Gili 12′ / 15′ Manta Ray Multi-Person Inflatable SUP Board Review


lifestyleThe Manta Ray series is swarmed with a series of useful and practical features and accessories. Five versatile action mounts on the board can hold everything from your cup holders to fishing rods, anchors, and action cameras. In fact, the mounts are enough to mount all these accessories simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can add kayak seats for instant inflatable fishing or touring kayaks. You will also notice two huge 6-point front and rear bungees for extra gear storage. If you wish to create extra space for gear or riders, you can effortlessly remove the rear bungee system. The inflatable board comes with additional D-rings so you can conveniently attach extra gear. 

On the other hand, the paddleboard’s dual integrated paddle holders stash away both paddles for hands-free chilling when not paddling. For a safer rider, the board is equipped with nose, tail, and center grab handles. You can also make use of the grab handles during transportation for more ease. 

The versatile grab handles also allow you to tie down extra items, attach them to the dock, or even grab on when you accidentally fall into the water. An extra large grooved traction pad offers extra grip to the deck so you don’t slip or fall. However, the EVA traction pad still offers excellent comfort, whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down.

Here are extra features to enjoy on the multi-person paddle board:

  • 5 versatile action mounts for small accessories
  • 4 Scotty mounts for additional accessory mounting
  • Dual paddle holders for hands-free lounging
  • Front and rear (removable) oversized bungee system
  • D-rings to attach extra gear
  • 6-sided mounted grab handles for easy handling and added security on board
  • Dual integrated iSUP valves for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Extra large grooved EVA traction pad for added grip


specificationsDimensions (LxWxH) : 12’/15’ x 45/56x 8

Weight: 35/52 lbs.

Color options: Blue, teal, and orange 

Paddle: Fiberglass, carbon/nylon, or full carbon

Accessories: Duffel bag with rolling wheels, two travel paddles, two dual chamber hand pumps, 9-inch snap-in race fin, four snap-in side fins, and repair kit

User Experience

Usability: 98% – The Gili manta Ray Multi-person SUP board offers all the necessary features you’d need from a fun multi-rider board. Its PVC construction and thicker finish give it the solid stability much needed to support multiple riders. This construction also improves its strength and ruggedness to survive the elements in different water conditions. Plus, its wider deck and longer length offer the much-needed space for riders and enough gear. With the accessories integrated into the board, you will not easily get bored. On a lazy afternoon, you can mount cup holders and a waterproof speaker to enjoy a cold drink with your favorite playlist or podcast in the background. Or, you can get more serious, pump out your fishing gear (and even mount comfortable kayak seats) for a relaxing fishing session. 

Durability: 97% – The inflatable paddleboard’s intuitive construction and design gives it a superior durable finish. In addition to the military-grade PVC fabrication, the board has a fully seamed design so you don’t have to worry about losing stability or form on the water. This construction also fully protects the board from abrasions, dents, dings, and other forms of damage. Considering that the board supports multiple riders, gear, and overall higher load capacity, the extended length, thickness, and width help to even out the load further and to prevent possible weight-related damage to the board.


  • Massive load capacity – a little over a ton
  • Great for family or close friends 
  • Extra wide deck, thicker profile, and PVC seams provide excellent stability
  • Two paddles allow for smoother paddling
  • Multiple on-board accessories


  • The deck pad doesn’t cover the entire length of the board
  • Takes a little long to inflate with the provided pump
  • The duffel bag doesn’t come with an integrated pocket

Overall Rating

Usability: 97% The Manta Ray inflatable paddleboard offers all-around performance. While it is not exactly fine-tuned for high speed and maneuverability, it still offers sufficient functionality in this area. Additionally, the iSUP offers solid stability to accommodate your multiperson rides while the additional storage features, such as mounts, add to its functionality while you are on the water.

Durability: 98% – The SUP’s premium military grade PVC paired with the extra length, thickness, and width balance the board for better stability and superior durability. The fully seamed PVC construction also provides excellent protection from various potential damages on the water. 

Price: 97% – The Gili Manta Ray multi-person iSUP offers features that meet the standards of a premium hard shell paddleboard. Yet, it comes at nearly a fraction of what you’d expect to pay for a good quality hard shell board. So, while the board is certainly not a budget-friendly board, it still offers you a bang for your buck. 

Overall: 98% – Unlike other iSUPs, the premium quality Manta Ray series offers an impressive fully seam-sealed and solid finish that holds well and keeps stable on the water. The paddleboard also rates pretty well in sufficient space for riders and gear. Plus, you will enjoy the multiple onboard accessories, whether mounts for cameras and kayak seats or multiple paddle holders to accommodate both paddles. The Manta Ray series also offers excellent value for money. You get a premium iSUP with the performance of a premium hard shell at a fraction of the money.

Globo Surf Overview

The Gili Manta Ray series is the ultimate paddleboard for a full day of fun on the water with friends or family. It offers excellent stability on the water while still giving you good maneuverability and movement with minimal drag. Plus, its numerous accessories and features make the water adventures even more unforgettable. 

Nonetheless, you’ll still have to sacrifice alittle time to pump the paddleboard to your satisfaction. However, if you are a single rider, the Gili 12’/15’ Manta Ray Multi-Person Inflatable SUP board may not be the best option with so much space and bulkiness.