NIXY Ventus Stand Up Paddleboard Electric Pump Review


There’s no doubt that the NIXY Ventus pump attains its place in the market as one of the most powerful portable electric iSUP pumps. This is proven by its superior pumping functionality. The pump features an automatic dual stage design with the first stage functioning to 350 liters per minute and the second stage functioning to 70 liters per minute for maximum speed and pressure.

Additionally, the pump features an auto-off function for when the pump achieves maximum PSI during inflation. Furthermore, the electric pump integrates a deflate function to help you easily and quickly deflate your iSUP when done.



Display: LCD

Dimensions: 10 feet by 8 feet by 5 feet

Bodyweight: 4 pounds

Total body and kit weight (Pump+attachment nozzles+12V DC car connector +bag): 5.95 lbs.

Nozzle attachment set

Nozzle adapters: 7

12V DC car connector

Power cord length: 10 feet


Pockets: 1

Pouches: 2

User Experience

User_ExperienceUsability: 98% – When it comes to usability, the electric pump is built with all types of users in mind. Everything including the attachments, the LCD display, and the hose is made simple. But what brings everything together is its ultra portable build – meaning you don’t have to strain your body to use the pump. Additionally, the straightforward backlit LDC display allows you to easily set up the pump. All you have to do is attach the pump to a power source, screw the hose to the inflate port, attach the other end of the hose to your paddle board’s inflation valve (add a corresponding nozzle adapter), twist it clockwise, set the pressure you want, and you will be done. After all, when it’s done inflating your board, it automatically shuts itself off.

Durability: 98% – While small sized, the NIXY Ventus electric pump delivers incredible performance. Thanks to its Active Cooling Technology, the pump can service up to 10 iSUPs at a single operation without overheating. However, what’s more impressive is that it does so over and over again without the risk of reducing its quality or performance. The supporting accessories such as hoses, valves, and adapters work pretty great as well. Even with frequent use, the hose still attaches securely and remains intact throughout the pumping process. Its carry bag helps to protect the pump when not in use – making storage and transport effortless. It even protects the pump and its accessories from elements such as rain and dust.


  • Portable and lightweight build allows for user friendliness and convenient transportation
  • The automatic shut off function allows you to focus on other tasks
  • It has a pretty fast inflation speed
  • The deflation function means you don’t have to spend hours after your adventures deflating your iSUP
  • The digital display makes it easy to track the progress and to get accurate pressure readings


  • It can get a little noisy during the second inflation stage

Overall Rating

Overall_RatingUsability: 98% – As we mentioned above, the electric pump does an excellent job when it comes to user friendliness. What’s exceptional about the NIXY Ventus pump is its ingenious mix of designs that enhances its performance and functionality. The electric pump’s portability means zero strain on your body, the digital screen offers accurate tracking, the straightforward setup takes no time, and its automated working design makes the entire inflation and deflation process smooth. Plus, there really isn’t much of a learning curve even for beginners.  The only negative you have to deal with during the inflation process is the somewhat noisy second stage. Additionally, some users have reported their concerns about the time-consuming inflation process if you have more iSUPs (takes about 45 to 50 minutes to inflate 5).

Durability: 97% – Thanks to the Active Cooling Technology, the paddleboard electric pump maintains excellent longevity and withstands high capacity needs. The Active Cooling Technology is effective at preventing overheating and keeping the internal components of the pump at bay and in good condition. In the exterior, the electric pump features a rugged body that is built to withstand the rough outdoors as well. As is this is not enough, the durable carry bag that comes with the electric pump keeps it and its accessories well protected during transport and storage. Overall, the NIXY Ventus Stand UP Paddleboard Electric Pump is at the top end of portable pumps when it comes to its durability.

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Price: 96% – Pricewise, the electric pump is quite reasonable considering its features and design. Investing in the pump offers good value for money. It’s also built with versatility; allowing you to use it on a vast range of inflatable items. This means that you don’t have to invest in separate pumps for different items you have. Plus, it comes with 7 different nozzle adapters to cater to most inflatable stand up paddleboards.

Overall: 98% – What’s great about the stand up paddle electric pump is that you don’t have to spend hours hand pumping your paddle. The NIXY Ventus offers a more automated and strain-free way to inflate your paddle before you hit the waters. Marketed as a high performance portable iSUP pump, the NIXY Ventus truly does fill up to 10 paddleboards at a time without overheating. Yet, even with its streamlined design and excellent performance, the iSUP pump still offers great value for money. It is a perfect option for people who want to spend minimal time prepping so they can devote most of their time and energy to enjoy the water.

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Investing in the NIXY Ventus Stand UP Paddleboard Electric Pump means that you no longer have to spend hours manually pumping your iSUP. However, the most prized design about the pump is its intelligence. Its automated working mechanism, dual inflation function, and Active Cooling Technology ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and long lasting durability. Its portable construction and affordability also make it a good investment.

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