DEZZIO – The World’s First Functional Beach Bag Review


If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect beach bag, the Dezzio Beach Bag is just what you’ve been looking for! Spacious, stylish, and featuring a water and sand resistant exterior, a waterproof lining, plenty of zippered interiors and exterior pockets, and 10 exceptional features, it is the ultimate beach bag. Packing for a beach trip has never been easier!

The design is well thought out and all the essentials you will want to pack for a day or picnic at the beach have their place. Your flip-flops or water shoes go in the flip-flop pocket. Phone and tablet in the electronics pocket. Sunglasses in their built-in padded case. Drinks in the insulated cooler pocket. Small items you want handy in the easy access pocket and keys to the key clasp. The main compartment is huge and will fit your beachwear and toys. The straps extend to hold a beach towel on the side.

At the beach, this tote offers the ultimate experience. With everything well organized, it is easy to retrieve what you need. Smartphones running out of power? Just connect them to the power bank via the built-in USB ports. Feeling thirsty? Retrieve your perfectly chilled drink from the cooler pocket and pop it open with the built-in bottle opener. The water repellent exterior and waterproof lining protect items from water damage. And the bag looks stylish on your shoulders or beside your lounge chair.

When it’s time to call it a day, stuff your wetsuit or bathing suit and other dirty and wet items in the eco bag the bag comes with before putting them inside the tote. The exterior is sand resistant and shaking the bag will get rid of any sand on the surface. As for the sand that found its way inside the bag, just unzip the bottom, shake it off and it will fall through the sand-discharge mesh. No tracking sand to the car.

If you’re an avid beach-goer, the Dezzio Beach Bag is a must-have. Made of a tough cotton canvas fabric, it can handle prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun, sand, and water and live to see many days at the beach. It also works well as a picnic, cruise, travel, vacation, overnight, gym, camping, festival, family outings, and grocery bag, and even as carry-on luggage. Sound like what you’ve been looking for? Read on to learn more about this innovative beach tote.


The Dezzio beach bag is designed with the packing needs of beachgoers and the challenges they encounter in mind. With an innovative design and very well thought out features, it is truly the world’s first functional beach bag. It redefines what the best beach bag should be. It is designed to offer the ultimate beach experience and with the following list of features, it delivers. 

  • Insulated cooler pocket keeps refreshments perfectly chilled and has a conveniently attached bottle opener.
  • A built-in padded case protects sunglasses from breakage. 
  • Electronic pocket holds and protects devices such as smartphones and headphones.
  • A Flip-flop pocket on the side holds beach sandals or water shoes separately. 
  • Easy access pocket offers a place to keep the small items you need handy.
  • Two built-in USB ports connect with your power bank and allow you to charge two devices at the same time.
  • Zip-around bottom with a concealed sand-discharge mesh makes it easy to get rid of the sand that gets inside the bag by shaking it off.
  • Straps extend to function as a beach towel<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> holder saving space inside the tote.
  • The built-in key clasp holds keys for easy access and to prevent them from getting lost in the sand.
  • Top zip closure keeps items secure.



Duffle Size: 23” x 15” x 9”, Weight: 2.8lb, Volume: 44L

Large Tote Size: 17” x 15” x 6”, Weight: 2.8lb Volume: 36.2L

Small Tote Size: 15” x 13” x 6”, Weight: 1.8lb, Volume: 23.6L

Materials: 100% cotton canvas shell, 100% polyester lining

Styles: Classic, Signature, Rainforest, Sahara, Mariner, Belize, and Duffle

User Experience


Capacity: How big does your ideal beach bag need to be to accommodate everything you pack for a day at the beach? The Dezzio bag is spacious enough to hold all the typical beach bag essentials and is available in three different sizes to suit different packing needs: small tote, large tote, and duffle.

The large tote has a capacity of 36.2L and can hold 2-3 flip-flops, 2 1L bottles, 2-3 towels, a pair of sunglasses, clothes for 2-3 people, beach toys for kids, a tablet, phone, wallet, keys, magazine, lotion, portable battery, and miscellaneous items. It is the best size for families and beach camping. The small tote has a capacity of 23.6 liters. The duffle has a capacity of 44L and a side that expands for more room. 

Compartments: Thoughtfully designed, the Dezzio bag has plenty of exterior pockets and interior compartments to hold everything you pack for a trip to the beach in an organized and convenient way. The main compartment for clothes and toys, padded sunglass case, two built-in USB charging ports, cooler pocket with a built-in bottle opener, easy access pocket for small items, flip flop pocket, electronics pocket, key clasp, and straps that extend to form a beach towel holder.

Material: The material a beach bag is made of is very important. It has to be tough and able to weather the elements well and it has to protect its contents from sand and water. This tote is made of a cotton canvas fabric that is lightweight yet tough and durable. It is then coated to make it water repellent and particles resistant. Water slides off instead of penetrating through and sand is easily shaken off. On the inside is a premium quality polyester lining that is completely waterproof to keep items dry. This lining is removable for cleaning. 

Style: This is a stylish beach bag available in different styles: Classic, Rainforest, Sahara, Mariner, Belize, Signature, and Duffle. All these styles have all the special functional features mentioned above and are beautiful, perfect for summer, and a pleasure to carry and use at the beach. You can choose the style and color you like most. They are also versatile styles and perfect for picnics, travel, shopping, gym, vacations, and everyday use.

Beach Experience: With the thoughtfully designed pockets and compartments, packing is a breeze and items are easy to retrieve without having to rummage through. The water repellent exterior and waterproof lining keep your items dry. The integrated USB ports make it easy to charge multiple devices when at the beach.

Sand is part of what makes a day at the beach special but you don’t wanna drag it to the car and your home. This bag ensures you leave the sand where it belongs. The exterior is sand resistant and the bottom unzips to reveal a sand discharge mesh through which the sand inside the bag can escape when you shake the bag. 

Durability: This is a superbly constructed beach bag made of premium quality materials and components for long-lasting service. The cotton canvas shell and the polyester interior lining are top-notch quality and the stitching and zippers are sturdy. Padding between the shell and lining adds sturdiness and durability. The straps are strong and the hardware is made of top quality metal.


  • Incredibly functional and convenient
  • 10 special functional features
  • Water-repellent and sand resistant exterior
  • 100% waterproof lining
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Huge and spacious
  • Multiple pockets for organized and convenient packing
  • Stylish and versatile, works well in a wide range of situations
  • Comes in different sizes and styles
  • Zipper top closure
  • Comes in a reusable washable eco bag


  • A premium beach bag that doesn’t come cheap

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Overall Rating


  • Material: 100% – The Dezzio bag materials are of exceptional quality! The shell is a cotton canvas that is rugged and durable yet lightweight and water repellent. The interior lining is 100% polyester, which is waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Design: 100% – Really well thought out and designed and has both form and function. Plenty of pockets and compartments and modern conveniences such as built-in charging ports and a cooler pocket. It is also a good looking and versatile bag.
  • Price: 90% – This isn’t a run of the mill beach bag and the price reflects the premium quality. If you want to invest in the best beach bag to use for years, this is it. It is worth every buck and you aren’t going to find yourself in the market looking for another beach bag in a long time. If you’re after something cheap, this isn’t for you.
  • Overall: 96% – Dezzio has created the ultimate beach bag. Dubbing it the world’s first functional beach bag isn’t gimmicky. It is spacious, stylish, and functional enough to hold all beach trip essentials in an organized manner and protect them from sand and water. It offers unmatched functionality and convenience.

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Having the perfect beach bag can make the preparation for trips easier and the experiences at the beach much more amazing. If you love heading out to the beach and are looking for the best beach tote, there has never been a better bag to invest in than the Dezzio Beach Bag! It has everything you’re looking for and more. When you’re not at the beach, you can also use it as a picnic, travel, gym, and shopping tote. It is the perfect gift for a beach lover! 

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DEZZIO - The World's First Functional Beach Bag Review