Wakesurf shapers are wonderful mechanisms that help you get a better surf wave without having to weigh bags and drag them around your boat, taking up time and space that could be filled with coolers and cold drinks instead! Wakesurf shapers are the perfect answer for anyone who loves wake surfing, but with so many different best wakesurf shaper options it can be a bit difficult to pick.

The main issue about conserving room on your boat is easily solvable by all wake surf shapers. However, there are several other things you’re going to want to think about before just grabbing the first wake surf shaper you see. With so many of them around on the internet, here’s a list of the best wakesurf boat options and a buying guide to help you find the perfect wake surf shaper for your life!

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How To Choose A Wakesurf Shaper – Buying Guide



Like with anything you buy for your boat, including anchors, you’re going to want something that’s durable. You don’t want to continue spending money after you’ve already bought one wakesurf shaper, so investing in a durable one that is already recommended by the wakesurf shaper reviews is important.

A durable wakesurf shaper is one that’s made with good materials. You want something that’s made with industrial-grade or marine grade materials. These are made to withstand rough waters, so they typically last longer compared to things like foam or regular plastic.

It’s also a good idea to get a wakesurf shaper that can float. Even if you have a wakesurf shaper that’s got great quality suction cups, there’s always the possibility that it could fall off abnormally rough water or when you’re moving it around to the other side. If it floats, then you don’t have to worry about getting another one.


The usability of your wakesurf shaper is another important thing to think about when you’re looking to buy one. You want something that you’ll be able to use at any time in any place, as long as you’re in the sun with some sunscreen. The best wakesurf shapers can work in any condition however you need it to.

For example, a good wakesurf shaper should be easily able to do what you want it to. It should be able to easily switch positions no matter where you are, and it should be able to stick no matter the conditions either. You don’t want a low-grade suction cup that’s going to stick well on only one kind of boat material; that’s not usable in all conditions.

Attaching Mechanism

There are different ways that wakesurf shapers can attach. If you don’t have a specific shaper, then most people have to try and maneuver weights around their boat to create waves. Weights can move around naturally while the boat’s driving, so having some kind of wakesurf shaper that attaches and doesn’t move around is ideal.

Most wakesurf shapers have suction cups that let you attach it to the outside of your boat. This is the best option since it’s quick and easy, significantly cutting down the amount of preparation time for your fun. It’s also something you can easily switch around when you’re on the water; suction cups are very light and can easily float if the rest of the wakesurf shaper is made with light materials as well.

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You’re going to want a wakesurf shaper that lets water through, similar to the concept behind sails. Without water being able to get through, your wakesurf shaper doesn’t work as well. It’s also easier to be pulled off, which will cause you to have to stop having fun to hopefully find the shaper in the water and try to attach it again.

The most common way wakesurf shapers allow water through is with a concaved blade. This means that the blade is slightly angled and will let water easily on and off of it. These are the most popular since they’re simple in shape and design and work efficiently.

Another common form of water-channeling in wakesurf shapers is vented. These are openings on the sides of the wakesurf shaper that let water through easily and create turbulence. These also help create a better wave, so these are great for those looking for huge waves. For even better results, you can get a wakesurf shaper that combines the two ideas!


The size of your wakesurf shaper is an important thing to think about before buying it. You’ll want to think about the size of your boat and where the shaper will go; you’ll need room for it without it being too large for your boat. Besides your boat size, you’ll want to think about other things as well.

Portability also plays a huge role in the size of a wakesurf shaper. If you’re someone who lives on a lake and primarily wakesurfs there, then you won’t have to worry about the portability aspect. However, if you’re someone who enjoys traveling and takes their boat with them, you’ll want something smaller that can be stored easily and not as liable to break.


The design of wakesurf shapers is important to think about for a multitude of reasons. There are several aspects that determine how a wakesurf shaper creates waves, and what kinds of waves they create. These can all be assessed through the design of the wakesurf shaper.

You’ll want to do research into how different designs create different waves. Some wakesur shapers focus on making large waves while others focus on making long waves. Some wakesurf shapers work to create white water while others purposefully seek to eliminate any white water. Your style of wakesurfing will help you determine what kinds of waves you want, and also what kind of design works with it!



Globo Surf Overview

The best wakesurf shaper in 2023 is the Ronix ‘Eiht.3” Wakesurf Shaper. This wakesurf shaper provides all the best qualities of other wakesurf shapers on the market, all while keeping a low price and working consistently. With two suction cups that leave room for maneuvering the blade, this wakesurf shaper is perfect for your wakesurfing needs! Check out our articles for tow ropes and wakeboard tower speakers and enjoy your water boarding experience.

The look is also stylish and will look great on your boat while you’re on the water. With a wakesurf shaper like this, you won’t have to worry about weighted bags being thrown around your boat. Before your next water excursion, be sure to invest in this wakesurf shaper to get the most fun out of your day!

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