If you have a pool in your yard, then you are going to want some floats to go in there, and what better float than the classic pool noodle. Not only are they one of the most inexpensive toys for your pool, but they are also extremely buoyant, bendable, and a lot of fun.

The best pool noodles will add some safety to your pool while doubling as a toy. They can be used in craft projects to create rafts, floating coolers, sword, lightsabers, and more. They can also be used to protect surfaces and edges. They can be bent and shaped. The top-rated pool noodles can do almost anything you want them to.

Our buying guide tells you everything you need to know about pool noodles, and even offers you some ideas for craft projects. Here is our list of the 8 best pool noodles in 2018.


How To Choose The Best Pool Noodle- Buying Guide



When you are choosing your pool noodle, there is one important choice to make. Pool noodles can be hollow or solid core. Solid pool noodles will offer you better buoyancy overall in the water. They are also stronger. If you are planning on joining the noodles together to manufacture a structure or raft, then solid noodles are age way to go. Hollow noodles are a lot cheaper than solid noodles, and they are lighter. If you want to cut a pool noodle, then a hollow noodle will take less effort to cut through.


There are many benefits of using a pool noodle, and safety is up there as the most important. When your child is using a pool noodle, they will be focused on having fun, but you can feel a little less stressed, knowing that they have a buoyancy aid in the pool with them. Pool noodles can be used to help a child feel more comfortable in a pool and can help them learn how to swim when they are in the pool.

The main idea behind a pool noodle is that it floats in water. Sure, it is fun, but they also float extremely well. If you have a child place a pool noodle under their arms, then they can float around in the pool without needing a lifejacket. Once they are comfortable floating vertically, they can move their legs up and float horizontally in the pool. Kids will love the bright colors and the fact that they are more buoyant, without being afraid of the water.

Once kids learn to float with the pool noodles, they can begin learning to swim and become even safer in the water. With the pool noodle under their arms and chest and their legs horizontally behind them, they can begin to kick. They can do this vertically is they are not confident enough to kick while in the horizontal position. Practicing kicking helps your child to learn the motion of kicking in the water.

Once they are confident kicking with their legs, they can use their hands to paddle, while having the noodle under them still. Once they get confident with this, they can transfer the pool noodle to between their legs and begin using their arms and hands to propel themselves through the water. After a time, their legs and arms will be strong enough to propel them through the water. A pool noodle can be integral in helping your child learn to swim.

Of course, the more floats you have in the pool, within reason, the safer your pool will be. If your child (or anyone else) has a pool noodle close by when they are having trouble in the water, then they can grab on and get to the edge of the pool. You can also use your pool noodles to pool-proof your kids. If you wrap one around the chest of your child, and under the arms, attaching the noodle to itself as it is wrapped around, then you can have small children float in your pool. Of course, you should always make sure that you are in the pool with your child if they cannot swim, even if they are wearing a floatation device.

Size and color

The most common size of a pool noodle is 63 inches long and 2.8 inches in diameter. You can find larger and smaller pool noodles if you shop around, and you may want to have a pool noodle which is not the standard size, depending on your needs. If you want to build a structure with your pool noodle, then you may want a variety of sizes, which you can find by showing around. If you want the standard size, then you can find that in most pool stores and online stores.

The color of pool noodle is more of a personal preference. You may be buying the pool noodle for your child, in which case you can buy the noodles in their favorite color or colors. If you are buying them for a party or gathering, then you can match the color with any color scheme. You can also choose the color based on the color of your pool and pool area. Regular colors will be available for purchase in pool stores and online, but if you want a specialized color, then you may need to look online for your purchase.



Q: What Are Pool Noodles?

A: A pool noodle is basically a long cylindrical float. Most pool noodles are made of polyethylene, and the majority of them are hollow in the center. They are used in pools all over the world as flotation devices and water toys. They come in a variety of colors, and they are an inexpensive addition to your pool.

Q: Why Do I Need A Pool Noodle?

A: There are many reasons to have pool noodles in your kid’s pool. The most obvious reason is that they are incredibly fun. It does not matter what kind of pool you have; the pool is made a more fun place to be by throwing a pool noodle in there. Throw multiple pool noodles in there are you make your pool the most fun place to be in the world (I may be exaggerating a little bit, but you get the idea). So, what else can pool noodles do?

Pool noodles are a buoyancy aid. They float in water and can double as a flotation device for you or your kids in the water. You can lay with them under your chest, sit on top of them, or hold them in your hands to provide you with more buoyancy in the water. They are great for kids, as they start as a toy, but can become a life saver.

They can also be used to replace a kickboard. If you are learning to swim or have trouble swimming in your pool, then a pool noodle can be manipulated to be a kickboard. Bend the noodle at the centre and have the center of the noodle under your chest. The side ends should bend out and be under your armpits. You can now practice your kicking in the pool.

If you want to get more of an aerobic workout, you can use the pool noodle to give you enough buoyancy to keep your head above the water while you try some water running. Wrap the pool noodle around you, or hold it close to your body, and then run with your feet under the water and not touching the pool bottom.

With children, you can increase the development of their upper bodies. This is one of the stepping stones of helping a child learn to swim. They jump on the pool noodle and ride it while using their arms to tread the water. By being able to concentrate on arms only, your child can focus on developing the skill in their arms. This works for an adult too.

A pool noodle also offers you great flexibility. When it comes to how you use it, it is not strapped to you like a lifejacket, and it is not tethered to the pool. You can have it in your hand, wrap it around you, ride it, and pretty much anything else you can think of. There is also flexibility in the pool noodle itself. When you are playing with it, you can bend it and squish it as much as you want to. When you are playing with your noodle, you can manipulate it into a variety of shapes, and use it in a multitude of ways.

Using a pool noodle is also extremely easy and simple. You do not have to spend a lot of time installing anything in your pool, and when you are done with your pool noodle, there is nothing to take down or disassemble. When you want it in your pool, simply throw it in. When you are done, then throw it onto your pool deck to dry.

One thing that we have noticed recently, is that many places are using pool noodles for therapy. People who have injuries can use pool noodles to add extra buoyancy when they are in the pool. This enables them to have more mobility in the pool, and takes stress off of them. They can also be added to your aqua-fit regime to add more resistance as you are moving your arms or legs through the water.

Q: What are Pool Noodles Made Of?

A: Pool Noodles are made from polyethylene foam. This foam material is inexpensive, safe, and floats on water.

Q: How Do I Cut Pool Noodles?

A: It is easiest to cut your pool noodles with a serrated knife. Simply, mark where you want to cut, and gently move the serrated knife back and forward over the pool noodle. The serrated knife will easily cut through the polyethylene. When you are honking about cutting your pool noodle, there are a variety of things which you can do with them. Here are some examples.

Pool noodles are great for safety. The fact that they are compact and soft, make them amazing for absorbing impact. When you are thinking about your children and impact, there is no bigger danger than a trampoline. Children love to bounce on a trampoline. As long as they stay near the center, there is no chance of them falling and hurting themselves. If there is a net around the outside, then they are protected from falls too, but where the real danger lies, is in the springs. If kids fall against them, they can hurt themselves or get their skin caught. You can protect them from this by using a pool noodle. Measure the length of the spring an cut the pool noodles to this length. Cut lengthways on one side until you reach the hollow middle. You will now be able to slip the noodle pieces over the springs. You can create a colorful pattern all the way around or use just one color.

Did you know that you can use a couple of pool noodles to create your own tennis game for young children? For this, you need some netting to be used as the racket strings, and a soft ball that the pool noodles will be able to hit. Fold the pool noodle over in half, and use tape to secure the two ends over. You should have a loop in the pool noodle, and it should look kind of like a racket. Place the netting over the pool noodle and pull it tight, securing it at the handles. Repeat this for a second pool noodle, and then use the two pool noodle rackets to hit the ball back and forth.

If you want more water toys for your kids pool or an adult pool, then you can make a great raft for a child or a pet. Take 6 pool noodles, or more if you want the raft to be wider, and place them side to side. At one end, loop a long piece of string an wrap it around the pool noodle, near the end. Once it is around, you should tie it tight and then wrap it around the next pool noodle. Tie another knot and move onto the next pool noodle. Do this until you have tied all six pool noodles together at one end. Move onto the there’d of the pool noodles and do the same. Now, take two more pool noodles and lay them across the width of your raft. Mark team slightly longer than the width and cut them. Place the two pieces across your raft where you tied the string. Now, wrap are string around each pool noodle, in the same place, and this time wrap it around the new pool noodle too. Work your way across, securing each pool noodle to the new pool noodle. Once you are done, do the same with the other new pool noodle. Make sure to tie the ends securely. When you are done, flip the raft so that the two pool noodles across the width are on the bottom. Your pool noodle raft is now ready to be used.

If you want to relax in your hot tub, without having to constantly get out to get your favorite beverage, then you can craft your own beverage float. Take a plastic container or bin, which is big enough to fit some ice and drinks, and measure each side of it. Cut four lengths of pool noodle to those lengths. Take some construction glue, or some other heavy-duty adhesive, and start with one of the sides. Add some glue to one side of a pool noodle length, and set the pool noodle on the container. Repeat this for all four sides of the container. Allow the cooler to dry for at least 24 hours. The next time you are in your hot tub or pool, you can fill the cooler with ice and drinks, and place it in the water. The cooler will float alongside you in the water.

You really can use pool noodles for many different things. For your clothing, you can place them inside your boots to prevent your boots from slumping when you have them in storage. You can also place them on hangers to protect your clothes when you are hanging them. You can turn them into all sorts of floats in your pool. You can create individual drinks holders for the water, and create floating candles for a romantic atmosphere. Using pool noodles for crafts is also a great idea. Pool noodles can be shaped for use for anything. You can create great foam shapes for your kids to use as stamps, shapes, and pieces of a larger craft project. Pool noodles are great for storage. You can cut slits in them and store paintbrushes or fishing rods. You can also use them for protection. You can add them to corners of tables, or garages to stop car doors hitting walls or ceilings. When you begin to think about what pool noodles can do, you begin to realize that there are endless possibilities.

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Pool noodles really can do everything. From arts and crafts to protection to flotation, a great pool noodle will make your pool a much safer place to be, and a more fun one. Take advantage of our buying guide to ensure that you find the very best pool noodle for your needs. Pool noodles are for flotation, so you should always have that in mind when you are buying one, but they are also a toy. If you can combine the two and have a water toy which could save a life, then you will have the best pool noodle suited for your needs.

Use our buying guide to find out exactly what you need from your pool noodle, and then find one from our list (or find multiple from our list). When you buy a pool noodle, everyone wins.

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