Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer Review


The Mares Dive Computer is a dive watch that does so much more than just keep dive time while staying water-proof. Asides from its numerous safety features, there are display, battery, and altitude adjustment features, amongst many that should be considered. Let’s go through some of these features:

  • The Mares Dive Computer has three-level settings for decompression, altitude tuning; standard, intermediate and conservative.
  • It can handle two gases and is compatible with Nitrox mixes(from 21% to 91% oxygen)
  • The alarm system is great for beginners because it increases urgency in sound and visual alert with your increase in depth per minute.
  • The dive computer has a segmented display that is good for monitoring depth, safety stops, and any other function simultaneously
  • It has Four Diving modes; Watch, Air and Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Diving.


Product dimension: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

Display: 3 segments

Color: 7 colors: Black, Black/White, Black/Red, Black/Grey, White/Lime, White/Lilac, and Lavender.

Battery: User-replaceable

Battery Life: 2-3 years

Closure: By Buckle

Water-Proof Limit: 150 m Maximum Depth

Warranty: Full Factory warranty

User Experience


Safety Functions

A lot of users agree that the Mares Smart has a lot of functions for a beginner-level dive computer. The device is capable of nitrox mixes between 21% and 99% oxygen and can take up to 25 dive logs at once.

The ascent rate exceeded lockout is one of the most appreciated safety features of this watch. What it does is to alert you to slow down your ascent when you exceed specific stages in your ascent rate. It sets off only audio alarms if you exceed the 10m/minute ascent rate and sets off both audio and visual alarms to warn you if you cross the 12m/minute mark. At this point, the dive computer enters a 24-hour lock if you exceed this mark for over 1/3 of your watch’s dive depth. It does this to prevent injuries that may come from diving. A lot of dive computers lack this feature and that’s one more reason this product is considered a great dive computer for beginners.

Other safety features that it has been to warn against low battery when diving, missed decompression stop, and exceeded safer pp02.

Altitude correction and Decompression timing

Mares Smart dive computer has an automatic altitude tuning and decompression timing that eliminates the worries of manual correction of these parameters, especially if you travel a lot to dive. There’s the option of operating altitude with decompression is sea level estimated to be 3700m/12100ft. The gauge mode allows operating altitude without any decompression and is put at any altitude.

It doesn’t say which algorithms they use to calculate their altitude or decompression. Although the algorithm used to perform this feature is not known, it is quite effective at what it does.

The three settings system; standard, intermediate, and conservative, alter the control of the device over both decompression and altitude.

Dive Log

The onboard dive log information on the Mares Smart computer has some controversy surrounding it. The User Manual clearly states that the device has a dive profile of 35 hours, maintained at the 5-second sampling rate.

The company website, however, indicates that the Smart’s onboard log is 20 hours, while one promotional video on the website states that you should be looking at 25 dives. We recommend that you should keep your computer log at 20-25 dives, for safety purposes. One thing to put to mind is that the computer’s firmware is upgradeable.

Missing Functions

This device lacks some features that would have made it a much better dive computer than it already is. The most pressing missing function is air integration. The simple addition of air integration would have been a key selling point of this watch, even for expert divers.

Also lacking is a compass that would have been perfect for easier navigation and less device to pack when diving. These two features would have made this watch a complete dive computer. Nonetheless, the Mares Smart Dive Computer is an effective device that’s great for beginners and intermediate divers.

Price and Ease of Use

One great thing about this watch is how affordable it is. It’s practically impossible to get a better-priced diving computer with the same amount of features as the Mares Smart dive computer. The navigation system of the watch is also quite simple and easy to get familiar with. Plus, the segmented display gives you the luxury of monitoring multiple parameters and functions at the same time.


  • Affordable Price
  • Great accessibility
  • Free-diving Mode
  • Audio and Visual Alarms
  • Segmented Display
  • Adjustable Backlight for conserving battery power


  • Lacks Compass
  • Lacks Air integration
  • Small Screen size

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Overall Rating


  • Price: 98% – A watch with this many safety features is expected to be quite expensive. However, the Mares Smart Dive goes falls within the range 250-300$. It is definitely quality for good money when compared to the other dive watches in the market.
  • Display: 90%– The segmented screen helps users to monitor depth, safety alerts, and other features (like the altitude and decompression levels) all at once. Although the small screen is considered a minus, the backlight adjustment makes up for that as you always increase the brightness when diving.
  • Design: 93%– The computer is designed to be easy to use for beginners and intermediate divers. There’s no air gauge include in its design however so you will need to get one when diving with this watch. Also, the lack of a compass is something a lot of users have an issue with. However, the sleek exterior of the watch gives it a sporty look.
  • Overall: 97%– Mares SmartWatch is a safety-conscious device that has great functionality at an affordable price. It is one that is I would recommend for anyone, particularly those starting diving.

Globo Surf Overview

The Mares Smart Dive Computer is a great first-time dive watch that has a lot of safety features to prevent diving injuries. It has a sleek design and can record up to 25 hours of dive log. It has audio and visual alarms to keep your diving experience as informed as possible. To this effect, it has a divided display unit to monitor multiple variables/parameters as your dive. The backlight is bright and easily seen on the device, and can be adjusted by the user. You can adjust the timing on the backlight to save the battery which is expected to take you for a minimum of 2 years.

The watch has upgradeable firmware and user-changeable batteries, all for a very affordable price.

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Mares Smart Wrist Dive Computer Review