No matter what you do out on the water, whether you’re surfing or swim training, you’re going to want a swimsuit to do it in! While you could go with any regular swimsuit you can pick up at your local store, it’s better for you if you get an active swimsuit.

There’s a ton of active swimsuits that are made by many different companies, so it can be intimidating when you first go to look for one. Here’s some tips and tricks for buying an active swimsuit, and a list of the five best active swimsuits in 2023!

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How To Choose An Active Swimsuit – Buying Guide



The material of your active swimsuit is an important factor to think about when you’re buying one. While any water-resistant material can be great for an active swimsuit, you can try to tailor it to whatever water activity you do most.

If you’re kayaking or tanning and like to take a jump in the water for cooling down, then a bathing suit made with spandex is the way to go. It doesn’t dry as quickly as nylon or polyester, so you’ll stay cooler for longer.

If you’re doing something like swim training or spending your day in the pool, you’ll want something like nylon or polyester so you can quickly and easily get to where you’re going when you’re done.

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Another important factor that you’ll want to think about when buying an active swimsuit is fit. You want a swimsuit that’s going to stay close to your body so that it doesn’t bag you down. There’s also active swimsuits that are made to not bag, so grabbing one of those can be the key to an active swimsuit that fits correctly.


Just like anything you buy, you want your active swimsuit to be durable. It’s not helpful if you have to keep buying another one because the one you bought broke down.

Whether you’re scuba diving in the ocean or swimming in your pool, there’s things that can break down typical swimsuits. The salt and wild bacteria in the ocean and chlorine in the pool can cause the material of your swimsuit to fall apart. Many active swimsuits try to combat this with coatings on the material, but it’s safe to ensure that whatever active swimsuit you’re buying protects you.

If you’re out in the sun, it’s also important to make sure that the sun doesn’t harm your bathing suit. We use sunscreen on our skin because the sun can damage it; likewise, the sun can damage any bathing suit. You’ll want an active swimsuit that prevents against sun damage as well!



Q: What is the difference between a regular and active swimsuit?


A regular swimsuit is meant to be used in typically pool water and isn’t made with very good materials. They’re more focused on the look and design, oftentimes featuring gemstones or tassels that can get in the way if you’re in the water to train or wearing one for an extended period of time.

Regular swimsuits aren’t meant to last long either, and typically don’t protect against anything that could be found in the water you’re swimming in. Active swimsuits are the complete opposite in almost every regard, with the exception of style.

Active swimsuits are comfortable for extended periods of time, so you can wear one while you’re outside no matter what you’re doing. They’re made for active people, so you know that it will flex however you need it to; you won’t have to worry about ripping anything like you would in a typically bathing suit.

Globo Surf Overview

CharmLeaks Women’s One Piece Bathing Suit is the most excellent active swimsuit out there. There’s so many features that it offers compared to other active swimsuits.

The elastane that it’s made out of is perfect for durability and resisting anything in the outside world. It feels great, and it dries quickly so you won’t have to wait to dry off before heading inside.

With discrete padding and different designs and colors to pick from, you’ll feel comfortable no matter where you’re swimming at. That kind of comfort lets you do whatever you want without fear or worry over how you look or what could spill out.

Before your next swimming excursion, make sure to pick up this active swimsuit so you can enjoy your water activities as much as possible!

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