How To Make A Selfie Stick – DIY Selfie Stick


With the rise of new technologies, we have become dependent on our phones and tablets like no generation were before. A phone camera is probably one of the features that most people use the most. This is why the demand for selfie sticks has been high and will probably stay as long as we keep using the same technology. But, there’s no need to spend money on it if you can learn how to make a selfie stick on your own.

The process of making a DIY selfie stick can be a lot of fun, so keep reading to learn how to make your own fast and easy! 

How to Make a Selfie Stick – Instructions

Taping Your Phone

  1. Taping your phone or a tablet directly to a stick or pole is probably the easiest way to make a selfie stick. All you’re going to need is a bit of tape that you will use to secure your phone to the stick. Just make sure the tape is not crossing over the phone buttons or the camera. Undo the tape when you’re done talking your selfie and remove tape debris. You can try improvising, so keep a roll of tape with you to try different angles and pick the one that holds the phone in place. Bear in mind that you probably shouldn’t use this technique if you use an expensive phone to avoid damaging it. 
  2. Add a piece of sponge to the top for a better angle. Your selfies will look much better if you add a wedge to the top to get a better angle. Just tape the sponge for the stick, but make sure it doesn’t cover the camera.
  3. Be careful not to damage the phone or your camera. Camera lenses and phone buttons are usually well protected, but constant flipping, taping, untaping, and use may damage them. Your DIY selfie stick may also cause some damage, so be careful when playing with it. Still, you can put it in your backpack and use it to capture beautiful sceneries!

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Cassette Case and  a Flagpole

  1. If you want to learn how to make a selfie stick that you can reuse for as long as you’d like this is probably the best solution. You’re going to need an empty cassette case, a flagpole, and tape to make this type of selfie stick. Tape the bottom and the top part of the case evenly and attach it to the flagpole. Try using a piece of sponge to get a better angle with your camera for your selfies. Just attach it behind the top of the pole and the case. By doing this you’re aiming your camera downwards, thus making taking photos easier and more enjoyable. 

Buying a cellphone holder is a great alternative. Also, if you’re worried about your phone being damaged it is probably better to go with a cellphone holder. These are usually adjustable so there’s a greater degree of security. 

Cassettes may be a bit hard to find these days since almost no one is using them anymore. Still, you can probably find some at yard sales or music shops. Even some electronic stores may have a few for sale. 

2. Before you start you will need to measure the width of your cellphone. You need to know how wide is your phone to know how far you need to space sponges apart when securing the phone. First, measure your phone and then use about 9/10ths of that length to measure the space between sponges. Adding this squeeze factor to your phone is important to secure it even better. 

3. All you need are two dish sponges that you will tape at both ends of your phone. The middle of the case should be open so you can squeeze the phone in. It is probably best if you have your phone by your side to test whether it fits in it. Keeping the phone in place is the main idea and goal, so make sure sponges are doing the job. 

4. If you want more support you can add a popsicle stick beneath the sponges. You can do this simply by gluing them at the bottoms of both sponges and you will have a great foundation that your phone can rest upon. Sometimes sponges won’t be able to hold your phone snugly enough so this is recommended in those cases. 

5. Mounting your phone should come naturally and you should check whether it is snugged properly. If so, it will stay secured between the sponges for as long as it is there. Just slide the phone by pushing apart the sponge foam slightly. 

6. Lastly, you need to scotch tape around the pole and sponge to secure it and make them suitable for outside use once you’re finished with the basic steps. Doing this will ensure that your phone won’t fall out unexpectedly and you will also maximize the security. 

Try taping both the top and bottom ends, just to be safe. As long as the tape is relatively clear of dust and lint it won’t have a significant impact even if it covers the camera (in case you’re using scotch tape). You can carry this DIY selfie stick in your travel backpack so you always have it with you for the perfect group hiking photo! 

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Taking photos has become second nature to most of us thanks to new technologies and easy access to phones. Selfie sticks are there to make our photos better and also make it easier for us to take photos. Making your selfie stick may be a fun process for you since there’s no limit to creativity and what you can do with a flagpole and some tape. If you follow these simple steps from this article we are sure the selfie stick you make will be as good as if you bought it in a store!

Hopefully, this article will help you learn how to make a selfie stick fast and easy!

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