Little Life Family Beach Shelter Review


The LittleLife family beach shelter is an excellent beach shelter for a family of four or five. Stable, windproof, and offering UPF 50 sun protection, it is the perfect shelter to escape to when the sun is at its hottest or the wind is strong and cold. It creates an oasis of coolness and calm that is perfect for little ones to play and nap in.

Fitting it into the car and carrying it to the setup point isn’t a stressful task. It folds down super compact (21 x 6 x 6 inches) and fits into a carry case with shoulder straps. Setting it up is as simple as putting together the poles, inserting them into the tubes built into the fabric, bending the poles into place, and securing the shelter using pegs.

You can rest assured this beach tent can withstand strong gusts of wind as it features a geodesic design for strength, sturdy fiberglass poles, windproof design, and deep sand pockets you can fill with sandbags or rocks for extra stability on blustery days.

You will also be proud to erect one of the best looking shelters on the beach. With the cool design and attractive colors, the LittleLife family beach shelter is a gorgeous shelter that is bound to be the envy of other beachgoers. To learn more about this family beach shelter, keep scrolling to read the comprehensive review.


As a beach shelter, the LittleLife family beach tent is built sturdy to remain standing in the face of strong winds. The geodesic design isn’t just for looks. It is also an optimal choice for strength.  This tent is also designed to offer top-level protection from the elements and to provide families with privacy. Built to be the ultimate beach shelter for families with little ones, it features the following:

  • Geodesic design for strength and style
  • A strong canopy fabric that offers a cool shade and UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Heavy-duty shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Deep sand pockets for extra stability on blustery days at the beach
  • Zip-up door that zipped closed for privacy and weather protection
  • Mesh panels for airflow and comfort



Dimensions (unpacked): 170 x 170 x 110cm/67 x 67 x 43″

Dimensions (packed): 53 x 15 x 15cm/21 x 6 x 6″

Weight: 2.50kg/5lbs, 8oz.

Materials: Nylon Fabric, Fiberglass poles

Sun Protection: UPF 50+

Warranty: Three Years

Package: Beach Shelter, Pegs, Carry Bag

User Experience


Portability: This LittleLife beach shelter is an excellent portable family beach shelter. It is amazingly lightweight (just 5 pounds and 8 ounces) and with the poles collapsed and the fabric folded up is a compact package (21 x 6 x 6 inches packed size) that fits into the provided carry bag with shoulder straps.

When folded up and packed into the carry bag, it will fit in a tight space in your car and is easy to carry to the setup point even when juggling kids and a beach bag. It is also easy to bring along when going on a beach vacation, as it will easily fit in a suitcase.

Set-Up: This beach shelter has glowing reviews for just how easy and quick it is to put up and takedown. It comes with three poles and the canopy fabric is designed with tubes for the poles to slide into. All you have to do is put together the poles, carefully push them into their pockets, bend the poles into place, and secure the shelter using the tent pegs it comes with.

This process takes 5 to 10 minutes and is easy enough for one person to erect it up in a calm environment. With a strong breeze blowing, putting it up and taking it down might require two pairs of hands. We recommend setting this tent up in the backyard for practice so it will be a breeze to put up by the water.

The takedown is at a moment’s notice as well. Just unhook and remove the poles from their sleeves, collapse them down, fold the tent fabric, and pack everything in the carry bag. The carry bag is roomy enough so fitting the shelter inside isn’t a frustrating task.

Room: This is a top-rated family beach shelter for how spacious it is. It is way bigger than the photos suggest. It provides a 67 x 67 x 43 inches shelter where 2-3 adults and a couple of kids can fit comfortably with all their beach/picnic gear.  It also stands high enough for kids to stand up and adults to sit down with plenty of headroom and change comfortably.

Sturdiness: One of the qualities that make this LittleLife tent the best shelter for use at the beach is just how sturdy and stable it is. The geodesic design makes this a high-strength beach tent that can withstand strong winds. The fiberglass poles are heavy-duty and the shelter is constructed in such a way that it does not allow wind to get in. For extra protection when strong gusts of wind are blowing, the tent is equipped with deep sand pockets you can fill with sandbags or stones to weigh it down and ensure it stays put.

Protection from the Elements: The LittleLife beach shelter is the perfect shelter to escape to for protection from all kinds of harsh elements. The tent fabric blocks the sun’s harsh rays and offers UPF 50 sun protection. As for wind and rain protection, it is a great shelter in all but extreme weather. With the door zipped closed, the shelter is windproof and stays calm and warm when the outside is windy. It is also a great shelter from rain showers and sea spray.

Ventilation: To ensure it doesn’t become hot and stuffy, the LittleLife beach shelter is open-fronted and equipped with a mesh panel that allows air to circulate without letting in wind and sand. The inside stays cool and comfortable and you won’t feel like you’re about to bake even when the sun is unbearably hot on the outside.

If it is hot and windy as well and you need to zip the door closed to block the wind, the double-zip design allows you to leave the top section unzipped to allow air to circulate without wind and sand getting in.


  • Lightweight and packs down super small
  • Comes with an easy to carry bag with shoulder straps
  • Geodesic design for strength and style
  • Strong shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Sand pockets for extra stability
  • Zip up doorway for privacy and protection
  • Simple and fast erection and dismantle
  • Perfectly sized for families


  • The zip will let water in driving rain, as there is no flysheet

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Overall Rating


Ease of Use: 90% – Transporting and carrying this beach shelter is easy as it is lightweight, compresses super small, and comes with an easy to carry bag. The setup and takedown processes are also simple and quick and only require more than one pair of hands when it is extremely windy.

Design: 100% – The geodesic design is brilliant! Not only does it make this a good-looking beach shelter but it also ensures it is a stable tent fit for use at the beach. The colors are also amazing.

Sturdiness: 100% – The LittleLife beach tent for families is fabulous in windy conditions. The design, fiberglass poles, windproof design, and sand pockets ensure this tent will remain intact even when strong winds blow from the ocean.

Protection: 95% – This shelter offers excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, from the strong and cold coastal breeze, from showers of rain and sea spray, and prying eyes.

Durability: 95% – LittleLife products are of outstanding quality and this beach shelter is no different. It features high-quality components – fiberglass poles and strong canopy fabric and zipper. With proper care, it will provide shelter for many days at the beach. This is backed by a three-year warranty.

Price: 95% – Contrary to what you might expect given the high-quality components, sturdiness, protection, and premium looks, the LittleLife family beach shelter is not expensive. It is fairly priced and provides excellent value for money

Overall: 95% – With this top-rated family beach tent, LittleLife provides a beach shelter that is so much better than regular beach shelters. It is exceptionally sturdy, spacious, and offers excellent protection from the elements. It is perfect for beach use and ideal for families with little ones.

Globo Surf Overview

Days on the beach are lots of fun for the whole family but the hot summer sun and other elements can spoil the fun. A beach shelter is a beach trip essential for great days on the beach. Designed to enable families with babies and kids to enjoy beaches in comfort and safety, The LittleLife family beach shelter is one of the best beach tents for families on the market.

It is a spacious family-sized tent, sturdy enough for the beach environment, highly protective from the elements, and an attractive structure to erect on the beach. It is bound to become one of the best purchases you ever make for fun-filled days at the beach. It will make beach days easy and much more fun and you can also use it for camping, picnics, and other outdoor family adventures.

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Little Life Family Beach Shelter Review