Crave PLUS Pro Portable Charger Review


The Crave Plus Pro portable charger’s most prized feature is a large 20,000mAh battery capacity that can fuel even a macbook.  The external battery pack’s impressive capacity gives it a reasonable power delivery output of up to 45W to power most portable devices. It features a QC3.0 port design with USB-C (in/out) with PD and USB-Ax2.

Yet, even with its large capacity, the portable charger remains with a pretty compact body. Its ultra thin and compact body makes it convenient to take with you anywhere, whether camping, fishing, or air traveling. This compact design easily fits into your clothing pockets or small packs. 

Furthermore, the rugged aluminum body complements the charger’s compact profile to survive the harsh bangs and scratches of the outdoors. 

Here are other key features that come with the Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger; 

  • Smart charge IC technology with QC3.0 port design
  • Fast charge with Record Speed Flat Battery Cell Technology
  • Dual ports Quick Charge 3.0 + USB-C
  • Generous 45W power delivery
  • Ultra thin 0.7-inch thick profile 


Battery capacity: 20,000mAH
External charger dimensions: 7” x3.4” x 0.7” 

Weight: 16. oz. / 457g
Casing material: Aluminum
Waterproof: No
Color options: Metallic silver and black

User Experience

Usability: 99% – The external battery pack comes with great usability, thanks to its impressive battery capacity. The charger’s versatility eliminates the need to invest in multiple charging systems for different devices.  The portable charger features three charging ports, two of which are USB-A ports and one USB-C with PD. The best part about the two USB-A ports is that they feature a Quick charge design. The charger works for laptops, smartphones, and other smaller portable devices. So, investing in it eliminates clutter typically brought on by multiple charger wires. Due to its high power output, the battery pack covers a wide range of portable devices, including Macbooks, most new laptop models, android, and apple devices. You can also use the battery pack to recharge portable speakers, fish finders, GPS, smart watches, and similar portable devices. The battery pack’s 20,000mAh battery power allows you to fully charge a laptop and fully charge most smartphones up to four times. You will also find four power capacity indicators so you can track its usage and know how long you can use the power bank. In addition to its versatile charging capability, the battery pack’s slim profile also improves its usability. The compact and slim design makes it convenient to take with you anywhere. You can fit it in your clothing pockets or a small pack for convenient access. The smaller battery pack size also lets you fit it into your cabin luggage so you can use it whenever you need to. However, the power bank package doesn’t include a power delivery wall charger. So you have to invest in a separately sold one if you want to recharge it at power delivery speeds. Therefore, charging the power bank requires that you purchase the wall charger.

Durability: 97% – The Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger features a durable aluminum casing construction which gives it a relatively light but excellent hold on to the battery pack. The aluminum construction also allows the battery pack to survive bumps, bangs and scratches outdoors. However, the aluminum casing is not waterproof, so you want to keep it away from wet conditions. If you plan on taking it fishing or hiking in the rain, you should conceal it in a dry pack or any other waterproof storage. Additionally, the external battery pack is designed to preserve as much energy and its design prevents power loss. To start charging any device, you have to press the button on the power bank first. So, you don’t have to worry about randomly charging a connected phone without prompting to do so. You will however notice that the battery pack gets a little hot when you use it for prolonged durations.  You can let it rest for a while before resuming its usage. Nonetheless, you will not experience this issue when recharging a power delivery compatible device or smartphone.


  • Dual quick charge ports
  • 45W power delivery charging speed
  • Charges laptops, smartphones, and most portable devices
  • Charges up to three portable devices simultaneously 
  • Extremely slim and compact travel-friendly design


  • A little heavy – weights up to 1.3 lbs. 
  • Slim but, slightly long profile
  • You need to buy a separately sold power delivery wall charger

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Overall Rating

Usability: 98% – When it comes to usability, the Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger doesn’t disappoint. The external battery’s prized capacity means you don’t have to lug around multiple chargers for your phone, laptop, and other portable devices. The all-inclusive power bank offers a reliable charging function for all your portable devices. On the other hand, its slim and compact profile allows you to take it anywhere with you conveniently. 

Durability: 97% – The portable power bank has a generally durable construction. Its aluminum casing gives it a pretty rugged finish and protects the portable charger from bumps and scratches. But, it lacks waterproof protection, making it unsuitable for use in wet conditions. 

Price: 98% – The power bank comes with a pretty affordable price tag compared to models of the same size, capacity, and quality. Plus, its versatility also adds an extra layer of value as it works as an all-inclusive charger. With this power bank, you don’t have to purchase extra external battery packs for other devices. It charges everything from your macbook to portable speakers, GPS, and smartphones.

Overall: 97% – Overall, the Crave Plus Pro portable charger is worth the investment and comes in handy in any circumstances. Its high capacity, durable construction, and slim profile mean you can use it anywhere, whether catching up with work emails during travel or recharging your GoPro to continue documenting your action-packed adventure in the backcountry.

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The Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger is a reliable external battery pack to invest in. It offers superior power capacity while allowing you to take it anywhere with you. You can use the portable charger to fully charge your laptop or charge up to three portable devices, simultaneously.

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