Tri-Sail Duffel Review


The Tri-Sail duffel from SailorBags is a tough and stylish duffel bag, with large enough storage space for multiple-day trips, that will keep your clothes or personal items dry and well protected when you’re out sailing. Made from extremely durable sailcloth, waterproof, and comfortable to transport, the Tri-Sail Duffel also looks great making it a superb all-rounder. It’s a duffel bag designed to last you for many trips to come and become a permanent part of sea excursions.

Sailing the high seas is a great adventure, which can stay etched in your memories for years to come or even spark a passion in you that will define your life and become an important part of it. It is also a tough sport, which will tire you and push you to overcome your limits and fears because if you’re out on the waves there is no way to take a break and recover if things start moving around too much, you just have to focus and face the odds.

While you’re busy doing all this you need to be sure that the clothes you brought with you are stored in a safe and dry place and that’s where the Tri-Sail Duffel stands out. Designed especially for sailors, it provides ample storage and features all the little details you need on the sea, combining them into a durable and great looking package. So ready your sea legs and let’s dive into the review!


  • Made of very tough synthetic sailcloth
  • Ample internal storage space
  • Additional inside pockets
  • U-shaped zippered top opening
  • Separate end pocket for shoes
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Corrosion-resistant metal hardware
  • Double hand straps and end panel handles
  • Life guarantee
  • Waterproof lining

The Tri-Sail duffel bag from SailorBags is a very versatile and lightweight duffel bag that features ample storage space in the main compartment as well as a separate end pocket, extremely useful for shoes, and additional inside pockets for your most precious items. All of these items are protected by high quality, YKK marine grade zippers made of corrosion-resistant metal to withstand the dangerous effects that seawater and exposure can have on your gear. The zig-zag stitching, typical of sailmakers, gives extra durability and toughness to an already very resistant material, which is why the manufacturer feels confident enough to guarantee this item for life.

The end pocket is perfect for separating more delicate or dirty items from what might be kept in the main compartment and also there are internal, zipped pockets that are the ideal hiding places for valuables. Overall, the bag is quite large and can resemble a suitcase but is easy to carry thanks to the multiple straps it comes provided with, included a removable and adjustable shoulder one. The three-color bold design makes it look great and fit perfectly to the nautical aesthetic of solid whites and blues. The interior is easy to access thanks to the smooth but tough U-shaped zippers and you can choose the way you prefer to transport the bag thanks to its three different handles and straps. The shoulder strap is also easily removable if the bag gets too heavy to sling around your neck of it you need it to avoid getting hooked onto something on the road.



Size: 14 x 25 x 16 inches

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Exterior Material: Dacron Polyester

Lining Material: Polyester

Hardware Material: Stainless steel

User Experience


Usability: Easily accessible and capable of storing all you need for a few day trips or a full regatta, the Tri-Sail duffel bag gives you that quality feels that you only get with premium products, such as the best sailing bags on the market, and looks great as well. The handles and straps feel solid and you can rest assured they will not let you down and tear at the worst moment. The lining is precise and neat while the inside pockets are the perfect size for smaller items. Users confirm that the large end pocket is also extremely useful in separating wet or dirty items from the rest. Overall, the Tri-Sail duffel bag is a beautifully built and sexy looking bag that will accompany you for many miles on the sea.

Features: The Tri-Sail duffel bag might look simple on the outside, but therein lies its biggest strength. Bags that are too full of zippers and pockets quickly get confusing and frustrating when you need to rapidly pull something out and confirm the saying that doing too much is the worst enemy of doing well. The Tri-Sail bag, on the other hand, delivers impeccable essentials and gives you a feeling of security that is worth all the zippers in the world. There is not a huge quantity of pockets, it’s true, but those that are there have been placed exactly where they need to be and designed precisely for what they need to do, which is to provide a safe and protected storage space for your items and clothes. Few things, but done right, make the Tri-Sail bag a real treat to take to the sea.

Quality: Waterproof and sturdy, the Tri-Sail duffel bag doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. In a world such as the sailing one where beautiful wooden boats coexist with materials, you could find in a formula one car, a bag like this one holds its own thanks to the premium sailcloth build. Wherever your marine adventures may take you, you won’t be able to shake the feeling that you can throw whatever you want at this product and then open it only to find your clothes as fresh as they were when you put them in. Very few sailing bags can make you feel the same, and this one is surely one of them.

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Overall Rating

Price: 95% – If you’ve been reading this review and dreading the moment when we get to talk about the price, you don’t need to. The Tri-Sail bag is an excellent deal for a product of this quality. Especially if you consider the fact that unless you deliberately plan to destroy it you will have a very hard time damaging the bag in such a way that it becomes useless. It will therefore last you for many years if you take care of it and will become an integral part of your equipment on par with the best sailing gloves that you want to take with you.

Design: 98% – Basic, yet bold are the two words that best describe the Tri-Sail duffel bag. We often dismiss designs that look too simple because, well, they look too simple, but achieving a clean look with only a few elements while maintaining a harmonious balance between shapes and colors is no easy feat. You just need to try it yourself to find out! The Tri-Sail duffel bag manages this and is so well designed that you don’t even think about how such a balance was achieved, the sign of a job well done. A perfect fit for the marine aesthetic, with deep blue and red mixed with clean white it will look at home on any boat and may even make the boat itself look more stylish!

Overall: 97% – If you had any doubts about the Tri-Sail duffel bag, they must have surely vanished by now. If what you’re looking for is a beautiful product that is also tough enough to handle the high seas and big enough to store a large number of clothes and gear, you need to look no further. The only objection one could have is that there are not many pockets, but as we have explained this is rather a strength than a weakness. Add in a sexy look, a good price, lightweight build, and ample storage capacity and you have a complete package that is really tough to beat.

Globo Surf Overview

When you’re out sailing, there are thousands of things you need to be careful about and keep an eye on. Direction and strength of the wind, the amount of sail you choose to use, the route you’re on, the position of other boats, the ever-changing weather are all factors in an equation that you have to constantly keep solving to stay afloat and enjoy your time. With a bag like the Tri-Sail duffel, you will have one less thing to worry about and that is the safety of your personal items. Very few products seem to tick all the right boxes but with the Tri-Sail duffel bag, you’ll feel free to concentrate on what you’re doing and focus on really living your experience. It will hold down the fort by protecting your precious dry clothes and valuable items and will be a trusted companion by your side at all times.


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Tri-Sail Duffel Review