The best fishing pliers are indispensable tools for fishermen. They come in handy when you’re catching fish and need to retrieve hooks, bend wires, change split rings, cut fishing lines etc. A good pair of fishing pilers is obviously a must have in every fisherman’s tackle-box. It simplifies difficult tasks and makes fishing more enjoyable.

It’s mind-boggling that many anglers forget about fishing pilers when acquiring or assembling their gear for a fishing trip. This is a mistake they realize they made when the need for pliers arises but none is available.

A good pair of fishing pliers is an essential piece of gear to bring with you on all fishing trips. You don’t want to find yourself in a frustrating situation where you need a pair of pilers for fisherman but don’t have one on you or nearby.

Want to get yourself fishing pliers but wondering which is the best one to go for? To help you out, we have reviewed the top 10 best fishing pliers for both freshwater and saltwater use.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Plier – Buying Guide


One thing that makes choosing the fishing pliers a daunting task is that there are so many pliers for fisherman out there. The ones above are the best in the market and are top rated by anglers.

In addition, here’re the features to look for when shopping for fishing pliers so you can select a high quality and useful set for your fishing needs.


Fishing pliers are used in salt or freshwater environments, which are corrosive and promote rust. This is why it is important to choose fisherman pliers made of a high quality material that does not corrode or rust and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use. You don’t want to end up with a rusted-shut piece of metal that no longer works.

Titanium, aluminium and stainless steel are all good materials. They are heavy duty, long lasting and have corrosion resistant properties.

Aluminium is rigid, lightweight and does not rust easily. However, low quality aluminum is soft and prone to bending when exposed to high pressure or heavy weight. Fishing pliers made from aircraft grade aluminum alloys are the standard to ensure durability.

Steel is usually coated to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. Cheap stainless steel is still corrosive as the coating wears off easily. Ensure you get stainless steel fishing pliers made using a high grade stainless steel.

Titanium is a premium material that is hard, lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion. The only downside is that it can be very expensive.

It’s also important to wash and dry the pliers after exposure to saltwater. This will keep rust and corrosion away and ensure your set of pliers work well for long.

Nose Length

The ideal nose and handle length will depend on where you’ll be fishing and what kind of fish you’re after.

A longer nose length such as a needle nose length is needed for saltwater fishing and for handling large and toothy fish such as snappers and groupers.

The nose design and length of needle nose pliers enable them to reach deeper into the fish when removing hooks.

This is the reason a needle nose pliers are the top favorite for anglers.

A shorter nose length will be sufficient for freshwater fishing and handling small fish such as trout and bass.

Cutting Options

Pliers offer two cutting options: line cutters and side cutters. The ideal pair of fishing pliers would have both so as to meet a variety of cutting needs that arise when fishing.

The line cutter is a standard feature and is usually good enough for cutting monofilament and fluorocarbon lines.  For it to be able to cut braided lines efficiently and without causing injury, it should be extra sharp and hard.

A very strong side cutter is needed for cutting hooks, steel wires or tougher materials. Tungsten carbide is the best material for side cutters.

It is also a good idea to opt for pliers with replaceable cutters, as cutters wear down with time and usage.


On a good fishing day out where you catch a lot of fish, you’ll find yourself reaching for your set of pliers a lot.

Having lightweight pliers that are comfortable to hold and not so heavy that they weigh you down is very important, as you will only be using one hand to operate them.

Pliers with spring loaded handles are fantastic. You don’t have to repeatedly adjust your grip or worry about prying them open once you press them together.

Pliers with larger springs are easier to handle. Beware of cheap, spin-off spring-loaded pliers that are extremely difficult to handle.

Good Grip

The best pliers should also have ergonomically designed handles with comfortable non-slip grip for ease of use.

When you’re out fishing and handling water, slime and lures with your hands, your hands become wet and slippery and everything can be slick to handle. This is why you need a pair of pliers with a good grip.

There is no time to wash and dry everything and fumbling around when you can’t maintain a good grip can be frustrating. Pliers with molded or rubberized grip material offer a secure hold allowing you to complete your task without struggle or cursing.

The size of the handle also matters. It shouldn’t be too small or too big to grip and operate comfortably.

Split Ring Tool

A split ring tool is the feature you use to set up split rings. It’s a handy feature especially for bass and saltwater anglers. It makes changing and replacing a hook on a lure easy, safe and fast.

Without this tool, you may have to resort to using your fingernails to open up and install split rings. Fishing pliers have a split ring capability. There are also split ring speciality pliers.


A crimping tool for making joins and crimping leads and sleeves is another desirable feature to have in your pair of pliers for fisherman. In you need this feature, look for pliers with a crimping notch in the jaws.


A sheath and lanyard is a fantastic feature to have especially if you fish from a fishing kayak or a boat. It keeps your pair of pliers securely attached and offers convenient access whenever you need to use them. They will come in handy when fishing in high water environments where waves can pitch the boat suddenly.


Q: What Are Fishing Pliers Used For?


 Fishing pliers look just like the normal pliers but they’re specially designed for use by fishermen.

Fishing pliers are used for cutting fishing line after catching fish, removing hooks, baits and lure, setting up split rings, cutting fishing line, bending wires, stripping, crimping, pulling,  and accomplishing other functions depending on the features in a particular pair of fishing pliers. You can use your set of pliers for fisherman to flatten hook barbs, tighten hooks, grab lines and even remove hooks from your own body in case of an accident.

Q: What Is The Pointy Tip For On Fishing Pliers?


The pointy tips on fisherman pliers are very useful. The pointy tip is a split ring tip designed to open split rings. It makes changing and replacing a hook on a lure easy and fast. You don’t have to struggle using your fingernails to open up and install split rings, which is frustrating ad can cause injuries.

Q: Why Do I Need Fishing Pliers?


If you’re wondering whether you really need a pair of fishing pliers, you’re not alone. Many anglers actually overlook this tool and only realize their need for it when they’re faced with a problem but don’t have the tool to resolve the issue.

A pair of fishing pliers is an important fishing tool that you need to make sure you pack together with the rest of your tools. Without it, you’re going to experience the frustration of insufficient gear and this can ruin your what’s supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Picture this. You’re out fishing on a perfect sunny day. It’s proving to be a successful trip. You reel the fish in only to discover you don’t have a tool for removing the hook,  cutting the fishing line or bending a hook into position.

A pair of pliers also comes in handy in case of an emergency such as when a hook gets stuck on you and you need to cut and remove it.

A nice set of fishing pliers is a tool that should be in your tackle box. It makes seemingly difficult tasks a breeze. Trust us, you will be reaching for these frequently and wondering how you ever doubted the need for one. And your fishing trips will be more enjoyable and productive when you have one of the fishing pliers with you.

Globosurf Overview

Whether you fish as a professional, a sportsman or fishing is a hobby you enjoy, investing in high-quality fishing pliers that meets your needs and can serve you well for a long time is important. With a good pair of fishing pliers, you’ll experience less frustrations and fishing trips will be more enjoyable and less tiring.

When you’re looking for the fishing pliers, it is always a good idea to evaluate your unique needs before settling for a set of fishing pliers. Do you fish in saltwater or freshwater? What kind of fish do you go for? Do you do fly fishing or fish from a kayak or boat? This will guide you towards the best fisherman pliers for you.

Any of the above fishing pliers are high quality, innovatively designed, top rated and will enhance your favorite activity. Take a look at their features and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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