Crave PLUS Portable Charger Review


FeaturesThe Crave Plus portable charger is built to go with modern times. Its ultra slim profile effortlessly adapts to everyday needs. You can sandwich it in your pocket with your smartphone and charge it on the go – whether at a baseball game or hiking in the backcountry. 

However, it’s not only the slim body that’ll make you love the charger. The portable charger features impressive high quality components that optimize its functionality, durability, and overall quality. While the outer aluminum shell slightly increases the weight, it offers a rugged, weatherproof finish.

You will also notice a battery level indicator LED light for easy charge tracking while the power button preserves extra juice for when the charger is not in use. The power bank 3-port fast charge IC technology supports the micro In recharging port and Type-C port with dual directional In/Out technology. The power bank also features a fast charge IC USB port. Furthermore, proprietary short circuit protection protects the power bank and your devices.

Here are other key features that come with the Crave Plus Portable Charger; 

  • High capacity design with fast charge smart IC technology
  • Dual ports Quick Charge 3.0 + USB-C
  • Battery indicator tracker light
  • 15W power delivery
  • Ultra slim 0.4-inch fit-in-hand profile


SpecificationsBattery capacity: 10,000mAH
External charger dimensions: 6.2” x3.1” x 0.4” 

Weight: 8.8 oz. / 250g
Casing material: Aluminum
Waterproof: No
Color options: Metallic silver

User Experience

User ExperienceUsability: 97% – The portable charger does an incredible job when it comes to its usability. First, it features a three-port setup, allowing you to charge android devices, apple devices, and other types of portable devices. The power bank’s thin and slim profile also improves its usability. The slim body makes the portable charger travel friendly. It fits into the smallest spaces, including small bags and clothing pockets. You can sandwich the power bank along with your phone and charge it on the go while you continue with other activities. Alternatively, the three-port setup also allows you to recharge up to two devices simultaneously. The portable charger’s 10,000mhA capacity is also generous enough for standard uses and comes in pretty handy, whether fishing, camping, or hiking. On average, it can recharge up to 2.4 smartphones on a single charge. Features like the LED battery indicator also help you track your power usage so you know exactly how much juice you remain with to continue recharging your devices. A user manual that comes with the charger suggests its operational current at around 2.4A. This puts the power bank’s time to fully recharge at around 7 hours which isn’t that bad at all.  The portable charger’s aluminum construction also enhances its usability. Thanks to this rugged fabrication, it effortlessly survives the rough outdoors, easily withstanding standard tumbles and bangs. However, extra care should be taken when you are in wet conditions since the portable charger is not waterproof nor is it water resistant. You should place it in a dry pack or bag to ensure full protection. Additionally, compared to standard portable chargers of similar sizes, the Crave Plus may emerge slightly heavier, at 8.8 ounces. At nearly 10 ounces, some people may prefer a much lighter design. Moreover, the portable charger has somewhat limited USB power delivery support. This means that it lacks the ability to support higher power to charge a wider range of devices quickly over its USB connection. This means that using the charger for newer smartphone models will not offer top speed compared to more advanced portable charger models. A higher USB charging speed could’ve been easily achieved by integrating an additional USB-C port or a USB-A port instead of the placement of the micro USB.

Durability: 96% – Thanks to its aluminum construction, the Crave Plus portable charger is reasonably durable. The rugged aluminum casing withstands the rough outdoors and can stand up to small scruffs, scratches, and tumbles. This casing also allows you to pack the power bank along with other gear with ease. But, it lacks a waterproof or water-resistant rating. There really isn’t  any guaranteed protection from water submersion or even splashes from light rain. So, in wet conditions, you want to offer extra protection to the charger, whether by placing it in a dry bag or a waterproof section of your outdoor pack.


  • Clean metallic finish
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Faster charging speed compared to regular car chargers
  • Multiple charging port supports (including USB, USB-A, and USB-C)
  • Charges more than a single device simultaneously
  • It fits inside your pants or jacket pocket with your smartphone – you can recharge on the go!


  • A little heavy
  • Slightly slower charging speed (especially for USB-A)

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Overall Rating

Usability: 97% – The Crave Plus Portable Charger QC 3.0 + Type is built with increased usability in mind. Additionally, its design makes it easy to use outdoors and during travel. Combining its three-port design and slim profile, it takes care of your multiple devices while the size allows for charging on the go. You are also supplied with a clear user manual to walk you through its uses and make the most of it. 

Durability: 96% – The external portable charger features reasonably durable construction. The aluminum casing is strong enough to offer sufficient protection in the outdoors. It also allows the charger to keep well during travel or when participating in active outdoor adventures. But, the lack of any protection against water, whether waterproofing or water resistance limits its usage in wet conditions.  

Price: 98% – The power bank’s price tag offers excellent value when compared to models of similar quality. In fact, you can consider the Crave Plus a budget-friendly option. Nonetheless, even with its low price tag, its main features give you an excellent bang for your buck. You get a three proprietary port setup, a slim profile, a beautiful finish, and small additional functional features. 

Overall: 97% – Overall, The Crave Plus portable charger is a worthy purchase. Whether it’s an outdoor expedition or a baseball game at the ballpark, the charger comes in handy. It can also charge various portable devices, in addition to your smartphone, adding to its functionality.

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Combining the functional design and low price tag, the Crave Plus portable charger is a good investment. While it may not offer the fastest charging speed, especially for newer Samsung devices, it still stands top on the list. But, looking past this small setback, you can’t find anything better when it comes to a travel-friendly charger with an ultra slim profile.

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