Easy Pool Fence Removal Guide


how to swim and are old enough to be left on their own. Fortunately, it is much easier to remove a fence than to install it. Below is a quick and easy guide on how to remove a pool fence that you can do in an hour or even less.

7 Steps on How to Remove a Pool Fence

Pool fence removal is pretty straightforward, and often a whole lot easier than installing a pool fence. Here are the steps on how to remove a pool fence.

1. Remove the Locking Mechanism

The ends of the sections of pool fences are held together by a locking mechanism, usually a hook and eye type of hardware with either a wing or a positive gate. In any case, unlocking the mechanism should be pretty straightforward and will require no tools whatsoever.

2. Remove One End of the Pool Fence Posts

The posts on pool fences are attached to a deck sleeve drilled into the ground. To remove the posts, simply twist them until they come loose, and then you can lift the posts out of the sleeves. For the above-ground pool, you’ll need to dismantle the bracket connecting the fence post to the pool’s base.

Once you lifted the first post off the ground, roll the attached mesh around it and make your way towards the next post. Then, repeat the steps to remove the following pool fence posts.

3. Remove the Final Pool Fence Post

When you reach the final post on the pool fence section, remove it from the ground by following the same steps mentioned above. Then, set it aside on the ground or against your pool chair.

Repeat the above steps until all the sections of the pool fence are removed.

4. Store the Pool Fence

Once all the sections of the pool fence are removed and rolled up, bring them to a storage room or garage. Do not leave them leaning against the wall of your house where they can be exposed to direct sunlight. Although pool fences, specifically the mesh type, are treated with some form of protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is still best to keep them in a dry and shaded area to prolong their service life.

5. Cover the Deck Sleeves

As mentioned earlier, the posts of pool fences are installed on a deck sleeve drilled into the ground. Naturally, when you remove the posts you leave a gaping hole on the deck of your swimming pool. You’ll need to cover up these holes with dedicated deck caps. These will come with the pool fence when you first bought it.



Q: Can I remove my pool fence?


Yes, you can remove your pool fence by following the steps on how to remove a pool fence outlined above. However, you still need to consider the different national laws and local regulations concerning pool fence safety. There are states that require strict compliance regarding pool fences, from installation to removal and everything else in between.

Q: When should I remove my pool fence?


Experts suggest that pool fence removal should be done only when your children have reached 12 years old and have learned how to swim. However, the same experts recommend that pool owners keep the pool fence instance regardless of children’s age and swimming abilities, even if they know how to float on water.

Q: How do you remove an aluminum pool fence?


For aluminum pool fence removal, follow the steps below:

  1. Detach the aluminum safety panels from the pool fence posts. They are usually attached together using screws or bolts. Determine which type of attachment method was employed and remove them accordingly.
  2. After the safety panels are dismantled, it’s time to remove the pool fence posts. Like mesh type pool fences, posts for aluminum pool fences are usually installed on sleeves that were drilled into the ground. To remove the posts, simply twist them until they come loose and then lift them out of the hole.
  3. After removing the safety panels and posts, give them a quick cleaning before storing them in a dry place.
  4. Cover the deck sleeve holes with the appropriate deck caps.

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As can be seen above, pool fence removal is pretty easy and straightforward. Sometimes, you can even find instructions on how to remove a pool fence in the same owner’s manual that came when you first bought your pool fence. Otherwise, you can check the manufacturer’s website since they will usually post there the removal instructions. In any case, you’ll want to keep your pool fence properly stored after you remove it. You never know when you may need it again.