Aqua Lung i100 Dive Computer Review


  • Perfect Dive Computer for New Diver’s
  • Simple One-Button Navigation
  • Select from Four Operating Modes and Manage Two Gases
  • Retains All Settings and Calculations Between Battery Changes
  • Audible Alarms and High-Visibility LED Warning Light
  • All Essential Functionality You Need
  • Compact Design, and Great Price
  • 4 Operating Modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive
  • User Changeable Battery
  • 2 Nitrox Gases Up to 100% O2, Changeable Underwater
  • User-Updatable Software
  • Access to Lest Features and Upgrades (must purchase optional download cable)
  • Pre-Dive Planning Feature Allows Preview of Next Dive
  • Water Activation Feature, No-Worries Start to Dive
  • Single Button Press Access to Last Dive Display (max depth and bottom time)


Weight: 9.6 ounces

Backlight – No

Max Depth (Dive & Free Modes) – 100m/330ft

Audible Alarm – Yes

Number of Buttons – 1

Conservative factor Adj – Yes

Activation(wet or button) – Yes

Mounting option – Wrist

ALT adjustable – auto adj

LCD Display – Segment

Download Cable – Sold Separate

User Changeable Battery – Yes

Colors – 2

User Experience


Mere looking at the aqualung computer looks great, especially in its blue color form, and also the blue ring on top is made in the same shape as the legend regulators from Aqua Lung. The aqualung computer doesn’t feel too heavy, and when you take a look at the dimensions, they are roughly the same as its competitors.

Users of AquaLang i300 classify the watch as one of the best freediving watches.

Many users conclude that the strap which is long enough to fit over all suits, even thick dry suits will remain the best part of the aqualung i100 watch.

Diving and everyday use

According to a Dive professional who had the opportunity to get his hands on the new AquaLang i100, he classified it as a perfect dive computer for the new diver. With simple one-button navigation, users can select four operating modes and manage two gases. User-changeable 3.0V CR2450 lithium battery, the Aqua computer always retains all user’s settings and calculations between battery changes.

Users also talk about some safety features it has such as audible alarms and high-visibility LED warning lights.


Users are happy with the essential functionality that it provides, they include a compact design and a great price.  4 operating modes. Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between Dive and Free).  User changeable battery and data retention. Maintains settings and calculations between battery changes. 2 Nitrox gases up to 100% changeable underwater

Navigation: Aqua Lung i300 computer opted for a one-button design to simplify underwater navigation. Straight out of the box you get the surface time and which mode you’re in. If you press once, you should get the last dive you’ve made but many users have complained it only shows dives made in the last 24 hours because their latest dive always doesn’t show up.  Other screens are the time and date and the no-fly time and time to full de-saturation.

Great Scuba and Free Modes: Many users have praised the AquaLung i300 for these great features ha. Apart from the normal air mode, you can also dive with Enriched Air Nitrox up to 100 percent up to 2 different gasses.

It has a gauge mode but this freedive mode is something entirely different. Normally if you go freediving with your dive computer you’re banned from diving for 24 hours. The AquaLung i100 keeps calculating while freediving which prevents a 24-hour ban from scuba diving and frees you up to switch between free and scuba mode all you want. So many users classify this as a really cool feature that they haven’t come across a lot.


  • Cheapest computer on the market with an option for gas switch
  • You can switch between freediving and scuba diving on the same day
  • Self-replaceable battery
  • 2 Colors
  • One button navigation


  • No compass included
  • Diverlog needs to be bought since it is not included

Overall Rating

  • Price: 95%: Yes, there are so many cheaper dive watches than this one, but none of them comes close in terms of Appearance and Feel. The Aqualung i100 is easily one of the best in terms of value for money, and one of the best in general when talking about dive watches in the $200 range.
  • We think that getting this particular watch will be a great investment, most users are mostly surprised at how much the watch cost, compared to other Dive watches
  • Material: 95% –The material used for AquaLung i100 makes the watch super lightweight and very Tough. The closure comes with a buckle, this provides users with much-needed comfort.
  • Design: 100% – The design of this watch is excellent, both in terms of looks and functionality, the Aqualung i100 is available in multiple colors, comes with a digital instruction manual, safety, and reference information, DiverLog brochure, quick reference card, lens protector and a battery compartment opening tool, but the toughness it offers and the overall light-weight properties are something that makes people come back to it.
  • Overall: 97% – We have a very high opinion of this watch, and we will definitely be telling you to spend your cash on this watch. You will definitely get the value for your money, It looks cool, tough, light-weight, and we wouldn’t say extremely reliable, but trust us when used in the right manner, it is reliable– a good recommendation for divers and watch enthusiasts alike.

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Globo Surf Overview

The i100 is Aqua Lung’s most basic dive computer and one of the best water-proof watches. This wrist-mounted unit is a stripped-down model designed for light recreational use, and it establishes a performance standard for the rest of the line.

The AquaLung i100 is easy to use dive computer utilizing a single button interface. Divers have the option of choosing between three modes of functionality which consist of Dive, Gauge, and Free Mode. Though the i100 is easy to operate and use, you should get the most out of it if you are a new user if you take some time to familiarize yourself with its display and modes of operation.

Please note that the i100 does not have an off button or command. If no buttons are pressed or dive made within 2 hours, the unit will shut itself off. However, the i100 does stay on for up to twenty-four hours after a dive, counting down FLY (time to fly) and SAT (destruction time)if a dive has been made.

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