that are apparent in nature, we can create a lot more power.

With only our feet to power us, we can only do so much. If you try to fight against a wave, with the power of your own body, you will soon be overpowered. If you are coming down a wave, the power of your feet can only do so much. With bodyboard fins, you can fight against the power of waves and gain more control when you are coming down them.

When you are looking at bodyboard fins, consider how much power they will give you. Generally, a larger fin will give you more power, but if a fin gets too large then you will not be able to control it. The shape of the boardbord fins will also dictate how much power you can get with it. The materials will also play a part.

Having a fin with enough power can be the difference between getting yourself trapped in rough waters and getting to safety. Your overall enjoyment of bodyboarding will be impacted by the power of your fins. Do not be afraid to spend a little more money to get a fin which will give you the power you need.


While the power of your bodyboard fins should be your main focus, you will also want to pay attention to the comfort of your fins. If your bodyboarding fins do not fit comfortably, then you are not going to enjoy your day out in the water.

There is nothing worse than having a fin which digs into your foot or one which is too tight and gives you blisters. A tight fin can feel tight on your foot and distract you from what you are doing. If it is too tight, then it can be abrasive and give you a blister. In the worst case scenario, a tight fin can block off your circulation and give you pins and needles. None of this is what you want when you are out on the water.

A loose-fitting fin also provides problems. If a fin is loose, then it will flop around on your foot, and you will not be able to generate the power you need with it. Loose-fitting fins also pose the problem if blisters as the material rubs against your foot. In the worst case scenario for a loose fin, the fin can come off and get lost in the water.

Choose a pair of bodyboard fins which fit your feet comfortably and feel good. The other thing to look out for is drain holes. This will keep the water from sitting inside the fin, and it will also help to get rid of small stones and sand.


Higher-quality materials make a higher-quality fin. This generally means that you will pay more for a fin, but if you are going to do this right, then you should invest in a fin which will last.

Rubber is commonly used in the manufacture of bodyboard fins. Rubber is a durable material. It is also flexible, and it floats on water. Should the fin come off, then there is less chance of it coming off as it will not sink.

Your other option is to find a silicone-based material. Silicone is also a durable material. Silicone will give a more comfortable fit, as it is softer and more flexible, but the trade-off is that it will sink in water, should it come off.

Rubber and silicone and both great options, and if you are worried about your fins sinking, then you can add a pair of fin savers to stop it from happening.



Q: How Do I Pick The Right Size Of Fins?


Choosing bodysurfing fins is not to be taken likely. Once you have chosen the brand and design of the fin, you need to think about the size of the fin. For some people, this can be as simple as choosing a fin which matches your shoe size, while for others, you need to think a lot about the size and shape of your feet before you buy a pair of fins.

The most important thing about getting the right size is for comfort. You should also know that your feet change size over time, so if you have used fins before, then there is no guarantee that getting fins the same size will work.

You should already have a good idea of the shape of your feet. Are your feet narrow or wide? DO you have a high instep? Are your ankles thick or thin? Have you used fins before and got blisters from using them? Do you have any other foot issue? Do you have to buy specially-shaped shoes?

There are some other things to think about when it comes to wearing the fins. Are you going to wear socks or booties? Do you need a heel pad in your fins? Do you need any other sort of insert? How thick are your socks or inserts? What material are they? Is this compatible with the fins? How will the size of your foot be affected by wearing something on your foot?

If you have thought about all of the above questions, then you can start the process of choosing your bodysurf fin size. It is generally accepted that your shoe size will match your fin size, and if you pay attention to any foot issue you have, then you should have no problem finding the right-sized fin.

Before you buy online, you should visit a surf or swim store to try some fins on. This will give you an idea of how the fins feel on your foot. It will also give you an idea of your size. Make sure that you have any socks or anything else fitted on your foot before you try the fin on. When you do have the fin on, there is a simple test you can do to see if the fin is too loose or too tight.

Try to insert two fingers into the foot pocket (between your fo0t and the fin). If you can get two fingers in there, then the fin is too loose. If you cannot get any fingers in there, then the fin is too tight. If you can only get one finger in there, then congratulations Goldilocks, the fin is just right.

Q: What Can I Do If My Shoe Size Is An In-Between Size?


Depending on where you shop, you may be able to find a boadyboard fin size which is in-between, though I would think that you would have a hard time doing so. There are a few things you can try if you are an in-between shoe size.

You can try the size above and below. Your shoe size may be slightly different than your fin size, and one of these sizes may fit. The other thing you can do is to buy the size up and then wear socks or booties while you are bodysurfing.

Q: Why Are Fins So Hard To Put On When Dry?


The materials which fins are made from have a lot of friction on their surface areas. So does human skin. When rubber or silicone rubs against skin, it grips onto it. This can make it hard to get fins on, as the rubber will grip into you when you are pushing your foot against it. To combat this, you need a lubricant of some sort.

You can pre-grease fins or powder them to help them slip onto your feet better. If you are trying some on in the store, then powder is the way to go. Bodyboard fins are made to be put on in the water. Adding water to the surface will add enough lubrication for you to be able to get them on your feet.

You can get into the water first and then put them on. You can also dangle your feet into the water and put them on. The third option is to wet the fins completely and then put them on your feet.

Globo Surf Overview

Good bodyboarding fins will become a part of your body. There is only so much you can do with your own two feet, so bodyboarding fins makes a lot of sense. With a bodysurfing fins from our list, you will have something which is comfortable and functional.

Bodyboarding is a lot of fun for kids and adults. The longer you can stay put there, and the quicker you can get to the best parts, the better. With a fin to power you through the water, you will waste less time paddling and enjoy more time boarding.

A good bodyboard fin will not set you back a whole lot of money. What it will do, is enhance your day on the water. Grab a pair and add the power to your feet. Get out there and enjoy yourself.

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