Letsfit Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Review


The Letsfit D32 wireless headphones are true wireless earphones that offer the convenience of not having to deal with cords. They are designed for music and calls when working out, commuting and when active outdoors. They have the following features:

HD Stereo Sound: 5.8mm dynamic speakers with deep bass and noise cancellation deliver vivid and high-resolution sound.

IPX5 Water Resistance: Water-resistant headphones that withstand rain, sweat, and weather when used in the gym or outdoors.

Bluetooth 5.0: This powerful technology ensures a strong, fast, and stable connection and transmission.

Built-in Microphones: Makes it possible to answer calls without having to get your phone.

One-Step Pairing: Once taken out of their case, the earphones auto-connect with each other and with the previously-paired device.

Hands-Free Control: Easy volume, music, and call control by pressing the buttons on the earpieces.

Ergonomic Design: Ensures the earbuds fit comfortably and snuggly in-ear.

Portable Charging Case: The earbuds are charged by the charging case while the charging case is charged via regular USB.



Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 2.24 ounces

Sound Driver Size: 5.8mm

Bluetooth: V5.0, AB1526P chipset

Wireless Range: 33 feet/10 meters

Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery (included)

Battery Life: Talk/Play Time: 3. 5 hours, Charging Case: 16.5 hours

Water Resistance Rating: IPX5

Warranty: 12-month

In the Package: 2 wireless earbuds, large, medium, small ear tips, charging case, micro UB charging cable, and user manual

User Experience


Audio Quality:

These are top-rated Bluetooth headphones and one of the lauded qualities about them is the excellent sound quality. Withė the earbuds correctly fitted in your ear, you will be amazed by the 3D stereo sound they deliver. Equipped with 5.8mm dynamic speakers, deep bass, and noise cancellation, these Letsfit earbuds are capable of delivering vivid, high-resolution sound, letting you immerse yourself in your music, movie, or audiobook.

A built-in microphone and tap control on the earbuds make it possible to reject and answer calls hands-free and without having to reach for your phone. The mic picks your call well and the caller can hear you loud and clear without audio feedback interfering.

Ease of Use and Control

These Letsfit Earbuds are super easy to use. They switch on automatically when you take them out of their case/charger and connect automatically. They then sync automatically with the device they were last paired with. To connect them to a device for the first time, just turn the Bluetooth on your device and choose “D32-L” in the list of discovered Bluetooth devices. 

The earbuds have simple, intuitive tap controls that are very easy to operate. Increasing or reducing volume, skipping songs, and answering calls are as simple as pressing the buttons on the earbuds. This means that you don’t have to take your smartphone from your pocket or bag.

The earphones turn off when you put them back in the case, which has magnetic contacts to hold the earbuds securely in place. In the package is a user manual with detailed instructions on how to wear and operate these earphones.


Adopting Bluetooth 5.0, the latest Bluetooth version ensures a fast and seamless connection and stable transmission within 33 feet of wireless range. This is a good range for listening to music, electronic audiobooks, and answering calls. You can keep your phone in the pocket without losing connection or audio breaking up.

Battery life

When fully charged, you can listen to these headphones continuously for 3.5 hours. With additional 16.5 hours of backup power from the charging case, you have up to 20 hours of work time. You’re good to go for gym sessions, workdays, flights, and even overnight and weekend outdoor expeditions.

The earbuds can only be charged by the charging case they come with but the charging case can be charged via USB. This case is compact and lightweight for anywhere mobility. It fits in even the smallest pocket and it charges the earbuds fast.

Fit and Comfort

The ergonomic design of these in-ear earbuds ensures a comfortable and secure, snuggly fit. Additionally, they come with ear tips in three sizes-small, medium, and large. All you have to do is try out the different sizes to identify the ideal size for your ears. Just insert the earbud into your ears and rotate to fit comfortably. Once you get them to fit correctly in your ears, you will enjoy the incredible sound quality and won’t experience any issues with them falling out or moving even when running.


  • True wireless earbud design
  • Great audio quality with deep bass
  • Built-in microphone for call answering
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Really good battery life
  • IPX5 water, sweat, and weather-resistance
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Three ear tip size options
  • Easy pairing and connecting
  • Highly portable charging case
  • Inexpensive and a fantastic value


  • The sound isn’t clear and consistent sometimes
  • You cannot connect these earphones to multiple devices at the same time
  • You cannot use the right earbud on its own when the left earbud is charging
  • A bit heavy and bulky, which makes them uncomfortable for long sessions
  • Being a bit heavy, they can fall out easily if they aren’t properly fitted
  • Touch controls can be difficult to use with the earbuds fully in your ear

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Overall Rating


  • Sound quality 100%: Audio quality is top-notch. Crisp clear and powerful for such small true wireless earphones. Not many earbuds at this price point have bass yet these have incredible deep bass.
  • Battery life 90% – 3.5 hours of continuous playtime plus 16.5 hours of backup power from the charging case means you have 20 hours of work time! This is good enough for relaxing, exercising, traveling, and outdoor adventures such as backpacking
  • Connectivity: 90% – Bluetooth version 5.0 ensures a strong and stable connection and transmission within the 33 feet range as long as nothing is blocking or interfering with the signal.
  • Ease of Use: 100% – The earbuds automatically connect and with the last-paired device once they are taken out of their case. Volume, song, and call control is easy with the intuitive buttons on the earbuds.
  • Design: 95% – These are true wireless in-ear headphones with an ergonomic design for a comfortable and stable fit. IPX5 water-resistance means that you can wear them during intense gym workouts, running through the rain, or hiking in inclement weather and they won’t stop functioning.
  • Price: 100 % – The Letsfit Wireless Earphones are affordably priced and an amazing value is given the sound quality, connectivity, comfort, and battery life they offer!
  • Overall: 95% – Among the best inexpensive true wireless earphones. They outperform more expensive models. They are actually top-rated wireless earphones and among the top 10 affordable Bluetooth headphones on the market.

Globo Surf Overview

Truly wireless earbuds, the Letsfit Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are super convenient. They offer amazing sound quality, solid connectivity, a really good battery life, and take-anywhere mobility. The ability to block out background noise makes them perfect for commuting. The ability to withstand water, sweat, and weather make them great for exercising, running, sports, active lifestyle,s, and outdoor activities. At their inexpensive price point, they offer the best bang for the buck. Be sure to follow the instructions on wearing them properly to achieve the best fit and get the best listening experience out of them.

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Letsfit Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones Review