Gili 10’6 / 11’6 Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review


lifestyleThe Gili Air Inflatable stand up paddleboard features highly durable and rugged construction, allowing it to survive in all water conditions. In fact, the paddleboard even offers a selection of two sizes and two paddle options so you can optimize your performance on the water. 

You can choose the 10 foot 6 paddleboard option, or upgrade size to 11 foot 6 to enjoy more space if you want to paddle with a friend, or pet, or carry more gear. You will even find a front and rear-mounted 6-point bungee system to give you extra space for easy-to-access gear. 

When it comes to the paddle, you can choose the basic midweight fiberglass paddle fitted with a nylon blade. Alternatively, if you want the overall iSUP cost to go slightly lower, you can go for the much heavier but equally convenient aluminum paddle. 

The paddleboard’s most prized features are focused on its stability, portability, and balance.  When you first inflate the board with the provided hand pump, you will be impressed with how it feels like a hard board on the water under your feet. 

You will instantly notice our newly improved design with a slightly enhanced 31 to 32-inch width which offers extra balance on the water while the new hybrid shape improves maneuverability and overall performance.

The iSUP comes with snap-in center and side fins that pair perfectly with its 6-inch thickness to effortlessly cut through smooth, glassy, or mild oceanic chops and waves effortlessly.  While you thread through the water, the paddleboard’s extra large traction pads offer excellent stability and comfort. 

Here are key features you will have access to when enjoying the waters on your paddleboard:

  • Front and rear removable cargo bungee
  • Nine D-rings for extra gear
  • Triple active mounts for an action camera, rod holder, cup holder, and many more
  • Side-mounted paddle holder
  • Front, rear, and center grab handles
  • Grooved traction deck pad with rear diamond traction for added grip



Dimensions (LxWxH) : 10’6 x 31’’x6’’/ 11’6’’x32’’x6’’ 

Volume: 225L – 234L

Weight: 19 lbs. /21 lbs.

Color options: Green, blue, teal, coral, orange, and green camo.

Paddle: Aluminum or fiberglass

Accessories: Paddle, dual action hand pump, backpack, coiled ankle leash, 9-inch snap-in center fin, and snap-in side fin pair

User Experience

user_experiencesUsability: 98% – The Gili Air Inflatable stand up paddleboard offers one of the best designs with regard to usability. The paddleboard’s stable and portable design makes it ideal for any activity. You can use the all-around iSUP for paddling, yoga, or even fishing. You will also be impressed with its simple setup once you are ready to hit the waters. All you do is use the dual action hand pump to inflate the SUP in less than 10 minutes. It takes you the same duration to deflate the paddleboard. In addition to the stable design, the paddleboard’s extra large traction deck pad provides adequate space to bring along a friend or your four legged buddy. Combining its shape, length, and add-on fins, the paddleboard delivers incredible maneuverability and performance on the water.

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Durability: 97% – The paddleboard’s premium construction ensures optimum durability and ruggedness on the water. It features a cross-stitched reinforced polyvinyl construction to prevent dents, dings, tears, or any other damage. To keep the iSUP even safer on the water, it has a reasonably thick 6-inch design. In fact, thanks to the premium quality PVC material, its cross stitching, and its thick design, the paddleboard inflates to feel just like a hard shell paddleboard. Plus, it offers the same functionality and ruggedness as a good quality hard shell paddleboard – at a fraction of the price.  Additionally, while the paddleboard features an ultralight profile, it still stands pretty well on water. However, the only downside to the Gili Air iSUPs is their relatively lower capacity. Supporting loads of less than 300 lbs, the inflatable paddle boards don’t compare much to paddleboards of similar design but with much higher load capacities.


  • Lightweight and well balanced profile
  • Feels like a hard shell paddleboard under the feet when inflated
  • The paddle breaks into three pieces for easy travel and storage 
  • Offers a pretty stable ride in any water conditions
  • Accessories such as fins and bungee system fit onto the iSUP without needing tools


  • Minimal load capacity
  • Not the cheapest option

Overall Rating

Usability: 98% – The Gili Air iSUP offers excellent usability. Its premium construction, hybrid shape, and fine-tune thickness improve its stability on the water, maneuverability, and performance.  The paddleboard’s 11-foot-6 option gives extra space to make it ideal for two paddlers or to bring along your pet. Whether you go for the 11-foot 6 or 10-foot 6 paddleboard, the included grooved traction deck pad also provides a stable and comfortable platform under your feet. The inflatable PVC paddle board also comes with extra useful accessories to add utility.  The dual front and rear bungee cords, paddle holder, nine D-rings, and three mounts offer versatile storage options so you can bring all you need with you.

Durability: 97% – The cross stitching and premium PVC material used for the paddleboard’s construction significantly boost its durability. The use of PVC and style of stitching don’t only give the paddleboard a fully sealed finish. It also protects it from dings, abrasions, tears, and other forms of damage. 

Price: 96% – While the Gili 10’6 11’6 Air inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board isn’t one of the cheapest on the market, it’s also not the best option for those looking for a budget-friendly iSUP. However, the mid-range cost gives you a very fair value for your money. This, in turn, makes the iSUP worth the investment and every penny you spend. 

Overall: 98% – When it comes to the overall Gili Air iSUP, the paddleboard offers reasonable qualities – a durable construction, balanced and stable profile, multiple storage options, and versatile functional features. While it promotes incredible performance and maneuverability on any water body, the iSUP is still perfectly designed to support beginner and intermediate paddlers. Plus, it works great for different activities, whether casual paddling or serious fishing.

Globo Surf Overview

The best selling point for the Gili 10’6 11’6 Air inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is its stability and portability. Thanks to this design, the inflatable paddle board performs great in all water conditions, whether smooth, glassy waters or mild ocean chops and waves. 

Further, its simple design makes the SUP great for paddlers of all levels, particularly beginners and intermediates. Plus, it comes at a pretty reasonable mid-range price tag with premium features to make it worth the investment.

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