When address the issue of health, we only include kids in the eating healthy dialogue but not as much in fitness.  However, along with a proper diet, it is highly advised by medical professions that kids get at least an hour of physical activity done. A proper diet and exercise not only makes the kid healthy, it also makes them alert, focused and protects them from one of the nation’s infamous epidemic, obesity.

We have all been kids and know difficult it is to get a kid focused. In performing exercise, fitness trackers have become our best friends. Fitness trackers detail our kids’ physical activity process whilst keeping them engaged to actually perform the activities. Kids also love colorful and techy gadgets thus; fitness trackers are the right tools to get them to work out. Fitness trackers have also made life easier for parents, getting them much more involved with their children’s health and identifying possible troubles sooner.

Described below are 7 best fitness trackers for kids in 2023 outlined with their features and why each stands out.

How To Choose A Fitness Tracker For Kids – Buying Guide


Most fitness and activity trackers are fitted with adjustable straps with varying circumference. These features determine whom the tracker is meant to fit, from younger kids to adults, taking consideration of wrist sizes.


Most fitness and activity trackers have a one size fits all feature. The fitting is determined by the straps’ circumference length.

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The best of kids’ fitness trackers have proved to have a high quality when it comes to durability. We are all aware of how playful and inquisitive children can be, hence, when designing a quality product for this group, durability and comfortability is always made a priority.

The top rated kid’s fitness and activity trackers are made of thick and tough yet lightweight plastic material. Additionally, the material always composes of moldable, stretchy and yet a resistant property, to ensure the right shape is achieved as well as to warrant durability.


Kids’ activity and fitness trackers are either completely waterproof, allow an individual to go as further as swimming for a long time whilst wearing them without any damage. This allows the tracker to also monitor wet activities as well. Another group of fitness and activity trackers are sweat proof, which are mildly waterproof. They can withstand sweat, spills, splash and even rain briefly! However, when immersed in water, they will totally breakdown.


The price range for the top rated fitness trackers for kids is between US$30 and USD80. It all depends on how you choose the ideal tracker and why choose it. Some fitness trackers offer a variety of features and options and yet, they are quite effective, whilst some may appear costly, but offer quality and unique features that suit your child’s need.



Q: What Can Kid’s Activity Tracker Do For You As A Parent?


They can assist with planning, setting and tracking the best fitness plan for your kid. They also enable you to track the progress, compare them to your child’s physical progress and make an informed decision of whether the plan I working or not.

Additionally, some come with features that ease communication such as fitness trackers with notification features and also, assist with other basic tasks such as silent alarm and reminders.

Q: Are Kids Fitness Trackers Effective?


When used right they can be highly effective in the child’s fitness path as well as educational path. They also make the parent’s job a lot easier and 100% effective. The trackers unlike parents, who work, are always there to monitor the child’s activity progress and share with parents.

Q: Do Any Of These Models Here Have GPS?


Yes. The LETSCOM fitness tracker designed for both adults and kids has GPS which provides real time data to your phone or app, however, this feature is limited to the fact that the tracking devices have to be within a short perimeter.

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The fitness tracker for kids reviewed above all serve to be useful tools. The best way to go about choosing the right gadget for your child is considering the purpose why you want it for them in the first place. All the listed fitness trackers pose a positive lesson on fitness and health for kids but it depends on how you want them to learn, for example, the Unicef fitness tracker teaches the child consciousness, humanitarianism and also how the world can be positively impacted through one action – which improves health for one and provides a meal for the other. Children however, are also creative and fun loving beings, the Garmin Vivofit design allows for them to indulge in this characteristic. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again, children are inquisitive and get easily intrigues thus, children love tech. Thus, choosing the right gadget with just the right tech but not excessive will also positively impact your child and improve their engagement in their own health!

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