Snorkeling is a beautiful and healthy activity. You get to enjoy amazing wildlife and plants underwater. But if you are among people that have problems with their eyesight, snorkeling just isn’t the same with a regular mask. Because it’s difficult to wear your glasses underneath the mask, you can miss out on many fantastic things.

Luckily, prescription snorkel masks are now more and more common. Many manufacturers are trying to solve this problem which affects a significant number of snorkeling enthusiasts. You can now buy snorkel masks that have optical corrective lenses according to your prescription. No matter if you are near or far-sighted, there is a solution available.

So, what is the best prescription snorkel mask? Check out our prescription snorkel mask reviews to find out.

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How To Choose A Prescription Snorkel Mask – Buying Guide


As with any highly customizable piece of gear, you should pay attention to certain things while ordering. You want to get a product that will improve the quality of your dive, not give you a headache. Also, since this is swimming gear, it’s good that the mask is comfortable to wear and prevents leaking. Take a look at our guide to find out more about how to choose the best prescription snorkel mask for you.

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Prescription mask buyer’s guide

Of course, the most important thing when buying a prescription snorkel mask is the lenses. Most manufacturers offer lens power in 0.5 increments, which should do the trick. There are lenses available for near and far-sighted. Some products work well for astigmatism too, if it’s not too severe. You can have different prescriptions on each side, you just have to point it out to the manufacturer. Another important thing is that the lenses are safe and durable. Optical lenses are made from tempered glass, which makes them more resistant to impact and safer for your eyes.

When choosing the best prescription dive mask and you already know which lenses you want, you should pay attention to some common things when buying goggles and masks. Since you are going to wear the mask for long periods, it wouldn’t be good if the frame or straps pressed on your head too hard, so comfort is necessary. Besides being comfortable, the silicone used in making the gasket shouldn’t irritate your skin. It is also important that the mask creates a good suction with your skin, ensuring no leak can be annoying.


Q: Do I need One Of These masks?


If you want your snorkeling experience to be the best possible, you should think about getting a product like this. It can be tricky to wear your glasses underneath the mask, and some people don’t like wearing contacts because water can leak inside and complicate things. This way you get a mask tailored for your needs so you can see underwater.

Q: How to buy a prescription snorkel mask?


This is done very easily. You either choose diopter strength in the menu or you contact the manufacturer, which is recommended if you have questions and need help. When placing the order, you should give them the prescription information you got from your optometrist. This way they make a product best suited for you, even with different lenses on each side.

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In conclusion, a diving mask with prescription lenses can change your experience underwater. If you haven’t tried this sort of product before, use our prescription snorkel mask reviews to find out what to look for and which is the best prescription dive mask for you. There is a wide range of corrective lenses available, if you choose carefully we are sure you’re going to have a great time underwater!

Have you tried a snorkel mask with corrective lenses that made it onto our list? How efficient was it in improving your vision underwater and helping you have a good time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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