When you have a fun day on the slopes and you are headed towards your favorite ski resort, you will most likely make stops along the way, perhaps to fuel refill or to grab a couple of things. Once you arrive at the ground and the action is on, it’s a cinch that you will take a breather at one point or another. Ski gear has such a high value attached to it that losing it to theft would be highly unfortunate, if not downright disheartening. This is why you need to take every measure to keep them safe, whether you are at the resort on a break or parked at the station to refill gas. Choosing the best ski and snowboard lock will do this just fine, giving you peace of mind and keeping your items safe. We have, at Globo Surf, have compiled a list of the best ski locks so that you can feel safe and peaceful on the slopes:

How To Choose The Best Ski Lock – Buying Guide


Finding the right piece of ski locks is not at all difficult, but you need to pay attention to a couple of details when buying. The best ski and snowboard locks of your choice need to be made out of a high-quality durable material that withstands some force, it should be a piece of equipment that keeps you safe and secure. They also need to be easy and quick to set up. Finally, you should look for some handy features that will make the ski lock more convenient and comfortable. We, at Globo Surf, have compiled a couple of traits that you should look for when choosing the best ski lock for you.


On the market, you will find various types of ski key locks, but most of them will fall in the following 4 categories

Cable locks are the most common type of lock. They are mostly used on snow and are specifically made to be lightweight so that the user can carry them around during the day. Cable locks are fastened by simply wrapping the cable around the skis or board and then clicking back into the main body. They are usually fastened with a code or with a key for security.

Tether locks are the second most common type of lock seen on the mountain. They are typically more rugged and heavyweight than the cable locks which increases the protection they can provide at the expense of convenience. The user is still required to carry the lock around during the day. They can only be securely fastened if the equipment has some sort of closed-loop, for example, ski bindings. This tether at one end must wrap around the equipment and the lock at the other must then thread the tether. They are usually fastened with a code or with a key.

Rack locks are another common form of locks, mostly seen in European ski resorts. They provide a high level of security and are smaller and more convenient than cable and tether locks. One of their downfalls is that they have to be used in conjunction with certain types of ski racks which are not found in all ski resorts. They use a pin to fix the skis into place so they cannot be removed. The rack lock ensures that the pin cannot be removed by anyone other than the owner by being fastened with a key

Wireless locks are a newer proposed solution that does not physically restrict the movement of the equipment. Instead, it uses sensors and alarms to detect theft and raise a siren in an attempt to deter thieves. The device is securely mounted on each ski through a tough tape or a screw. The unit is then controlled by an app on the user’s smartphone. The unit can detect movement and trigger a siren.


When looking for the best ski and snowboard locks, looks for the ones that have a big enough capacity to secure all of your gear. Before purchasing your ski lock, ask yourself how many skis or snowboards do you intend to secure? The smaller models will secure fewer skis or snowboards compared to the bigger ones. In this regard, you need to check the specifics of each lock. This means that you should check the cable length and diameter of the ski lock of your choice.

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Strength is another important factor you should look for when choosing a ski lock. Speaking generally, a strong lock is not necessarily heavy. Consider weight from two perspectives – firstly, the weighted grade of a lock defines its capacity to secure specific gear. Secondly, is it light enough to be portable? You should look for something that is strong enough to secure all of the gear necessary, but at the same time is light enough to be carried around with you all day long. Even though this might sound difficult, the ski locks on our list will probably fulfill these requirements for you just fine.


Each type of ski lock has its own locking mechanisms. The most popular locking mechanism of ski locks is the personalized digit combination mechanism. This allows the user to set up a personalized pin that will allow them to secure their gear. Most locks have a 3 digit combination code, and a few others will come with a 4 digit combination code. Agreeably, these are easy to remember combinations that will work well for most people. Another category is the key lock mechanism. This resembles the manual key locks. Set up your gear on a rock within rails and secure them by locking them with the key. You need to be careful to keep your keys safely to avoid losing them



Q: Why Use Ski Locks?


Ski locks should be used to keep your equipment safe. Often times, gear has such a high value that losing them to theft would be downright disappointing. This is exactly why you need to take every measure to keep them safe, and the best way to do that is with a ski lock.

Q: How To Know If The Ski Lock Would Fit My Gear?


Since people have different needs, you need to figure out the purpose for which you need a lock. Some need it for the entire gear, others want to only secure their skis, while others need the locks for their work equipment. Figure out the purpose for which you need a lock. Since ski locks come with varying designs and are built with different capacities, you will have an easy time getting one that matches this purpose.

Globo Surf Overview

No matter the type of ski lock you are using, you need to secure your ski gear to avoid losing it to theft. The best ski lock will be built for broad functionalities in different environments, with its core purpose being safety. It needs to be durable and tough, deterring both thieves and wire cutters. Bottom line, get what works best for you. The models on our list are tried and tested, and we are sure that you will find something that you will be happy with.

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