Gili 10’6 Air Inflatable SUP Review



This is a feature-packed board that leaves a very positive impression. The design of this inflatable paddle board puts an accent on convenience, so you get a large standing area, bungee-corded storage, and plenty of D-rings for securing your equipment. The whole package allows you to spend less time setting up the board, and more time enjoying yourself. Take a look at some of the most prominent features.

  • Oversized traction pad provides stability and plenty of room
  • The front (nose) grab handle makes transportation easier
  • The Center grab handle doubles as a paddle holder
  • Front bungee system for securing your gear
  • Snap-in 9-inch center fin improves gliding and traction
  • Rear D-ring for securing the ankle leash
  • Secure high-pressure Halkey-Roberts valve for quick inflation
  • The two-stage pump makes inflating easier
  • Adjustable paddle for users of different height
  • Comfortable backpack for carrying the SUP



Length: 10 feet 6 inches

Width: 31 inches

Thickness: 6 inches

Weight: 19 pounds

Capacity: 280 pounds (advanced paddlers can exceed the limit)

Material: PVC, military-grade

Volume: 225 liters

Paddle length: 64 to 86 inches (adjustable)

Loaded backpack size: 36x16x12 inches

Warranty: 2-year warranty, 60-day risk-free return

Colors available: Blue, Red, Teal

Included accessories: Aluminum paddle, 2-stage pump, snap-in fin, 10-inch coiled ankle leash, backpack, repair kit

User Experience

Usability: The Air paddle board works best when used for relaxed paddling on calm water. However, this doesn’t mean it’s boring. Paddlers agree that it’s very responsive, incredibly easy to control and that it feels great riding it. While it isn’t slow, it isn’t the fastest one on the market either, which has to do with the reduced length.

In addition to recreation, it can be used for SUP fishing, or you can try some yoga poses for beginners if that’s the thing you like. All this is possible thanks to the increased width and improved stability. This also allows you to use it in choppy water too. However, some users have reported that strong winds can cause problems, so keep that in mind.

As we mentioned, controlling the board is easy, and this has much to do with the included paddle. Users like that it’s adjustable in length, which increases the efficiency when paddling the SUP. On the other hand, since it’s made of aluminum, it gets a bit heavy after a while. If this is a problem for you, you can always get a replacement SUP paddle.

The user experience is additionally improved by the paddleboard leash that comes in the package. It has a neoprene ankle cuff, and the cable connects to the D-ring in the back. This gives you more freedom when moving and improves overall safety.

Stability and Tracking: Paddlers say that this board is exceptionally strong and stable when inflated. It has good width to length ratio, giving it an increased surface area. But don’t worry, this doesn’t cripple the performance in the water. Besides, the thickness contributes to stability too. All this makes getting back on the SUP fairly easy if you end up in the water.

The surface of this board is padded with a large piece of EVA foam. It gives you a good grip and prevents slipping while being very comfortable to stand on. This SUP has a great weight capacity and supports large users too because it’s extremely firm when fully inflated. Furthermore, it even allows experienced users to exceed the specified weight capacity.

The tracking is good, thanks to the removable fin placed in the center. This is an important part of the paddleboard since it cuts through the water and improves gliding. However, users agree that adding a couple of side fins would make the experience even better.

Setup: With the Air SUP, the setup process is done in under 10 minutes. However, make sure you know how to inflate the SUP properly. The two-stage pump is really efficient and includes a gauge on top to visually control the pressure. The pressure should reach 15PSI, at which point the board feels really solid. If you don’t want to inflate it manually, you can always get an electric SUP pump.

Portability: This is an area where this inflatable SUP really shines. Paddlers say that anyone can carry this board. It’s very compact when deflated and comes in a convenient backpack, which can fit into every trunk. The backpack itself is very comfortable thanks to the padded straps. Furthermore, it has a large zipper to allow easy access when packing the board. The compact size of inflatable boards is certainly the biggest advantage when comparing fiberglass SUPs vs. inflatable SUPs.

The board remains easy to carry even when inflated. The front handle allows you to control it when getting in and out of the water. The handle in the middle is convenient for carrying the SUP and has a comfortable grip. As we said earlier, this handle can double as a holder for your paddle, in situations when you need both of your hands-frees.

Durability: The strength of this SUP is exceptional. Users like that they don’t have to worry about potential damage because the PVC is very strong. As you know, you get a two-year warranty to cover any issues you have. Also, the package includes a repair kit with several PVC patches and a tube of waterproof glue, which is a really nice touch.


  • Fantastic for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Two convenient carry handles
  • Extra-wide standing area
  • Comes with a pump
  • Compact when packed


  • Has just one fin

Overall Rating


The complete package of the Air SUP really makes it stand out in the crowd. We really like that it already comes with most things from your SUP equipment checklist, meaning that you don’t have to spend extra money on gear.

As for the board itself, we appreciate that it offers a balanced size and smart design allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of paddleboarding. Even though it’s inflatable, the body is incredibly strong and makes this a very durable board.

  • Price: 100% – This is perhaps the best package you can get for this amount of money. It won’t put a strain on your budget, while still delivering great quality with plenty of accessories.
  • Material: 95% – We think that the dual-layer reinforced PVC works wonders with this SUP. You don’t have to worry about punctures and dents even if you hit a thing or two while out on the water. Furthermore, it’s a nice touch that it comes with a full repair kit.
  • Design: 90% – Even though some things could be improved, the design is really nice. The board easily glides through the water without putting too much strain on the paddler. You have plenty of room to stand, and even have room for some gear. As for the visual aspect, we think this board looks amazing. The color choice is on point, and it’s nice that the accessories are color-coded too.
  • Overall: 95% – This is a highly recommended board for anyone who’s after functionality. We gave it a high grade because it’s user-friendly, and it shouldn’t give you any problems for a long time.

Globo Surf Overview

All things considered, the Gili 10’6 Air Paddle Board is an excellent choice, and not just for beginners. It’s a versatile and affordable board that gives you plenty of excitement, while still being easy to handle. Even inexperienced users can enjoy it while learning how to use a SUP. Additionally, the accessory bundle is amazing and really adds to the overall value. This board is compact, reliable, and exciting, which are just some of the reasons why you should give it a go.

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Gili 10'6 Air Inflatable SUP Review
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