Once you have taken the step of deciding to build a pool fence you would be forgiven for thinking that it will be a simple process of choosing the one you like the look of and placing it around your pool to keep everyone safe and protected from the water.

With pool fences though there are actually a lot of different options out there which can make trying to find the best pool fence a very confusing process, as you try and analyze the right type, strength, height, style and even if you want it to be removable or permanent.

Thankfully we’re here to guide you through the process and answer any questions that you might have about pool fences. We have developed a buying guide together with a list of the best products to make sure that you can find the best swimming pool fencing for you.

How To Choose The Best Pool Fence – Buying Guide


The products that we have reviewed here are mesh fencing as that is the solution that is going to have the highest degree of safety while still offering you the choice being able to remove the fence when it’s not in use. Here though we explore what the full range of options are available to you.

Mesh – So the mesh solution we have covered here is specifically made for pool safety which is an important factor to point out as that means it offers specific safety features for the water. This is a generally a lower cost option which is not only durable but also is highly versatile too. Despite being removable, they look and feel solid and for these reasons they are the most popular fence type for pools.

Aluminum – If you want a pool fence what has the sole purpose of keeping things out then this fence might be a great solution but it has major drawbacks. It isn’t particularly child-friendly but it can look quite crude as well. This is a pool fence that does its job but at the sacrifice of the qualities which make a mesh option so attractive.

Chain link – If you have ever seen a chain link fence that has been used for many years then you’ll already know why these aren’t a great option for child safety. They are prone to rust and if they have a coating then it’s likely to flake off. The fences are also easy for children to climb as well. They are quite cheap but do have some serious drawbacks.

Wrought iron – A wrought iron fence is the type of fence that you often see outside of expensive homes and expensive buildings as it can be made into intricate detailing which makes it great for that purpose but not really for a pool. This is a climbing paradise for children unless the fence is very tall and it’s also very expensive too.

Wood – Wood fences are great for gardens and can be made to look very aesthetically pleasing when they are done in the right way. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to your pool then this could be a good option but there is a good chance that the water will damage the fence over time and also visibility will be very small so you might not immediately be able to see who is in the pool.

Glass – Glass fences can look great and there obviously won’t be any problems with visibility. They are made hard enough that they will never break under normal circumstances. There are though downsides as it will get dirty very quickly and will need constant cleaning to look at its best. The major downside though is probably the cost as it will be grossly more expensive than a mesh fence.


Installation for a mesh pool security fence is relatively simple as you just need to know how many fence panels that you need and where they need to go. You also need to decide if you want swimming pool gates or not, as you might want to just completely cover off your pool when it’s not in use or you might want to a gate if you want it up more permanently.

To install your fence you want to cut out a stick which will match the distance of the fence panels that you are buying. Once you have this you will be able to trace out your fence panels and work out where your drilling holes are going to be.

Once you have measured it all out correctly then you simply want to cut those drill holes and for this using a drill guide can make the process a lot easier and you will need to purchase or borrow your down drill and masonry bit if you don’t already have one. Once the holes are drilled then installation is incredibly easy as it’s simply a case of slotting in the pool fence and then installing a gate if you wish.


Color can be a matter of personal preference but it can also impact some other things as well such as how hot the material is going to get as a black material is going to absorb more heat than any white material. Generally though you’ll just want to match up the color of your fence with the color of your surroundings so it’s able to blend into the pool area. There are other considerations too such as white being harder to clean and having the potential to fade over time.


Safety is paramount when it comes to your fence which is precisely the reason that you want to install it in the first place so that no accidents can happen. That’s part of what makes mesh fencing such an attractive option as you’ll be able to install it knowing that any children or pets won’t be able to get to your pool but also importantly they won’t be able to climb over it as well.

Mesh fencing also does a great job of not leaving any sharp corners or edges that can cause accidents. Mesh fencing has an advantage over many other fence types due to its safety features.


Strength is obviously a key feature of a fence too as if it’s not strong enough to hold itself up then it’s not going to be of much use to anyone. It has to withstand the humans that are going to be using it but also the high winds and other weather conditions that can happen. Thankfully all the products that we have reviewed here are highly rated in strength and they will continue to be safe at all times. If a storm is just about to blow through then you always have the option of removing the fence and taking it down.

UV Resistance

UV resistance isn’t such a key characteristic when it comes to fencing but it can still make an impact over the long term. Those rays can damage the coating on the metal rods as well as the mesh fencing. Having UV protection is an added plus to ensure that your fencing is going to be able to last you for a large number of years.

Removable vs Fixed

All the in ground fences that we have reviewed here today are removable even though to anyone passing by they would well look like permanent features around your pool. The holes that you will be making for your fence will be able to keep it securely in place and if you wanted to leave your fence there permanently then that wouldn’t be an issue.

It might be the case though that you only want it there around the offseason or whenever children are around the pool. Some fixed fencing can look great but doesn’t offer you the same amount of flexibility and most likely won’t be able to offer you the same type of safety as well as these mesh fences are made specifically for a pool environment.


With mesh pool fencing, especially with the products that we have reviewed here, height isn’t going to be an issue as they are all tall enough to serve the safety purposes that you have. The standard height is them being four foot tall so clearly a young child is going to have great issues in trying to scale a fence which is that big.

With other fence types this can be more of an issue as they can be much smaller. For most people using a pool fence is used for the main purpose of keeping children out of the pool so you want to ensure that they won’t be able to render the fence pointless by being able to climb over it.

Ground Clearance

The whole point of a fence is to prevent things from getting past and for your pool that will mainly be children and pets but also other animals that might want to try and creep past the fence in the night. You want to ensure that any distance between the ground and the fence is kept to a minimum. A mesh fence does a great job of putting off this space so that nothing is able to get past it.


When putting your fence together the connections can often be the weakest points and the area most likely to cause injury. So want to make sure that connections are solid and there are no sharp areas remaining which could cause injuries. Connections need to be tight and solid and also unable to be taken apart by the people that you’re looking to keep out of the pool such as little children.


If you have a beautiful pool area then you don’t want to ruin it with an ugly fence. Mesh fencing wouldn’t rate the most highly on the style scale but they can still look nice and simple when next to your pool and a lot better than other options.  Wrought iron fences are generally the most detailed ones and glass fences can give a very sleek look but both of those options are very expensive. Thankfully mesh fencing will look more than good enough next to your gate and will be able to complete its primary job of keeping everyone safe.



Q: Can I Install A Pool Fence Around A Swimming Pool That Has Dirt, Sand, Or Grass?


This isn’t ideal as it won’t be as secure as other options so you can start to compromise the safety of your fence. It is possible but the looser the material that you’re trying to build on, the longer you will have to spike your poles into the ground.

As your pool will be built around a solid surface then it should be more than likely that you can find a hard spot on which to install your fence. If you are placing fencing up around an above ground pool then this won’t be an issue as the fencing will be going onto the upright supports and top rail.

Q: Do Pool Fence Comes With Warranties?


The simple answer to this is yes but warranties have never been as simple as that. A lot of them are sold with limited warranties which generally mean that there are terms and conditions placed on the type of protection that they are going to offer and for how long as well.

With any warranty you shouldn’t take it on face value and instead should look deeper into it to see if it’s even worth it or not. Some warranties just cover any defects that the product might have during production and not actually if anything goes wrong with it when it’s in use.

A good warranty though can give you extra reason to buy a product though as not only will it give you peace of mind should something ever go wrong but it will also give you the confidence I knowing that a company has that much faith in their product that they are willing to offer a big enough warranty on it. So while with warranties you need to read the fine print, it can be a great bonus.

Q: Is A Pool Fence Easy To Remove Once Installed?


The answer to this question depends completely on which type of pool fence that you have installed. Something like a wooden fence takes time and patience to put in and therefore would take a long time to take out as well. This more or less applies to every type of fence that is a permanent structure.

While mesh fencing can have the appearance of being permanent, it is a temporary structure in the sense that it can be easily removed in a matter of minutes. This is a huge advantage of this type of fence, especially when you consider how safe and secure it is when it’s installed.

Globo Surf Overview

A pool in the wrong conditions can be a dangerous place and before it can be enjoyed it needs to be respected. Whether that is making sure that your pool chemistry is balanced or installing a pool alarm in case anyone falls in, you don’t want to take any chances with your pool.

In order to prevent people from falling in you have the choice to either get a protective pool cover or install a fence around your pool. While pool covers can do a great job of making sure that debris can’t get into your pool, only the most sophisticated models will be able to hold weight if something was to fall in, using one in conjunction with a fence it the ultimate safety option so finding the top rated swimming pool fencing can be vitally important.

With pool fences there is quite a lot to consider including whether you will be looking into a permanent solution or something that you will be able to remove. A removable mesh fence has a number of key advantages over its rivals including the ability to be removed but it is also cheap and easy to install as well so you can get that high level of protection in no time.

There are other considerations too such as making sure that you pick a color that will blend in well with your pool as well as making sure that the pool is strong enough and safe enough to do the job it was intended to do. Height is another key factor and so is ground clearance and the connections that it has and when all that is sorted you want to ensure that it will look good as well.

After reading through this buying guide you should be ready to buy your mesh pool fence knowing everything that you need to know about pool fences and which option is going to be the best for you and your pool. Once you have picked your lifesaver pool fence then you would be able to sit back and relax without any stresses of worrying about whether people are going to be safe around your pool or not.

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